This story happened to me many years ago. It was the year two thousand.

My mother and I worked in the same organization. She had one friend there. At that time, she was closer to fifty, but despite the numbers, she was very slender, about seventy-five meters tall, weighing, I think, up to fifty-five kg, and had size four breasts. In short, as they say, she was in good condition and this person’s name was Irina. At that time, her husband, with whom she had lived for quite a long time, abandoned her and she was in a trance. But time took its toll and she slowly came to her senses. Sometimes my mother and I started talking about Irina, naturally not on my initiative, and I learned small but interesting details about her life. She was born in another city, got married in order to move to Moscow and get a residence permit. And as it turned out, Madame was always rather weak in the front. And she had a daughter, Olga, a couple of years younger than me. I didn’t know her, but only saw her once by chance in a photo. The girl was noble. The figure and facial features, as they say, are from nature. There are really only one in a thousand people like her. And her beauty didn’t even need makeup. Although Olga, as a loving kopeck piece, certainly used it.

I also heard something about Olya. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She lost her virginity long ago, managed to be married once, and at that time, at twenty years old, she was already in free flight.

I, like any other normal young guy, at twenty-two years old, was actively interested in the female sex, not particularly disdaining age. The lady would have a marketable appearance and a desire for a young, energetic male body.

And so, somehow my mother made me happy, so to speak, with the news that she and Irina had come up with the idea of introducing us to Olga. And a family consisting of mother and daughter is expected to visit us for Christmas and I should be at home. Well, okay, at home, at home, to introduce you, to introduce you. Although yes, in real life it would be interesting to look at Olga and, if fate brings a gift, try her, pin her once, or maybe more than once... as the card falls. But in my heart I was perplexed, why should my mother, knowing the past of this Olya, want to put such a pig on me?!

So, Christmas. I hear the doorbell ring. We went into the hallway. They say hello, chat, laugh. I was called. I go out into the hallway to introduce myself.

- Irina Vladimirovna, hello!

- Hello! - Irina answered in a joyful, cheerful voice.

Here Olga rushes towards me.

- Hello! Let's get acquainted! I am Olya!

I introduced myself. We smiled at each other and went into the large room at the table. Frankly, I did not expect such initiative from the girl. But I won’t lie, I was pleased. Yeah, I think to myself, but the baby is very active. Well, I'm better. If anything happens, she comes in and kisses and fucks, I won’t have to pester you.

At the table, chatting about this and that, I looked at the dysfunctional family of mother and daughter. I looked at my mother in terms of clothes, because... I see her almost every day, and my daughter from the point of view of general interest. Although, I won’t hide, I always had a taste for women’s clothing, or rather, the way a woman dresses was of great importance to me. Style, taste, variety. So, her mother was wearing a jacket with a medium-sized neckline and the part that covered her breasts was in mesh - i.e. transparent. Under this mosquito net she was wearing a black bra in which her quadruples looked very impressive. The daughter was wearing a tight turtleneck. As I noticed, Olga took after her mother. The same beautiful four-piece breasts, with a thin waist and a model figure. We sat, talked, laughed. An hour later, our parents hinted to us that if we were not interested in them, then Olga and I could retire to my room. That's what we did. There we chatted about everything and nothing, poking around on my computer. I felt that Olga already had a fucking craving for me. More precisely, the animal-sexual-sports interest that everyone exhibits at this age. Well, sex without obligations, for health, etc. But I did not take the initiative, so as not to be mistaken in my premonitions and not to spoil my opinion of myself. She held on too. In the evening they got ready to go home, and I accompanied them to the metro. Then, when we were saying goodbye, Olga was a little late, mom turned her back to us and went to the subway, and her daughter just came up and sucked me into a French kiss, saying that she would call in half an hour when they got home. Hmmm... My expectations and assumptions were justified. Things got going.

