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Lyuda and Igor met on a dating site and after two months of communication they decided to meet. They both lived in the same city. It was difficult for the woman to agree to the meeting, since she had already been burned once in her life...

Luda married her classmate Igor. Relatives from both sides gathered and had a fun wedding.

That day, for the first time, she saw what her chosen one could be like when he drinks and how he falls for other girls... On their wedding night, Igor, throwing away all delicacy, without preparation, actually took Luda, who was a virgin, by force.

She was in pain, she screamed, pushed her husband away, cried, but her drunken husband was relentless and got his way... For a whole month, Luda did not let her husband near her, she had an aversion to sex. Igor waited patiently, but did not waste any time. Almost every day, after classes, he found various reasons not to be at home in the evening, to meet with his former passions and enjoy love with them. Lena... continue reading

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I never believed in love. Probably because I never loved. But something was drawn to this man... Something not clear to me, not familiar. He disappeared for 4 days. Didn't answer calls. I didn’t even intend to announce myself in any way. And I... I wasn’t jealous of him, I didn’t swear at him for these disappearances, I accepted him as he was, but of course I was offended by this attitude. And just when I was trying not to think about him, the bell rang.

- Hello. - The voice is smoky as always.

- Hello, Rom. - but I don’t want to talk to him anymore. But his voice made my heart beat like crazy.

- What are you doing? Can you come? I was thinking that it wouldn't be bad to see you.

- Yes, of course, where should I go?

- To my home. Do you still remember where I live?

- Yes, sure!

- Then let. Waiting for you.

After disconnecting the call, I wanted to throw the phone at the wall. Again! How long can you come with one click?! Am I such a mongrel to go like this? Or a call gi... continue reading

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Have you ever heard of a place called New Orleans? It's a magical city where the fun never seems to stop, and for jazz lovers it's a paradise.

Emily, who had recently moved here from the big city, enjoyed the atmosphere of Orleans. After ten years in a noisy, gloomy, even sometimes evil New York, here Em (as her friends called her) found peace. Today was a warm day and the only thing to do was meet the movers and finally furnish my apartment with furniture.

The decision to move was sudden, but the location was not accidental. She traveled to this city a couple of times for work and it simply captivated her.

Many will say that Emily was running away from problems, but this is not so; before leaving, she completed all the important things and turned the page of this life.

On the day of her arrival in New Orleans, Em's friends threw a party and a new life began with the sounds of jazz and an ocean of positivity.

Two months have already passed since the move. During this time, Em... continue reading

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The darkness thickened around, and the car, as if pushing away the darkness, pushed forward towards the huge starry sky, which seemed to recede further and further. I shuddered behind the wheel. Never before has the road from the city to my village been so dark and long. Maybe because there is no moon. New moon? I don't know, I don't keep track of lunar phases. Suddenly, I don’t even remember at what moment, the area around me became terribly unfamiliar.

Now the car should be surrounded by gardens and fields, but now, all around, as far as the eye could see, the steppe, as flat as a table, spread out. I even slowed down. I drove slowly for about a kilometer, peering into the distance beyond the spot of light left by the car's headlights. The road suddenly became strangely smooth: no holes, no potholes... markings appeared, something we never had before!

I admit, the appearance of the dividing strip: continuous and smooth as an arrow shocked me. I squeezed the clutch and pressed the... continue reading

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I'm preparing myself for our meeting this evening. I get out of the shower, dry myself with a warm terry towel and stand naked, thinking – should I wear white or black underwear? Perhaps white. You really like it so much! I look at myself in the mirror - tanned shoulders, narrow hips in tight white boxers, wet hair... I can already imagine your fingers, like claws on my chest: you love to scratch them down my chest... And the new scent of my cologne Today will definitely drive you crazy!

I dry my hair, put on a shirt and trousers, button it up, tie it, lace it up, meanwhile imagining how you dress... By the way, I love watching you dress! I wonder what you'll be wearing today? How do you manage to change into all these seductive outfits while at work? Do your colleagues notice that you fluttered out of the office wearing something different from what you came in?

