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This story happened to me many years ago. It was the year two thousand.

My mother and I worked in the same organization. She had one friend there. At that time, she was closer to fifty, but despite the numbers, she was very slender, about seventy-five meters tall, weighing, I think, up to fifty-five kg, and had size four breasts. In short, as they say, she was in good condition and this person’s name was Irina. At that time, her husband, with whom she had lived for quite a long time, abandoned her and she was in a trance. But time took its toll and she slowly came to her senses. Sometimes my mother and I started talking about Irina, naturally not on my initiative, and I learned small but interesting details about her life. She was born in another city, got married in order to move to Moscow and get a residence permit. And as it turned out, Madame was always rather weak in the front. And she had a daughter, Olga, a couple of years younger than me. I didn’t know her, but only saw he... continue reading

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“Come into the office,” the doctor said.

She was wearing a fairly short white robe. She was a woman of about 35, quite pretty and slender.

- Today I have an intern instead of a nurse, so I will explain everything to her what we will do and she will help me with the examination. So you need a certificate from the dispensary, right?

“Yes,” I answered.

- Any complaints? – she asked, crossing her legs.

- No, I think.

- Okay, we'll check everything.

At that moment, a girl intern came in.

“Take off your T-shirt, let’s start the examination,” the doctor said.

I took off my T-shirt and approached the doctor. The intern girl also came up and sat down next to the doctor. The doctor started listening to my lungs.

“Breathing is smooth, clean, write,” the doctor told the intern, “so turn your back.”

She listened to something from behind.

- Okay, take off your pants.

To be honest, I was not ready to undress like that. I thought the medical examination would be standard a... continue reading

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A small camp site on the shore of the Azov Sea. One-story houses with an attic and a glassed-in veranda. There are six of us: my wife Valya and I, Valya’s friend Nadya and her husband Yura, and Yurkin’s friend and his wife, I don’t remember their names, they’re just extras here.

Evening, the barbecue is burning, barbecue is being fried, we are drinking wine. Everyone had already drunk well. Everyone went for a walk to the sea, I stayed by the barbecue. I finished cooking the kebabs, put them on a large plate and went to the house for something. It was about 11 pm, already dark.

Entering the veranda, through the glass I saw some movement near the neighboring house. Has stopped. In the shadow of the house, hiding from the light of the lantern, my Valya kissed Yurka.

Maybe I'm some kind of pervert, but I always wanted to see how someone fights my Valyushka. I watched from behind the glass as Yurka greedily kissed my wife, his hands rummaged all over her body, got into her shorts,... continue reading

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I pretended to be drunk and lay down on the second shelf. My wife continued to sit at the table and drink cognac with her fellow travelers.

It must be said that they were strong guys and they drank quite a bit, but one got the impression that alcohol had no effect on them. Nevertheless, they allowed themselves to tell dirty jokes and make jokes. And my wife was already pretty drunk and laughed at every joke. Everyone agreed. We agreed to play for money. And my wife, not understanding what she was doing, agreed. They let her win a couple of times, and then, raising the stakes, the guys showed everything they were capable of - my missus lost 2.5 thousand dollars. I was shocked, we had this amount, but if my wife gave it away, then our vacation in Crimea, where we were going, would be covered. Apparently the amount of alcohol I drank allowed me to lie quietly and watch what was happening.

“We are all money on the table,” said Arthur (the second’s name was Givi - they were both Azer... continue reading

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My name is Lena. I live near the sea in a small town in the Krasnodar region. I am 36 years old and I am an absolutely lustful single woman with a very beautiful, athletic figure. I used to do rhythmic gymnastics. My chest is small, but my legs are long and my butt is moderately toned thanks to the gym, where I go regularly. I love anal sex and even more love teasing men on the beach in my micro bikini, which was specially bought a size smaller and practically does not cover my back hole. I must say that this is so revealing that when other women are around, I always cover myself with a pareo or throw on a light silk skirt. But when I see that there are no other women in the area, I give myself free rein and sometimes deliberately take such revealing poses that the men nearby stop breathing. Our town is small, so I have rare partners, mostly visitors, and I have to use a dildo, which I use to stimulate my ass. And I must say that it is perfectly designed for me. I can easily ... continue reading

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Sorry dad for being such a son.

