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Svetlana Andreevna decided to rent out one of the rooms of her 3-room apartment. After my daughter entered the university in St. Petersburg, the apartment, one might say, was empty. The son asked to live with his father, her ex-husband. After which she herself sometimes spent the night in her parents’ apartment, since it was practically near her work. Why not rent out a room to someone visiting? Svetlana Andreevna worked as an accountant at a factory, the salary was stable, but not “fat”.

The income from the proposed renting out of the room for housing would not be superfluous. I intended to hand over to women, girls, I would not like to see males. However, time passed, and there were no takers. There were calls, but after detailed questioning people refused. The reason was not the price, but the location. Finally, the bell rang. The voice was male, I wanted to immediately refuse, but the young voice on the other side of the phone said that he was satisfied with the price and locatio... continue reading

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And there is a hole in the old woman. I've never been lucky with young girls. They didn't have success. Why dont know. In short, at the age of nineteen, I realized that it is much better to have a non-committal relationship with a woman over forty than to experience novels with peers with violent showdowns, jealousy, betrayals, lies. Of course, it was very difficult to get acquainted with adult ladies and divorce them for sex, but it was possible. So he lived until the age of 23. Until I graduated from college and got a job. This is where I got into a story.

By that time I had a car, not the worst, but not the most interesting job either. I made a lot of money at the time. He lived with his parents, but did not want to work for their small business. He helped, of course, as far as possible. No more.

So. Once I drove by this same car to a friend who lives near the Universitet metro station. And, leaving his entrance, I noticed a completely gorgeous chick. That is, the first thing I ... continue reading

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Opening the door softly, Cheryl peered into Tim's room. He lay on his bed on his stomach and enthusiastically examined a glossy magazine. Entering the room and closing the door behind her, she silently approached him and peered over his shoulder. On the page, a luxurious mature woman had sex with two men. One was a tall, muscular guy about 25 years old, and the other was still very young, about the age of Tim. A tall guy fucked a woman from behind, and she, standing on all fours, sucked a strong swollen penis of a guy. The boy was apparently close to orgasm, and accelerated the movements of the woman, clutching her hair and driving his cock as deep as possible into her bottomless throat. The pre-orgasmic expression on his face was very well captured by the photographer, and well conveyed all the dynamism and emotional richness of the scene.

- And you think your father will like it when he finds out that you take his magazines? Cheryl asked in a whisper.

Taken by surprise, Tim was c... continue reading

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- Mom, Sergei will come to us today, I invited him. Look at how we live, get to know you. - Lily ran out of her room, making a ponytail out of her hair on the run.

- Well, in my opinion, it's time we get to know your boyfriend. - Elena picked up the bag loaded with groceries and went into the kitchen. Her daughter has been dating this guy for a month now. We met, as often happens now, at a disco. The daughter talked a little about him, it was still impossible to draw any conclusions, but something about this Sergei alarmed Elena. Her daughter is only 18, and her boyfriend is 21, but some kind of adult interest in Lily was felt in him.

At 17 o'clock the doorbell rang, and Lily rushed headlong to open it.

- Here, mom, this is Sergey! - The daughter enthusiastically introduced the tall, strong young man. He was not that handsome, but manly attractive. Especially his muscular shoulders and lanky eyes.

- Hello. Sergey politely bowed his head, and under his unwavering gaze Elena felt... continue reading

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- So you're my sister? Very interesting! - Carefully examining the slender figure of a forty-year-old woman, Sergey Dmitrievich exclaimed.

Embarrassedly stepping under his immodest gaze, groping her breasts, blushing like a young girl, she clarified: - "But not a sister, but only a second cousin."

Excuse me, my name is Tonya. I'm not too strong in the family hierarchy. Explain to me what this means, second cousin?

- You see, your grandmother had a sister who gave birth to my mother, and your own grandmother gave birth to your father. My mom and your dad were cousins. Then, my mother got married and gave birth to me, and your father got married, after which you were born. We are with you, the offspring of cousins, brother and sister, which means that we are with you, we are second cousins.

- So, our relationship can be considered quite distant?

- Well, of course. In tsarist Russia, cousins were even allowed to marry. And for second cousins, even more so.