We began meeting with Olga when time allowed. A couple of times they stayed alone at my house, kissed, and I played with her beautiful size 4 breasts. By the way, the breasts were very elastic and erect, they held their shape simply with a bang. This doesn't happen often. But it didn’t come down to sex. Olenka was in no hurry to give it for some reason. We also met in the evenings several times at her house. And since they have a one-room hut and they sleep with their mother on the same bed, she and I sat in the kitchen, while her mother was hanging out in the room. She didn't bother us. Therefore, we were not worried, but turned on the Russian radio, sat with Olga, kissed, and groped. I sat on a chair, she sat facing me, on her knees, and we spent the evenings in such a fucking position. I must say that Olenka was dressed, in general, normally. It was possible to reach her breasts without taking off her clothes without any problems, but it was not convenient to plant her in this position or simply reach her pussy with your fingers. She was wearing shorts that looked like a short flared skirt. But in the middle with a mean one. You think it’s a skirt, you fumble with your hands and then there’s a surprise - a partition. The skirt turns... The skirt turns... Turns into shorts!!! Do you think, motherfucker, she couldn’t have worn a dress or a normal skirt so that she could have been planted? But no, sir, I couldn’t. It turns out that Olenka is very temperamental and behaves very loudly during sex and cums very violently.

Hmmm... With such a temperament, fucking through the wall from her mother is not a fountain. Yes, and mom might not have said anything, but she would have smothered her hole as if from hunger. After all, after all, it had been ownerless for about a year and a half now. So why mock a hungry lady!

One day, Mom Ira knocked on our kitchen door and called Olga for some reason. Olya disappeared from the room for about five minutes, and Mom Ira stayed in the kitchen to chat with me about how things were going, blah-blah poplars and other nonsense. And everything would have been fine, but she came out to us in a nightgown. This shirt was just above the knee, satin, lace and wrapped like a robe. But she definitely wasn't wearing anything else underneath. You could just see how her gorgeous, slightly saggy breasts stood out under the silk. Yes, Mommy Irochka, I thought to myself, it would be nice if you were young like me...

One Saturday morning, I had no choice but to go to the Kuznetsky Most station and go to a sex shop. Well, I liked to look there sometimes. At that time, in 2000-2001, there was no Internet like there is now. So they limited themselves to porn videotapes and trips to sex shops for adrenaline. And as soon as I left the metro, the bell rang. Olga called.

- Hi where are you?

- Hello, I’m walking in the center.

- In short, I’m waiting for you in two hours with cake and wine at my place. Mom went to see grandma until yesterday.

Yoyoyoyoyo! What a turn of events! I walked past the sex shop and drove home. Then I took a shower, got ready and went to visit. On the way I bought a cake with wine. I came and called. Olga opens the door wearing only a floor-length terry robe.

We kissed, I undressed, and walked in. We sat down in armchairs in the room. Between the chairs there is a table with a cake and wine on it. The chairs, I must say, were very comfortable both for just sitting and for debauchery. They had a low landing i.e. you sit almost on the floor and the posture is semi-recumbent. We chatted across the table and drank wine. Then she offered to drink for the Brudershaft and got up to come to me. But before she sat on my lap, she got up and took off her robe. And she didn’t just throw it off, but with grace and debauchery, jerking her shoulders back and putting her four-legged quad forward. Underneath the robe was black lace underwear. I don’t know exactly what this type of lingerie is called, but it looked like one-piece swimsuits from the 60s. Well, you understand me, dear readers.

- How do I look?! - she asked.

- Super! You are beautiful!

She sat on my lap, we drank at the brotherhood and then she told me, like a teacher to a stupid boy.

- And then you’re supposed to kiss... And she sucked me in.

We started foreplay. Hands, lips... Intermittent breathing...

- Let's go to bed! - she suggested to me.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed that was opposite us at the opposite end of the room. She was lying down, I was kneeling on the floor and we were kissing. She began to slowly undress me. And I didn’t waste any time, tearing myself away from her, quickly undressed myself and returned to what I started. I kneaded her breasts, examined her with my hands and reached her pussy.

“Undress me,” Olga whispered.

I began to look for how to remove this miracle from it, but I couldn’t find any fasteners.

“The clasp is there, under the pussy,” she whispered, and took my hand with hers and directed it there. I unfastened a couple of hooks and her pussy was revealed to me, with small and well-groomed pubic hair and quite beautiful lips. Slowly I undressed her and was going to pay attention to her slit. Running my finger up and down my lips, I opened them slightly and there it was, her moisture. The gap was already leaking in earnest. Without hesitation, I fell to her slit, licking her lips with my tongue, sucking her clitoris. Then he inserted his finger into her and began to fuck with it, touch the uterus, caress the G-spot. Olenka moaned, moved her hips, held me by the back of my head, pressing me harder to my pussy. Her chest rose and fell in rhythm with her breathing, but there was no orgasm. I then removed my finger from her and simply inserted my tongue into the slit instead. And then Olga pressed me with all her strength to the crack, squeezed my head with her feet and moaned, moving her hips. She finished.