Busy with these thoughts, I get into the car, drive closer to your office and stop at the snow-covered curb on the next ... continue reading

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The country house I needed appeared ahead, the navigator confirmed it. I parked, turned off the engine and headed towards the house. It was about 11 pm, but this house was not sleeping, it was bursting with the raging peals of club music and dazzling flashes of lighting equipment.

- Well, go ahead guy. - I said and rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by a completely unfamiliar guy who didn’t even pay any attention to me, he still continued to drink beer from his bottle and shake his head to the rhythm of the music. Well, okay, I thought and headed deeper into the house, making my way through the crowd of drinking and dancing boys and girls.

- Great, Max! - A heavy hand fell on my shoulder.

This would be my friend Zhenya.

- Hello. - I answered and took the bottle he handed me.

- How long ago did you start?

- Yes, about an hour ago. - Zhenya answered me and took a sip from his glass.

- She is here? - I asked, slowly looking around the crowd.

- Yes, but she seems not ... continue reading

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A lot of surprising things can be found in seemingly simple things. One of these discoveries was my girlfriend’s vagina. Moreover, this discovery even received the name “Svetkin’s mink.”

Of course, to a person who is sophisticated in opening vaginas, the name itself - mink - may seem completely ordinary. But, believe me, dear reader, this center of radiation of erotic fluids and fantasies, and I even dare to add and separate from all others with clarification, is the granary of the sexual dark all-consuming matter of the cosmos and the source of inspiration for my most vile carnal desires that have ever arisen for a living being.. ... you can't describe it more capaciously...

As for the rest, judge for yourself, reader...

It so happened that I was in a vacuum for a long time, in hunger, as you probably guessed, in sexual hunger... And after the end of my imprisonment, my Alpha Trotter broke out into the prairie of Lust and Desire and hurried to find out the first one that came al... continue reading

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I met this girl on the Internet. I just picked her nickname out of many others by chance. Word for word, and we started talking. Her name was Sveta, she lived in Omsk, she was a brunette with a beautiful and slightly sad face. And ten months older than me. She was already in an unsuccessful marriage, and her life was quite battered, her ex-husband beat her and walked around.

Soon we started communicating on telegram. I heard her, but did not see her, as I soon learned, she lived modestly and did not have a good smartphone. Her voice, photographs and our conversations in general formed a single whole for me. I wanted her passionately.

While taking a shower, I often closed my eyes and imagined how I carefully undressed Svetlana, how she raised her hands up, and I took her jacket over her head... carefully unfastened her bra... She looks at me, and her eyes say " just don't offend."

Do you think she's looking up at me, about to give me a blowjob? Not at all! I am indifferent to blow... continue reading

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Svetlana Andreevna decided to rent out one of the rooms of her 3-room apartment. After my daughter entered the university in St. Petersburg, the apartment, one might say, was empty. The son asked to live with his father, her ex-husband. After which she herself sometimes spent the night in her parents’ apartment, since it was practically near her work. Why not rent out a room to someone visiting? Svetlana Andreevna worked as an accountant at a factory, the salary was stable, but not “fat”.

The income from the proposed renting out of the room for housing would not be superfluous. I intended to hand over to women, girls, I would not like to see males. However, time passed, and there were no takers. There were calls, but after detailed questioning people refused. The reason was not the price, but the location. Finally, the bell rang. The voice was male, I wanted to immediately refuse, but the young voice on the other side of the phone said that he was satisfied with the price and locatio... continue reading

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He. She. Theater. Jazz is playing. That evening they decided to go out into the city to have a cultural time. There was a young man on stage playing the saxophone. Looking for a place to sit, she saw an empty balcony upstairs. And now they are already climbing there. But it happens very slowly, they stop at every step, turn around, play... They simply enjoy the moment. It was quite dark on the balcony, with only the light from the stage illuminating the area where they decided to sit. She was passionate about music, and he was passionate about her.

He looked without taking his eyes off, as if he was seeing her for the first time in his life. Not far from where they were sitting there was an old door that apparently had not been used for a long time. Enjoying the wonderful music and the charm of sitting next to each other, he was no longer able to control himself. His hands began to quietly stroke her beautiful body, starting from her hands and ending with her waist. That evening she ... continue reading

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The story is true, only the names have been changed. Juan and Conchita lived in the suburbs of Madrid. They have been together for many years, but their love and sexual passion for each other has not subsided at all. On this day they were going to fly on vacation to the Mediterranean island of Aphrodite. In the morning they took care of each other. Juan gave his beloved wife cunnilingus, from which she almost always came well. And he himself did not come yet, he decided to save more sexual tension before traveling together. And for good reason!