My name is Roman, I'm 23 years old. You want to call me a major sitting on my father’s neck, but my BMW, our modest house on the island of Mauritius and in Moscow, and now my father’s new wife do not oppress me at all and do not require changes.

This spring, my dad, nearly fifty years old, took a luxurious woman as his wife. And even with a dowry in the form of his virgin (no longer there) sister.

My stepmother's name is Anna. Hot brunette 25 years old. Oh these luxurious breasts! Oh this ass! Oh those legs! Any man would want to fuck such a bitch... (But not just anyone will, of course) so, having conceded to my father his legal wedding night with my new “mom,” I, reclining in a rattan chair by the pool, waited for her daily morning fashion show in a swimsuit.

"Salute, Roma, how are you?" - She asked me a little surprised, walking towards the sun lounger. “It’s bad, Mommy” - we will dare slowly but surely. "I'm not your mommy!" - She came up ... continue reading

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Vadim put the coffee cup on the table and looked at the watch on his hand. There were still thirty or forty minutes left before the trip to the airport, and he was going to spend this time with his phone, searching for an interesting or at least decent brothel in Madrid, very preferably with a BDSM bias.

However, the phone rang even before Vadim lazily reached out to it with his hand. The face of Alexei, Vadina’s oldest, most bosom friend, was displayed on the screen. He was waiting for this call.

- What people remembered us! “Hello, Alex,” Vadim said into the phone, involuntarily smiling.

- And we haven’t forgotten about you, dear friend! - He responded willingly and laughed into the phone. - Well, brother, happy birthday to you!

“Thank you, thank you, Lesh,” he answered his friend.

- Even though I’m far away, I can’t personally pull your ears, you know... But! I took care of the gift. Believe me, Vadyukh, you will now die of joy and surprise!

“Yes, I would like to live... continue reading

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When a person has money, he can do a lot. When a person has a lot of money, he can do almost anything.

It was in the second category that my new customer belonged: he was a man with a huge amount of money who decided to fulfill the dream of his youth and organize a musical group that would arrange and perform the songs that he composed. He was from my hometown. I don’t know what exactly he did for a living. Yes, I'm not interested.

At that time, I had already been living in Germany for a year, working as a sound engineer at concerts and in the recording studio of a local production center.

Gennadich has been writing songs since the 70s: his student youth. And this time it was planned to perform on one of the Greek islands, where Gennadich’s friend had his own hotel complex.

On Friday morning, the concert director of the Gennadich group called me and offered to work with them for a concert in a month. I flew to Russia for a couple of rehearsals. After spending a week in my ho... continue reading

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Just a day. Two people just met in a city without people. In a city that lived only for this. For this meeting of two people, with different characters and complex relationships. That is why the city, for a time, got rid of its people. So that there is no explosion. To make the environment as comfortable as possible for the two of them.

Why are the two looking for this meeting? Each of them has their own motives. In some ways they are similar, in others they are radically different. Different perceptions, but the goal is to give your warmth, affection, tenderness. And it all started out ordinary and banal. Lots of kisses, because these are your favorite lips. Strong hugs, because this is a dear soul.

Only at some point something turned off inside. And the city moved away and did not interfere. He just disappeared. Everything disappeared, sounds, smells, desires. Leaving the essence. Passionate, animalistic, instinctive essence. The barriers were erased, revealing bodies and soul... continue reading

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It was dark outside. It’s as if more lights were turned off on purpose. I was detained at work.

My name is Alena, I'm 21 years old. I work as a customer service manager. The work is not particularly interesting, but what to do.

I `m A virgin. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have a relationship with anyone. But I secretly dreamed about them.

I just recently moved and I don’t know almost any of my neighbors yet.

I enter an entrance with poor lighting. I go up the stairs. 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor... Someone roughly grabs me by the throat and drags me to his apartment. I remember the light from it in the darkness of the driveway.

- Well, what about the virgin? Will you be my bitch?!

He doesn’t let me escape and drags me into the bath. Holding his hair with one hand, he quickly takes off his pants with the other. For a few seconds it seemed to me that he was naked. I saw his huge erect penis right next to my mouth.

- Suck it, scum. This is still the beginning.