Then she pulled me towards her. I lay on top of her and she, taking my penis, inserted it into herself, wrapping her legs around me and pressing on my hips when the head touched her lips. The grinding has begun. I fucked her hard, but without causing pain, as she liked it. Her slit was quite tight and grabbed the head with a bang! I fucked her, she came violently, screaming. Then she suggested doggy style. To tell the truth, I love initiative young ladies. And it’s not like it happens, they spread her apart and fuck her as you want, but she just lies there and doesn’t give a damn how they’ll fuck her.

We stood up in cancer. I entered Olga, banging her, holding her hips, and I watched from the side as her tits swayed in time with my thrusts and got even more turned on. In the process, my dick jumped out of her once, and I stared at her at a frantic rhythm and of course how she loves it and of course, without noticing it at such a speed, my head almost pierced her ass.

“Ay, be careful,” she said with a playful smile.

I entered the gap again and continued. And in the process she cums and cums periodically and after each next orgasm she wants more. I like this state of affairs.

- Olya, do you give it to the ass? - I asked without interrupting the process.

- Have not tried. Although there were many who wanted...

- Maybe let's go, huh? - I ask.

- Well, I don’t know... You continue, fuck!

- Well, come on, someone will put you there someday anyway. Even if you don’t want to, there will be someone whose persuasion you will succumb to. So let me be it. It takes just once to understand what anal sex is.

- Well, let's see... There's still half a day ahead.

So we moved from the cancer pose to a lying one, she on her stomach and me on top. We fuck, she cums, and I endure, enjoy her, and I still have time to cum. And then her mobile phone rings. We took a break.

- Hello! Yes, hi Veronica! No, I'm a little busy... Well, I'm having sex now. No, you don't know him. Yes, dark. But soooo cool! Well, let’s all get together and I’ll show it to you, introduce you.

Yes, the prospect is excellent, I think, and I put her on her back, and while she is chatting, I begin to give her cunnilingus. Olga begins to puff, breathe faster, swallow words...

- No, he’s licking me... That’s it, Veronique, come on later, I can’t, I’ll cum now.

I brought her to another orgasm and suggested that she be on top. She sat on me, inserted her penis herself, and the racing began. Her breasts jumped in time with the movements of her hips, and I touched them, twisted her nipples, kissed them. But then Olenka surprised me. In all my sexual experience at that time, I had never met riders like her. Olga rested her hands on my chest, bending slightly, fixed herself rigidly in this position and, moving her hips, developed such a speed that can be compared to a sewing machine. Believe it or not! I almost went straight into her. But I resisted, because... we fucked without rubber. She managed to finish and lay down next to him.

“Come on, it’s time to cum,” she told me and began to jerk me off while lying on my side. I lay on my back and hugged Olga with my left arm. She lay down on my shoulder and began to kiss my nipple.

“Bite me for it,” I asked, harder, more...

Olga moved my hand so professionally, as if I was fucking a porn actress. And after a moment I moaned, streams of sperm sprayed onto my stomach, and she licked them off with her tongue.

- Why didn’t you finish for so long? - she asked me looking at her watch? We had sex for almost three hours, as it turned out.

- Was it bad for you that I didn’t finish for a long time?

- It was great, but what’s the secret? No guy has lasted that long with me. A few minutes and I lowered...

- And at home I smeared the head with vegetable oil. It varies for everyone, but for me it delays orgasm.

Then we lay there, kissed, talked about everything, and groped. And I decided to return to the topic of anal.

- Olya, so what about the ass? Should we try? And I began to caress the sphincter of the anus with my finger.

“Let’s rest for now,” she suggested.

Then we got dressed, went to the store and returned.

- We need to cook dinner, mom asked.

She began to prepare dinner, and he helped her. We finished it in an hour. According to the clock, there were still a few hours left before mother's arrival.

We went to the room to watch a movie. We sat down on our bed, started the movie and Olya went to change clothes. She took out a white summer dress from the closet and put it on her naked body without underwear. The dress had a high waist that supported her chest. We were watching a movie, and I wasn’t looking at Olga, but at how her tits looked in that dress. Then I began to stroke them through the fabric and we kissed. I immediately undressed, and she went to put on a vest in case mommy came ahead of time. So as not to waste time getting dressed due to anxiety.