The flight was not long, and now they were already at the hotel. It’s hot, so we immediately went swimming. It was already evening, the sky was dawning, and it was gradually getting dark. The couple went onto the pier, Juan jumped from it, and Conchita went down into the water. Let's swim. They loved to swim and knew how to do it well. We sailed away from the shore. There were yachts in the distance, but there were no people nearby, no one was... continue reading

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You're wearing a tight, short dress that barely reaches a third of your thigh. The cream dress fits your body so that I can clearly see all its curves and folds. The nipples on your breasts stretch the thin material, and the left one bounces slightly in time with the beating of your heart. I kneel down in front of you and bring my face closer to your thighs. I kiss the leg just below the hem of the dress.

My hands go to your hips and begin to lift your dress. It is very short and now your red, silk panties with a guipure front are already visible. You pull your dress over your head and I can see your body. The openwork bra raises the elastic mounds high.

I touch the material of my panties with my lips, and I feel how wet and hot you are already in THAT place. The smell of a clean woman wanting sex drives me crazy. You yourself, pull your panties down your hips, and your smoothly shaved pussy appears to me. I run my tongue along the gap separating the labia and feel your taste.

Ou... continue reading

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Exactly at 7:00 She opened his door. This happened every day, but each time it was different. Every day She came in the door, right on the threshold she stripped naked, casually throwing her clothes on the floor of the hallway, and then took out a small tunic from her purse - and then every day it was different: a short silk nightgown, a torn T-shirt with the coat of arms of Real Madrid, a beach poreo, corset, or whatever else her vast fantasy suggested - the main thing is that there would be nothing else under it. Then she went to the bedroom to Him. He slept. No, I didn't sleep. He was waiting for her. But for all the treasures of the world, he would not show that he is awake. Today He lay on His back and covered His head with His left hand. Peaceful and serene sleep. But she worked as his alarm clock. She was paid for this. And also because she made him coffee. And she knew her work perfectly - no matter what, she would wake Him up to the state when He would be able to perform feats... continue reading

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A chic invention of mankind is a cell phone. At the present time, you even wonder how you lived without it before. So I, having become the owner of this invention, appreciated its merits. I was delighted with the fact that literally from anywhere in the city I can call friends, acquaintances, business partners. And if suddenly they are busy or unavailable, you send an SMS message, and they call you back. It is now that the phone has ceased to be just a phone, it is now more of a computer with a phone function, and then it was practically “cool”. At one time, I was very addicted to one SMS service - “SMS dating”. I figured out how to use this service not immediately, but then it “started”. An announcement message, an introduction, a bunch of messages, an announcement again, etc. etc. There was a sea of time for this, I had to earn extra money in a private security company, all night long I was doing just that. That's how I met a sweet, passionate plump who really wanted to meet.

It wa... continue reading

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Marinka didn't have an awl in her ass. Just like other items. Somehow: springs, Duracel batteries, dynamos and the rest that charges her with irrepressible energy. At my hint about the presence of the above-mentioned objects in her ass, she turned on the bed on her stomach, spread her buttocks with her hands:

- Look! There is nothing!

Looked. Indeed, there is nothing. Why does she have so much energy? I’m already in the trash, I can’t move, but she keeps jumping, everything won’t calm down, she needs something. Ass like ass. Plump, soft, I love to feel her. Wow and hole. Slightly wrinkled, tightly compressed. And there is nothing in it.

- How can you see it? This must be sought.

- Search. You need it, you need it.

- A finger, right?

- And at least with a finger, if the rest does not work.

