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Mila is so tanned and looks like a bright spot against the background of the white foam of the bath and my Karina. I always thought my wife was vibrant and memorable with her red hair and natural tits. But now, looking at how they kiss in the bathroom, I understand that there are much more interesting girls in the world who attract more attention.

The girls forbade me to interfere in their fun and I can only look at them and jerk off a little if I want, but not cum. Karina knows that I’m not the same and I won’t be able to start fucking them immediately after ejaculation, so the girls forbade me to cum from masturbation. After their lesbian fun, they want to have a threesome with me, as has happened more than once. It's a pity that Mila can't visit us so often. This kind of happiness happens about once a month.

Girls kiss and from the outside it looks so sexy that any normal guy will instantly get an erection at this sight, although at the same time I can’t see their tits or anythi... continue reading

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This story happened to me that summer.

I had never been to this dacha alone before, but my sister left with my mother, and my father went to work. That day I especially liked myself, although I always look good: short, natural blonde with blue eyes, I have firm breasts and a toned ass.

So, yesterday I met a girl, Marina, while walking around the island where our dacha is located. We had a nice conversation at first, then we drank wine, she looked at me very intently, discussed my breasts, but this is normal, girls often do this! Then we played cards out of nothing to do and she offered to play for a wish, I agreed and lost, she promised that she would use her wish tomorrow, i.e. just today. And then I see her, she comes into the gate with a bag on her shoulder and goes up to me.

- I want to play mistress and slave! You can't refuse, right!

- Well, yes! (I'm a little surprised).

- Undress down to your panties and lie down on the bed on your stomach on the terrace (our terrace ... continue reading

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She appeared above the water in a sparkling golden halo, twisting her wet hair into a short spiral. She moved quickly to the edge of the pool, squinted in the sun and shone. A gentle tan spread over her body, wrapping it in something resembling a bathing suit transparent, like thin slime. The woman shook her head and stepped onto the ledge, gracefully lifting her sculpted leg. Olga swallowed and got up from her chair. She continued to watch the beautiful bather from under the orange mesh canopy, but still shivering from the heat. Elsa - that was the name of the woman - winked at her, passing by: a barely perceptible wave of fresh moisture reached Olga, trailing behind her like a train.

The girl replied with a faint smile. The feeling of coolness was so fleeting that it was only annoying, so she dumped a glass of cold water on her head and shrugged her slightly plump toasty shoulders. Then she put on her slippers and trotted along the circular path, from which Eliza's wet footprints h... continue reading

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I am on the college softball team, and there is a lot of "hidden", behind the scenes stuff that no one ever talks about. After games or after practice, a lot of girls are in close proximity and naked with each other. 99% of these girls are straight, and most have boyfriends. Sometimes.... we do things with each other.

A lot of us get very stressed and tired after games or practice..... some girls quickly rub one out in the locker room. Sometimes, girls help each other. There is a group of us that eat each other out, just as a means of getting each other finished quickly.

... continue reading

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Recently, on my way back to Atlanta after a few years away, I decided to call an old friend of mine. I figured she was living with some guy, and a light drink would be a harmless enough friendly gesture. It turned out that she was very glad to hear from me, and insisted that I invite her to dinner tonight. I forgot that Cheri always turned me on, and I realized that I was looking forward to tonight. There was me, there was she, and there was evening.

The dinner was amazing and the conversation flowed easily like wine. As before, we sipped liquor and looked at each other thoughtfully. Her foot found mine under the table, and she began to rub my calf with her instep. It seemed like we never parted.

Now her fingers were stroking the tubercle of my very aroused cock. "Max, why don't we go to my place, and you take it and fuck me like you used to?"

I was only too glad to pay the bill and leave. In the car, she ran her fingers through my hair and her tongue into my mouth. Her lips were... continue reading

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So I knew this girl, we were super flirty but never had sex or anything, one day we were sitting in her garden and turn ons and stuff came into the conversation. I mentioned being single I masturbated a lot, She took this as an opportunity to bet me I couldn’t stop cold turkey for 3 weeks, we agreed if I did she would do it for me on day 22.

Days passed and it was increasingly difficult to resist the urge, by day 10 she’d send me sex gifs from tumblr and teasing me on what day 22 would be like, day 18 I nearly cracked as I got a topless Snapchat from her, I still managed to hold out.

Day 21 was an onslaught of sex gifs, porn links, underwear and topless snapchats, but I made it... around comes day 22, we arranged to meet later that evening at her place as her parents were out, I edged a few times but it nearly happened, my balls were killing me I’m sure they were at the point of exploding.

I get to hers, as to door shut it went straight to kissing.. I ran my hands ... continue reading

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The very first time I saw my best friend’s boobs, it drove me crazy. I’d never found another woman’s body so sexually attractive. Now, I may browse Reddit very often, but receiving nudes from somebody you know is far deeper on a satisfaction level.

I’ve been up front with my friend that I’ve shared nudes online. Although I haven’t been forthcoming about being bisexual, I occasionally make a comment about women being beautiful and admiring their bodies.