And here I am lying on the bed, my feet are on the floor. She came up to me, sat on her knees and began to blow me. I must say, she sucked professionally. If only they could send her to porn, the demand would be high. She sucked selflessly, enjoying it. And then, lifting up my vest, she squeezed my dick between her breasts and began to jerk me off with her foursome. The feeling was amazing! I said that I would cum soon, but she only increased the pace, and when I said that I would release it now, she simply took it with her throat and I poured myself into her mouth.

“Nothing is finished yet,” she said, swallowing the sperm and looking at me lustfully. - Now we will excite him. Do you like masturbating girls? And with these words, she sat on the bed with her legs spread and began to massage her clitoris. From such a picture, my stake quickly came into a fighting position. I took it in my fist and, looking at Olga, began to stroke it for myself.

- No, no, no, dear! Now it's time to fuck me. And she lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide. I lay down on her, entered and began to fuck her. I held on for a couple of minutes. Then he quickly pulled out of her and got to his feet, jerked his stake a couple of times and came a little on her stomach, and the rest in his fist.

“It’s okay, everything is ok,” she smiled, “You fucked me so much today, I finished myself for a day, but no more.” So orgasm is not important to me at the moment.

- Well, Olchik, maybe we can stretch your ass? I'm careful, and I have experience in depriving anal virginity.

- Okay, but just be careful!

I put her in doggy style, and entered her slit and began to fuck her there, so that she would drag herself in and not really think about how I would break her ass. Meanwhile, I massaged her ass with my finger, then pulled out of her, dipped my fingers in her juice and transferred it to the sphincter. After which he entered the pussy again to lubricate the penis.

- Let's start. Olya, stand as you stand, just stick your butt out a little back so that your buttocks spread a little to the sides.

She stood up exactly as I said, and I moistened my stake in her moisture, put it on the ring of her anus and began to slowly press. Olga was silent, then gasped slightly, then said oh! I stopped. The head has already begun to stretch the sphincter of her ass and the cut of the butt has already entered her black hole.

- Hurt? - I asked.

- No, it’s already good. Continue.

I began to press harder, and the head was half there.

- Oh, wait a little bit... - she moaned - Now come on.

One more careful pressure and I fell into her ass. The sphincter ring tightly wrapped around my penis. I did the friction forward, then back, then forward again, then began to move slowly, letting the asshole get used to the new sensations and stretch to the size of the penis.

- Ahh, mmm, oh... How big he seems there!

- Umm, aah... Olya, you’re so tight there!!! So much so that when I move, it seems like you are sucking me in...

- Yes, let's go slowly...

-Aren't you in pain? - I asked.

- No, continue. I picked up the pace, but didn’t pound her. You need to train your ass to be able to pound it.

I fucked her, she moaned, sometimes screamed, and after a couple of minutes she moaned and with a loud grunt I came right in her ass.

- How do you like it?

- Not bad. At first it was a little painful when I entered, then when I started fucking, it felt like my ass was cracking, splitting, but then it was fun. The truth is, I didn’t really understand it the first time. We'll have to repeat it.

- Of course, dear! We will train the elasticity of the sphincter every time we have sex. Even when you’re not allowed to, I smiled. Well, it’s convenient. It's women's days, and you can give a blow job, give it to the ass, and jerk off your breasts with your size.

“Yeah,” she smiled.

Soon my mother came. The bed was made and straightened. In general, we were exemplary when she arrived. I just recently visited them, we had nothing, etc.

“Olya,” said mom, “why is there a small pillow on the floor?”

Yo! So we got fired up... Well, oh well. Mom Ira knows her daughter and understands that the hut was not empty for nothing and the bed was used for its intended purpose.

Then Olga and I met several times to have sex. Even when mom was at home. We sat in the kitchen, as I described above, but she was already wearing a short skirt instead of shorts. This is how we had semi-legal sex.

Further - more interesting. As I said, Mom Ira has been a single woman for a year and a half. And so I got ready to visit them once again. Mom opened the door for me.

- Hello, Irina Vladimirovna! Is Olya at home?

- You come in. She called and the institute left me with additional funds. So it will be there in only four hours. Stay, wait. How are you, how's mom?

- Yes, everything is fine.

- Let's go to the room.