I wan... continue reading

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I thought and reflected a lot, remembering this incident, and decided to share it with you, readers. I'm Lena, I'm 51 years old, my height is 160, neither thin nor fat, breast size 3, and I'm curvy myself. I like watching group porn. I shared my addiction with my husband, he approved. Four months passed after our conversation and in the evening my husband said that he had bought tickets to the cinema, for the last showing, for the last row. So romantic!

We haven’t been to the cinema for about 15 years. It was hot June, but in the evening it was nice, not hot. I didn’t dress up or put on makeup, I put a sundress on my naked body, booties on my feet - ready, let’s go! When we arrived, there were not many spectators. Our kissing row was empty. They sat down in their seats, chatting about different things. Two men our age sat next to me.

The movie started, I snuggled up to my husband, put my head on his shoulder and watched the melodrama, and even dozed off a little. Suddenly, I fel... continue reading

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One evening, my long-time friend Ruslan called me and invited me to visit him and fuck a young pretty slut together. Since I hadn’t had sex for a long time, I agreed and within half an hour I was at Ruslan’s house. And we didn’t want to miss the prospect of having sex with a 19-year-old girl at 37 and 39.

She was short, about 158, plump, with large breasts and long brown hair.

We sat down on the sofa, she undressed and spread her legs and showed us her little pink pussy. Ruslan checked the hole with his fingers, then sat Christina on the floor and put his dick in her mouth. I came closer and she began to take turns sucking, holding the dicks in both hands. Then Kristinka lay down on the sofa, hanging her head, and Ruslan began to fuck her deeply in her mouth. This made it leak and I decided it was time to use the remaining holes. I turned her on her side, turned her towards her leg and inserted it into her wet pink hole. Ruslan came up from the left and stuck his protruding bolt... continue reading

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I like to watch. That's the whole point. In women, I am primarily interested in sexuality, I am not original and I love tall, blue-eyed blondes - that’s exactly what my wife is like. She always pleased me with the opportunity to admire her slender legs and her firm ass. She is pretty, her pussy is always clean shaven, she is skilled in sex and very depraved, that's why I love her. In turn, she is quite satisfied with such a husband, who will only be pleased with a classic scene like... he comes home and finds his wife in an interesting position on all fours between two, or even three males. We understand each other and use this life to bring joy to each other.

Birthday of your beloved - how to congratulate? Of course, a new set of sexy lingerie and perfume wouldn't hurt, but that's not enough. I know that she will be truly happy. For this purpose, there is a special page in my notebook.... And now I’m dialing Vadim’s phone - I remember that cool evening when I was relaxing in the ... continue reading

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It was a long time ago. We have met. Candies, flowers. We kissed in the entrance, then I touched her for the first time on her ass and breasts. And in general, this was the first time I held a girl by the private parts.

One time she touched my penis through my trousers, it really excited me. He unzipped his fly and took it out. Her eyes widened at what she saw. After all, she, too, had not seen a living penis until that time. Pet him, I say. She began to stroke him. And I put my hand in her panties. I didn’t know what to do next, I just stroked.

There was no Internet then. To see what to do with a girl in such a situation. All comes with experience.

So we stroked each other. Until my finger penetrated inside her pussy. It was warm and humid there. I took it out and stuck it in again. She started moaning. I continued to work. She came, it was her first orgasm. I finished then too. The first time at the hands of a girl.

The next day we were sitting in her room at home, there w... continue reading

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I am a completely ordinary girl, I am 30 years old. I work as a conveyor belt operator. Married. And a guy works for us as an electrician. Also married. And so he began to show interest in me. He brought candy or chocolate. We started communicating with him. Let's talk and laugh. I didn’t pay attention that he could hug me around the waist or put his hands on my shoulders. His hand didn’t fall on my butt. He said sorry, I did it accidentally. It even excited me a little. But I, like a decent girl, scolded him. He said that it won't happen again. Several days passed and it happened again. He said that he couldn't resist touching my ass. I melted and allowed him to take my ass with both hands, he pressed me to him and stroked my ass. I felt him get up and rest between my legs. Just in the right place. I feel like I'm leaking. Well, that’s enough, I said and moved away from him. Then it was repeated, there were even kisses. All this happened at work in a secluded corner. And then one d... continue reading