- You explained it t... continue reading

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"I'm not evil. I'm not hurting you. I'm just very strict and fair... You like it, don't you?... Are you afraid??... That's right, be afraid!..."

This week seemed like an eternity. He is busy all the time. A lot of work. I was beginning to think that I would never see him again. I didn’t want anything, just to meet Him sooner. Every day I lived in a fog, hypnotizing the phone, waiting for a call. I began to slowly hate myself for being so attached to Him.

I haven't wanted to see anyone so much in a long time, I haven't missed anyone so much in a long time. Probably because He has not had time to offend me yet.

I covered myself with a warm blanket and curled up under it. The phone was always there. I slowly began to fall asleep with thoughts that today, probably, I won’t see Him, when suddenly the bell rang. It was he.

- Hello Princess! Are you home? I have some time, can I pick you up, can we sit somewhere in a cafe?

- Hi, of course! I'm already going!

The will to live again... continue reading

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1. Meeting on the river

Standing over the flowing waters of Vetluzhanka, crouching low to the surface of the river, Oksana carefully washed her elastically raised breasts. Standing in the bushes, Timothy looked greedily at her protruding buttocks with cloven buttocks, and thirsted for her to the point of pain in the groin.

She had recently married, so her body still retained its former girlish slenderness and elasticity of forms, but it was already feminine, convex and unusually alluring.

He sometimes noticed that no, no, she would casually turn around at him, or, passing him, blushing in embarrassment, timidly greet him ... If they met without witnesses, and there were no strangers nearby, he tried to imperceptibly pinch her on the tight breasts, or frankly feel her feminine large ass. At the same time, she only blushed embarrassedly, and just as imperceptibly slapped him on an indiscreet hand, she swiftly slipped past him.

And, behold, fate brought them together on this deser... continue reading

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My new secretary is just lovely - a charming creature: just a girl (she was 19 years old), she looked just great: wavy golden hair falling to her shoulders, big blue eyes, a little upturned cute nose, a charming mouth line, a thin graceful neck, high chest, which was noticeable despite the strict suit, thin waist, small ass and long beautiful legs. She was dressed, as I have already said, strictly: a gray skirt just above the knees, a jacket, under it a snow-white blouse, thin stockings, low-heeled shoes. And this naive cute look, which does not spoil her at all, but rather emphasizes her incredible sexuality, showing through in her every movement: gait, gestures, in the way she writes, works at a computer. At the same time, her sexuality is so natural and genuine, as if it was given to her from birth, which most likely is the case. This is how she appeared before me today, and the name of this incredible girl is Anya.

She did her job flawlessly all day. I saw her many times when she... continue reading

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His doorbell rang. Opening it, Oleg Petrovich suddenly saw his daughter's girlfriend standing outside the threshold.

- Ksyusha? You! Here's a pleasant surprise! Hello! Lena, unfortunately, is not at home. Have you come to visit?

- How did you leave? After all, she wrote to me that she would be at home. What should I do then? - Confused girl asked.

- Come in, why are you standing outside the threshold. Should I not kick you out, since you came to visit us? Come in, come in, don't be shy.

Letting Ksyusha loaded with a large travel suitcase into the apartment, he stepped aside. Taking her heavy suitcase, he hardly carried it into the hallway.

- Hello, Uncle Oleg! Yes, of course, visit. Where did Lenochka go?

- Didn't she write to you that this summer she was going to go to Novosibirsk to her mother?

- Not. Ouch! What a pity! Lena left, and I ... appeared. What am I to do now?

- Nothing. Live and all.

- That's no luck! - with annoyance exclaimed the girl. - What should I ... continue reading

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- You, spouses? - Tatyana Petrovna asked, realizing that they would most likely lie to her, but they were not going to lie.

- Not! What do you! We don't know each other at all! - In fright, waving her hands, the young woman answered. This man is not even familiar to me.

“We are really strangers to each other,” the elderly man confirmed to the professorial appearance.

- It's a pity, because I have only one free room left, for the spouses.

- Tell me, can we somehow share it? - Resigning herself to the prospect of living with a stranger to her man (a decent kind of person), Irina Sergeevna asked hopefully.

- Not. Hardly. There is only one double bed in it, there is not even a sofa, - anticipating what she would say, the hostess noticed.

