That day my husband and I went to a nightclub. The condition for visiting the club was to dress minimally, so I put on black transparent panties tied at the side, an equally transparent bra and, in order not to go almost naked, I put on a short transparent skirt.

When we entered the club, it turned out that all the tables were already occupied, and we sat down with one cute couple. The man was 35-40 years old, and the girl, I think, was my age. They sat hugging and drinking champagne. We met. The man's name was Ruslan, and the girl's name was Inna. They looked quite erotic, and it was clear that they had already given in well.

My husband ordered vodka for himself, wine for me, and we started talking. Naturally the conversation turned to sexual topics. I saw Ruslan’s gaze wandering over my body, peering into my chest, going lower... Then, unexpectedly and frankly, Ruslan said: “Olya, do you like to suck dick?” At first I was embarrassed and blushed, but then I took a sip of wine and said: “I love not only sucking dick, but also pussy.” “Let’s switch pairs for the evening?” - suggested Ruslan.

I looked at my husband and realized from his look that he didn’t mind. Ruslan came up to me, hugged me around the waist, and with his other hand began to caress my chest. My husband did the same with Inna. It was unusual to feel someone else's hands on your body, but it was exciting. Ruslan was an experienced and powerful man - you could feel it in his caresses. He spread my legs, pushed my panties aside and began to caress my clitoris. “You're a great bitch! Yes, you’re already all wet... I’ll fuck you like no other man has ever fucked you!!!” I looked at my husband, and it seemed to me that he was frightened by these words of Ruslan and even became jealous of because not he, but another man would fuck me like an ordinary whore. But there was no turning back: Ruslan had already put his dick in my mouth. “Suck it, bitch, suck it!” His hands were squeezing my breasts and his cock was fucking my mouth.

At this time, the husband was licking Inna’s pussy. She moaned and screamed, and it seemed to me that she had managed to cum. “Give me your ass,” Inna’s husband said. She turned around and spread her buttocks. He entered her abruptly, without warning, so that she screamed. Ruslan did not want to rush and began to stick his fingers in my ass, then in my pussy.

I was so excited that I really wanted to be fucked and started moaning: “Fuck me like a whore, like a dirty bitch!” He inserted his dick into my pussy and began fucking me imperiously. His dick was like metal. He fucked me as he wanted, lifted my legs, ordered me to become doggystyle, then forced me to suck again. “Yes, your wife is a whore! Do they fuck with strange men?” - said Ruslan.

At that moment, my husband came up to us and inserted his dick into my mouth, while Ruslan was in my pussy. Inna caressed and licked my breasts, then she took my husband’s dick out of my mouth and sucked it herself, after which she gave it to me again.

Ruslan felt that he was about to cum, he came up to me with Inna and, while we were sucking off my husband, he came on our faces. At this time, my husband entered my ass doggy style, and Inna was licking my pussy. My husband sometimes took out his dick, gave it to Inna to suck and fucked me in the ass again, and I came and came... “Fuck me, again, again...” Finally, the husband entered Inna’s ass with his dick, came out and said: “Suck me, bitches ! And we took turns licking his dick until he came on our faces. I licked the cum from his dick, licked my lips and smiled.

This is how the night at the club went.

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