We entered the room. We sat down on the same bed. Mom Ira was dressed in a thin silk robe just above the knee. Breasts were without a bra.

- How are you and Olya doing? Everything is fine? Has it come to a close friendship?

- Yes, it’s fine... We’re just friends and that’s all...

- Don't be afraid, don't lie to me. I know that you had sex more than once. Right?

- Olga told you?

- No. That evening, when I found a pillow on the floor, then I found a sperm stain on the bedspread,” she smiled.

Well, how is my daughter in bed?!

“Great,” I blushed, “every man’s dream.”

- Everything about me means... Since that evening I’ve been constantly trying to imagine what you’re like in bed? Forget that I am friends with your mother, that we work together, that you fuck my daughter. You see, I’ve been a single woman for a long time, but my body wants attention, my body wants affection. And I don’t want to look for a normal guy on the side for a long time.

So what do you say?

I sat excited, the stake tore my pants...

“Well, think for yourself,” said mom Ira, “you won’t always fuck Olga anyway.” You'll want something new. Going left and looking for someone takes a long time and is not safe. And here I am. It feels good for me and it feels good for you, and the main thing is the contrast. You will fuck a young and mature woman. What more does a guy your age need? You also dream about mothers. And at this time she already put her hand on my penis.

I smiled, reached out to her and sucked her. I didn't believe such luck! It’s every boy’s dream to fuck a mother and daughter, even if it’s on the sly from each other.

I reached under my robe and pulled one breast out. It was the same size as Olga's, but not as elastic...

- Irina Vladimirovna, how did you manage without a man all this time?

- Well... I jerked off. But jerking off will not replace the feeling of a man’s body, penis and all the embellishments.

I took off her robe and she helped me undress. We had about three hours. Naked we fell on the bed in a long kiss. I was already jerking off her clitoris with my middle finger, inserting my finger into the slit, and she was jerking my stake.

- Oh, how I miss such sensations! It’s so nice to even hold it in your hand... Give it to me!

And with these words she turned over. I stood up to my full height on the floor, but she sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me towards her and sucked him to the bone.

“Now you will find out what mature women can do,” she told me.

She sucked amazingly, even puffed with pleasure. Then she ran her right hand over my crotch and suddenly pressed her finger on my ass. My penis almost burst! I didn’t expect that touching the sphincter increases the boner so much!

- Irina Vladimirovna, I’m about to cum!

“Uh-huh,” she hummed and then I shot into her mouth. - I did this on purpose so that our first stick would not be short. So that you can fuck me up longer. By the way, you can cum in me, I won’t die. I screwed myself into a spiral a long time ago. And in general, you can do me any way you want. By the way, do you do anal?

- Yes!

- Has Olgie already managed to expand his asshole?

- It happened once. True, carefully, slowly.

- So you don’t have to let me go there on the sly, understand?

She threw me onto the bed and sat down on my face with her slit. I began to give her a marten, and she shook her hips and moaned. A minute later, from hunger and excitement, Mom Ira came with loud moans. Then it was a matter of little things. She moved down, swallowed my stake with her lower mouth and the ride began. We fucked, changed positions, she came, then, unable to bear it, I poured myself into her.

“Thank you, I pleased my aunt,” said Mom Ira. - This will be our little secret..!

We kissed, discussed my fucking with Olga, I caressed her tits and imperceptibly my penis stood up again.

- What would you like now?

- I want to fuck you between your breasts...

She lay on her back, I threw my leg over her and squeezed my dick between her big tits. The jerking has begun. I moved them back and forth, twisted the nipples, kneaded them. The orgasm was imperceptibly approaching. I got down.

- Irina Vladimirovna, maybe in the ass?

- Come on, of course, no question. I don't break down like a youngster.

Again, using the usual manipulations, I began to penetrate her ass, but to my surprise, I fell there without much effort with three clicks, which made me very happy. But despite this, Ira’s mother’s anal was very tight. I started minting it.

- Doesn't it hurt? Maybe slow down?

- Fuck me normally, don’t be afraid. Any pace!

I gained momentum and my pace went from fast to hammering.

“Yes, hit me, hit me,” Mom Ira moaned.

Soon I came. As it turned out later, she even experienced an anal orgasm, and for the first time.

That's how I got a mother and daughter. As it turned out later, Olga also gave money on the side... So we are even with her. Moreover, staring at her mother in revenge is much more pleasant than just walking to the left as she does.

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