- What do we do? The man asked her, somewhat confused. “I don’t have enough money to pay for two of her.

“I also don’t have extra money,” the woman supported him.

- I advise you to agree, and settle together. You will not quarrel among your... continue reading

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The sun was slowly reddening, approaching the horizon, I could see the reflection of its rays on the sand of the beach. A cool breeze, smelling of algae, enveloped us, we were a small group of fellow students, we came after the lectures to have a little rest and swim. Last days of September, autumn.

I went to the dressing room, and dreamed of jumping into warm water as soon as possible, a lady of 40 years old, in a dressing gown, was standing by the booth. Probably lived near the beach. She smelled of expensive perfume and a towel covered her face. I stood silently and waited for my turn to use the booth, the lady lit a cigarette and came close to the booth. Finally, a girl jumped out of the booth and skipped to the stairs. My neighbor entered the booth. I saw her legs through the opening between the lower edge of the booth and the boardwalk on which this booth rested, I decided that this middle-aged lady occupied the booth for a long time and turned away towards the sea ... Then I h... continue reading

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For some reason, it became terribly funny when, in a large woman who got out of a car I did not know, I recognized my mother's girlfriend - Tamara Lvovna, a neighbor on the porch from the fifth floor.

- Has the beauty come to get laid? – sarcastically flashed through my head. - What about the husband? Doesn't satisfy? Decided to scratch your manda about a stump in nature?

I heard in the morning at the entrance, how I hung noodles on my husband’s ears, that you were going to a lonely girlfriend who had a bad cold and could even stay until the morning, depending on her condition.

- A decent woman came out on the panel? He smiled wickedly and looked hopefully at the camera. - How lucky I decided to go for mushrooms and take pictures of birds in the forest! And you can only dream of pictures of such a swallow with a “lonely girlfriend” in nature!

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Aunt Tamara, Uncle Vitin's wife, got out of a car parked in a small cl... continue reading

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It was summer outside, and there was still a little more than a week left before the start of the new football season among women's teams, but the field was not empty on this warm morning. The girls didn't train, no. For today, a pre-season photo shoot was scheduled for a set of new uniforms, but even when the planned event came to an end, the players were in no hurry to disperse. They told how they spent a couple of days off received after the camp, laughed at the new photographer who was embarrassed all the time from the inexhaustible female attention, discussed the new transfer of the opposing team and twittered on a lot of other topics.

— Smirnova! - suddenly came the voice of the head coach, and when the girl turned around, Travnikov gestured for her to come up.

- Listen, Roman Ivanovich.

- Lud, a potential new investor has arrived there, he wants to talk with one of the players. Come down, huh? He is in my office.

The girl willingly agreed and, running goodbye to hug her ... continue reading

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Sergei Alexandrovich is a tall, plump man of about 40. He teaches higher mathematics at the university. And he loves his profession, first of all, because his couples are mostly beautiful young girls: some look like whores, some like gray mice, and some (Sergey Alexandrovich's favorite kind of students) like cute prudes. It is them that the professor imagines in the shower or in bed on lonely evenings, when he jerks off his big, heavy penis with protruding veins. He often makes ambiguous hints to girls, and flocks of students do not call him anything other than an old pervert. A couple of times in his practice, he even put the highest score for a blowjob or sex on the teacher's table. But basically all the girls who decide questions on credits in this way are not at all cute prudes, which Sergey Alexandrovich loves.

And, one day, tired of student whores, the professor had an idea. The last lesson was for students of biology. Sergei Alexandrovich noticed in advance the girl completely... continue reading

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Waking up on Saturday, turning around, I saw Lena's attentive gaze. She kept looking into my eyes. Then she leaned towards me and began to lick her stomach with light movements, sank lower with her teeth, hooked an elastic band and pulled off her panties. Throwing them away with a sharp turn of her head to the side, Lena returned to her feet and began to rise back, simultaneously covering her feet, shins, and hips with kisses. She ran her tongue over her pubis, and, burying her face in her groin, began to lick the joints of her thighs and crotch.

- Hmm, not bad. Honey, it looks like after the sport you can give yourself to lick. From the ears to the ass and heels, right, honey?

— Dear, it seems to me that you are quite insolent, however, you really have one desire.

- Right. And twenty-one stack moves.

