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I went crazy from the absence of a wife and intimate life. She was in my custody. And so, from all this, I began to look on the Internet for a way to correct my situation, and I came across a married couple from my city. We started talking, agreed to meet in a cafe to get to know each other. But unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the meeting did not take place. They had their own affairs, I had my own (work, wife, etc.) But then the census began at work, and it turned out that everyone was free tonight. We agreed on a meeting place and special signs of each other.

To be honest, I was a little shaken by this adventure. What awaits me there, what should I expect from this meeting, of course there was a whole bunch of thoughts. But still I decided and at the appointed time was on the spot.

I quickly found a white jeep according to the description, and hovered of course. Walk past or take a chance, and yet almost 3 months of abstinence did their job and I did not run home without l... continue reading

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Let's play cards? To undress... from the lips of our new acquaintances, roommates in the Rest House, a twenty-five-year-old pretty couple, after drinking so much that evening, it sounded as natural as if he offered to drink more... our girls looked at each other and smiled a little they looked at us in surprise ... are they joking, checking, or are they serious? seriously, seriously, girls... I see how you glance at him, I see what's in your taste, I understand what you like, otherwise I wouldn't agree... especially in the south with a couple that we'll never see after parting in a few days, why not? by the way, he looks at you with such a squint ... let's play? men against girls.

Who loses shoots one thing... are we playing up to the panties or beyond? um... are you girls serious? can you imagine how we will lose our swimming trunks to you? and fulfill your every desire? but only around the perimeter of this room ok? flushed, eyes shining, whispering ... I guess what ... you yoursel... continue reading

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The day started as usual. I went to a restaurant to have breakfast and met my old friend there. He was having breakfast there with his colleague and, after introducing me to Jenny, invited me to join them. The conversation over the meal began with generalities, but soon turned to our absent spouses. Jenny, speaking of her husband, remarked that she and her husband were married in a common-law marriage and that they adhered to the rules not to prevent each other from seeing other people. Dave was very conservative and, besides, only recently married, and such a frank statement embarrassed him. Soon he remembered about the unfinished work and excused himself and left. Jenny and I were left alone.

We had a few drinks and began to discuss our sexual preferences quite frankly. Jenny leans forward and whispers, "Do you remember how much you wanted to fuck when you were puberty? That's how I feel all the time." By now I had a strong erection.

I said that I really liked panties, and that n... continue reading

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And if you take and discard all prohibitions? What if one day you wake up in a world where all erotic desires are allowed and, besides being allowed, they are also easily fulfilled ... What if all the prohibitions are really just an illusion?

So I reasoned, thinking about what I would like to experience in my sex life ...

I never liked vulgarity, all these cheap porn divas with their unnatural "Ya!", "Ya!" ... Why so much vulgarity in such a wonderful genre as erotica? Or vile blacks - well, I do not like blacks - they have limited intelligence! How I do not like fat, white-skinned, pimply, vulgar, jerky ...

Why is it always like this in erotica? Why is there no mystery, beauty, intimacy in it? After all, a short skirt does not mean attractive.

Something completely different is attractive ... A girl in a veil is much more desirable if she is dressed correctly and presented in the right light ...

Having discarded all prohibitions, I began to explore what I really wanted to exp... continue reading

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