Uela, it's called. And it, the rest, really does not work. His head hung down, wrinkled, even worse than Marinka's hole, and there is not even a hint of an early resuscitation of the pat... continue reading

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In the spring, I began to meet a very interesting-looking girl near the Ochakovo platform. Clearly Caucasian. I decided that she was Armenian. As it turned out later, I was not mistaken. The girl looks like fire: short, moderately plump, but not fat. I would say curvy. Thick long black hair, plump lips, big black eyes. The leather jacket fitted her large breasts, her legs were plump, but in moderation. Regular short skirt and heeled shoes. I really liked the girl, but did not approach her. Thought it was useless. It is not customary for representatives of southern nations to make acquaintances on the street like this. Yes, and sexual intercourse before marriage is not welcome. But the girl, as luck would have it, caught my eye almost every day.

Once, already in May, I unloaded the goods into the pavilion, took the money, got ready to leave and ran into her face. More precisely, she flew into me with her gorgeous elastic breasts.

- Oh, sorry, - the girl smiled and looked down.

“Fo... continue reading

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And there is a hole in the old woman. I've never been lucky with young girls. They didn't have success. Why dont know. In short, at the age of nineteen, I realized that it is much better to have a non-committal relationship with a woman over forty than to experience novels with peers with violent showdowns, jealousy, betrayals, lies. Of course, it was very difficult to get acquainted with adult ladies and divorce them for sex, but it was possible. So he lived until the age of 23. Until I graduated from college and got a job. This is where I got into a story.

By that time I had a car, not the worst, but not the most interesting job either. I made a lot of money at the time. He lived with his parents, but did not want to work for their small business. He helped, of course, as far as possible. No more.

So. Once I drove by this same car to a friend who lives near the Universitet metro station. And, leaving his entrance, I noticed a completely gorgeous chick. That is, the first thing I ... continue reading

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What do we generally consider vulgarity in the modern world? Porn? Sex on the street? I think that the very concept of vulgarity is in our heads (yes, remember Sigmund Freud for me now). After all, sex is nature, it moves our thoughts, lures us into the mystery of the very appearance of a person. That is why I believe that all our tightness in this regard does not make sense (perhaps I am repeating the words of the great Marquis de Sade, but that is not the point).

I just want to plunge into this secret world of debauchery in the person of the young lady Marina, who indulges in carnal pleasures with great pleasure. These are just short notes, thoughts, fragments of time and emotions in this period.

PS Sorry for such frank lines and chaotic beginning. I would like to believe that these little notes, saturated with passion and vulgarity, will reveal your nature ...

Always yours Lina Wernicke (I will often delight you, my dear ones with my stories)


…Mmm! My head! Yes, it wa... continue reading

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- Well, let's drink for acquaintance, Lenochka, or right away for love? Sergei Petrovich looked at the figure of the hostess with a smile. Young, not yet thirty with high breasts, defiantly protruding ass and strong legs. The figurine was crowned with a pretty head with a mop of red hair. Gray eyes looked defiant, plump lips beckoned to him.

"- A tear, thought Sergey, but does she take it in her mouth?"

They met by chance, ended up next to each other at a wedding, both went out for a smoke and it turned out that both were bored - ordinary booze, and nothing more.

- Let's get out of here, shall we?

- Where?

- Yes, at least to me, I'm a free girl ...

Sergei caught a taxi, they drove into a night shop and took a bottle of cognac (he said that they should beat off the taste of wedding moonshine) and a box of chocolates.

Climbing up the stairs to Lena, Sergey, who was walking behind, suddenly pinched her tight ass.

- Oh, don't rush, you're hot!

But Sergei was in a hurry, a... continue reading

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They agreed to meet in the city. Going to meet him, she went to the shower. Standing under jets of hot water, running a washcloth over her body, she imagined that it was his hands caressing her, slowly gently stroking her back, chest, stomach and further below ... After the shower, she had to choose clothes, she settled on her favorite set of black lingerie, including lace panties with white embroidery and a bust of the same color scheme. From above, she opted for a simple T-shirt and skirt, because she always left the most interesting thing only for him.

And now she sees him at the agreed place, and pure joy from the long-awaited meeting remains in her soul. As always after the meeting, they went to the store, picked up food and slowly went home.

Arriving home and putting everything in its place, they kissed slowly and sensually. Then she sat him on the sofa, turned off the light, lit a candle and turned on the music "in the mood." It was, of course, the song - Sam Brown "Stop". T... continue reading

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