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The young man and I worked together. I must say that he was the only bachelor in our company. Because of this, all the girls felt his devouring gaze on them, whether it was a short dress or skirt, or a huge neckline. In the morning, before work, he always went to the gym (the room was in the next building from our office). Roma did not have an extremely beautiful figure, but he was fit. One day, as it happened, I came to work early. The computer didn’t work (there was no light), I was bored and with nothing to do, I decided to go to the gym, once there were scales there, and I decided to weigh myself. I didn't intend to study. By nature she had a fairly beautiful body, size 3 breasts, straight legs, a good ass, and black hair just below her shoulders. That morning I was wearing a short black dress with a low neckline and chic stilettos. Entering the hall, I dryly said: “Hello,” and not finding the scales in the hall, I headed towards the mirrors. I saw myself in full height, but out... continue reading

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That day my husband and I went to a nightclub. The condition for visiting the club was to dress minimally, so I put on black transparent panties tied at the side, an equally transparent bra and, in order not to go almost naked, I put on a short transparent skirt.

When we entered the club, it turned out that all the tables were already occupied, and we sat down with one cute couple. The man was 35-40 years old, and the girl, I think, was my age. They sat hugging and drinking champagne. We met. The man's name was Ruslan, and the girl's name was Inna. They looked quite erotic, and it was clear that they had already given in well.

My husband ordered vodka for himself, wine for me, and we started talking. Naturally the conversation turned to sexual topics. I saw Ruslan’s gaze wandering over my body, peering into my chest, going lower... Then, unexpectedly and frankly, Ruslan said: “Olya, do you like to suck dick?” At first I was embarrassed and blushed, but then I took a sip of wine ... continue reading

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- You're finally home. I missed your holes so much. My favorite slut, show me how you got fucked this time.

I turned my back to Sasha, bent over and showed him my fucked holes. Everything between my legs was wet with cum. He was in no hurry. He wanted to enjoy the view of my open pussy and ass. My husband stuck his fingers in my ass, now the whole hand could easily fit there, but he decided to do it differently.

Sasha ordered me to sit on the sofa and spread my legs wide. He took the largest dildo from our collection of toys and stuck it in my ass, when he pulled it out he ordered me to lick it. He was covered in sperm, and I licked it all off with pleasure.

- What a fucking bitch you are, nine men had you, but you still can’t get enough. Are you ready again?

- Yes, the fucking is not finished until my beloved husband fucks me.

- Tell me how they fucked you.

- When I arrived, everyone was already assembled. Nine men sat drinking whiskey. Yes... That's it, very good...

... continue reading

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I wanted to fuck a young chick. Not by age. By build. I wanted a thin, cute one, to crush, torment, kiss until unconscious and fuck. And in the immediate environment, the women were all perfect: fleshy, busty, big-assed. Even the nipples that stood along the route were not distinguished by their thin constitution. And I really wanted it, like a pregnant woman wants something and you can’t refuse her.

The neighbor's Yulka was washing the floor. More precisely, I washed it. In the pocket, they washed the floors one by one and now it was her turn. Yulka lived with her mother. After burying Vasil, Tatyana quickly consoled herself. “Cousins” and other “relatives” often stayed overnight with her. Yulka is not far from her mother and has already had her first abortion. She was like her parents. Each person jumped one and a half meters, and they shared their height with Yulka. It was civilized in a pocket with four apartments.

I brought an old coffee table, a couple of old armchairs, an... continue reading

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My name is Nastya, I was 20, one summer I went to visit my grandmother in the village, there was no Internet there, my second cousin Vlad lived nearby, he was 24, he didn’t have a girlfriend, and when I came to my grandmother, I loved going to see him and walking with him.

One day we went to the stock market, me and my brother. Previously, we swam completely naked, but since quite a lot of time has passed, we have become adults, and swimming naked is no longer very good.

But when we were swimming, I still decided to take off my panties and bra, while he dived, I quickly threw my underwear onto the shore.

He emerged and said: why did you take off your underwear???

I said that it’s not convenient for me to swim in a swimsuit, a little confused, he said: understandable.

I dived and swam towards him, and began to touch his penis, it was just sticking out, he felt it, took me, and took me out of the water, seeing my naked breasts, he froze and looked at my nipples.

I grabbed ... continue reading

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