“Hmm, well, we can play. - Lena lowered her head back, and, after licking several times, took the eggs in her mouth and began to suck them gently. A minute later, releasing my bel... continue reading

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It was not difficult for Lisa to undress in front of men. For several years she had been working as a model, and if at first the need to undress caused an exciting shiver in her, now it was a common thing, just a job that pays money.

She did not mind when one of the men began to look after her, the girl's data was attractive. The average height - 177 cm was compensated by harmony and good proportions - long legs, a small butt, not too big breasts, which, against the background of her thinness, looked quite sexy.

Proud landing of the head, a pretty face framed by a caret. Lisa had blond hair and she could afford to dye her hair blonde.

Usually the men were gallant and helpful with her. They looked after and paid for her time, she gave them unforgettable sex. However, this time everything went wrong. The owner of a small firm, for which he and a photographer shot advertisements, it seems Arkady was a prominent man with a pleasant northern Viking appearance and a deep voice. Lisa li... continue reading

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In my life there were 2 cases that left a mark in my soul forever. Last year, I met a girl (I don’t name her) younger than me, she was then 19. Having met on Tinder, we met three times and walked down the street, and at the fourth meeting she invited me home, asking me to wait near her entrance for twenty minutes , then enter.

When I entered, I simply gasped - she was in a short transparent peignoir, fishnet underwear and stiletto sandals. My vanity was very warmed by the fact that they dressed like that especially for me, to myself I began to think about sex with her. Male instincts excited slender bare legs and a desire-inducing figure.

My new friend came up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I decided that she wanted to kiss and got ready for kisses, hugging her around the waist. But instead of a kiss, the girl pulled her pelvis back and, with all her might, drove her bare knee into my balls.

From the unbearable burning pain, I bent over and fell on all fours, then for... continue reading

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Natalya Ivanovna refused to believe what was happening. The smell of incense and incense made my head spin. From the mournful monotonous mumbling of the priest, he pounded in his temples. Among the hubbub of the crowd that filled the church, she clearly distinguished the sobs of her mother. What was happening was like a fog through the veil of a veil. Afraid to turn her head, she felt the imposing figure of her fiancé to her right with her skin. Tall, of outstanding heroic build, in a full dress uniform, in orders, with a proud posture, a lush gray mustache and a bald head shining in the light of numerous candles, next to the fragile short 18-year-old Tatochka, as she was affectionately called by her family, her betrothed stood proudly and majestically - Polikarp Semenovich Stolbov, retired general, 57 years old, rich widower.

Natalya Ivanovna saw him for the second time in her life. She had first glimpsed him a month ago. He was present at the family dinner, talking only to the girl... continue reading

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A lonely girl in a light dress on a night road is not a sight for the faint of heart. Her fragile figure smelled of trouble from a kilometer away. Rare cars rushed by without even thinking to slow down, and she really needed someone to take her away from here right now.

She ended up here, fleeing from her "friends", so gallant in ordinary life. But the wild nature and the abundance of alcohol changed them beyond recognition. Liza was the only girl in the company, and it was to her that the aspirations of tipsy and boorish guys were directed. She was already thrown over her shoulder and carried to the table like a "dessert", but the guy was drunk and the girl managed to break his precarious balance by clinging to the wooden railing of the stairs.

Immediately, two guys following behind, with stupid smiles on their faces, spread their arms, preventing the girl from running away. But luck was on her side today. Making a false swing, she rushed in the other direction. The reaction of th... continue reading

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I am twenty two years old. My name is Luci. I will say right away that this is not a female name. It's short for "Lucifer". And, my parents are very far from religion. It's just that my mother really likes this name.

Now about my mom. I love her very much, and I am a very exemplary son. In fact, my dad and I love her. But, my mom has girlfriends. And this is what my story will be about. My mother is in her forties, but you will never give her more than thirty. Probably good genes and a lot of sports. Her friends are the same. All look very good. If I had the opportunity, I would fuck them all, and I am very selective in women. I don't like girls who hang themselves around my neck. I love the chase and the riddle to fuck my brain, so much so that already sparks flew.

One time my mom was throwing some kind of party, in honor of something there. You can’t remember everything, and you don’t need to. And there I saw her. As far as I understood, it was one of my mother's friends. She was... continue reading

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