She’s newly single and says hasn’t taken nudes for some time. She joked that she’s ‘out of the game’ and needed advice, given that I shared my own.

An hour later, after agreeing to give a second opinion on some poses, she sent me through 6 nude photos.

My jaw hit the floor. Although I’d seen her boobs before, it’s not like I could stare and masturbate. This time around, in my own privacy, my underwear came off pretty quickly.

I was glued to her photos. I got to see her in a thong, boobs out, in ‘the pos... continue reading

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It was raining outside, she sat and looked through the steamy cafe window, sipping hot chocolate, and watched as people tried to hide from the rain. It seemed to her that it all looked funny and sometimes ridiculous. Some boy was jumping through the puddles, rejoicing in the rain, from the window opposite, trying to scold and drive home, his mother screamed, but the boy didn’t care, he was happy. Although it was autumn, it was still quite warm outside.

A funny old man ran past, “... she probably thought the professor ...”, he was in a formal suit, and covered his head with a folder, he turned to the side and disappeared around the corner. On the other side of the road stood a couple in love, holding his jacket over their heads, he tried to cover her from the rain, sometimes kissing her on the lips and gently hugging her.

Looking at all this, she felt somehow lonely ... but the mug was empty, and she had to return to an empty apartment, she lived alone, only her friend, the gray cat... continue reading

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So I have never been into girls before and hadn't even really thought about it untill one night my husband and I had another married couple over who had been friends with years . They came over just to catch up , have a few drinks and go in the hot tub.

After a few drinks we were all just sitting on the sectional couch talking and then Alex our friend got up to go make another drink and my hsuabnd went with him. So it was just me and Jen sitting on the couch,  she slid over close to me to show Me some videos on her phone.  Well she accidentally swipped one to far and it was porn now on her phone now that she had saved. It was a girl getting fucjed while she was eating out another girl.  She right away swipped away and said sorry about that .

I told her no go back , I want to see what you were watching and getting off to . I was trying to just bug her and give her a hard time but when  she went back the video and I watched it more with her I started getting a little turned on. It wa... continue reading

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Excitement shakes me, like before the first date. Although where is it, my first ...

But today... Today everything is completely different. Our meeting is covered with medieval romance and heady madness. I'm going to your hotel, where you came specially for a few hours to see me. All you have in your pocket is change and a ticket for the return bus. I know it.

I know even more. I know almost everything about you: your fears and your joys, your dreams and your erogenous zones.

And yet you don't know anything about me except my name.

I go to the door and knock on it with a prearranged signal.

- Come in! - This voice trembles in anticipation of our meeting.

I open the door and look into the room. Everything is correct. The lights are off, the curtains are down. This hotel room was not chosen by chance, the bed is positioned so that you can only see my silhouette, but not my face.

- Ira, I'm here!

Stupid. I know perfectly well where the bed is on which you are now lying. In... continue reading

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2 years ago inlesbianbyAnonymous

The first time I ate pussy

In my early 20s, I lived in the city and met this woman who was friends with some female cousins of mine. When I would stop by to hang out she was there too. She had brown skin, dark hair, and a sexy body that she loved to show off! She wore booty shorts that showed a little more than that when she would bend over or sometimes when she was sitting across from me she'd have her legs open just enough for me to peak and see what color panties she was wearing that day.

I wondered to myself if she was letting me see on purpose but wasn't sure because she never sent me a look or any other signal that she wanted me too see what else she had to offer so I just wrote it off as her being careless and comfortable with her own body. Didn't stop me from looking though.

I definitely noticed her nice sized c cup titties in the low cut shirts she would also wear. I imagined rubbing my own soft tits against hers. When my mind would get carried away with sexual thoughts about her, I had to dismiss m... continue reading

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Three months later, a tour to one of the Asian countries was planned. I had to hold a competition and select the most beautiful and talented girls in our ballet show, which has already earned a good name for itself. But for performances abroad, we needed a new project, more liberated for frank dancing. My assistant was a stripper, choreographer and simply beautiful Alena. We have known each other for a long time, I often invited her to perform with the girls in my club. Relationships are friendly and sex is also without obligation. Always when she came, we fucked in the dressing room, she dutifully obeys and fulfills all my whims. All the costumes that she and her girls wore were coordinated with me. It was strictly forbidden to wear a bra under a suit and the suits themselves must be sexy. In this regard, we understood each other, besides, she was bisexual and she slept with all her girls and the relationship between them was close. It was such a new project that I needed out of 12 gi... continue reading

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- Not!

- But...

- Not! In no case!

- But you...

- Not!

"You don't even know what it's about!"

I shuddered and took a breath. Oksana laughed, looking at me.

- No strangers in our relationship!

- BUT...

"Even if it's Stephen Amell, it's still not!"

— Stephen Amell? Why Stephen Amell?

I myself did not know where Stephen Amell had jumped out of me, so I kept silent.

“Do you want Stephen Amell?” Oksana asked.

- Not! I don't want men at all!

But why did you name him?

“I just said the first thing that came to mind.

“I mean… okay, okay, I get it!” Forget Stephen Amell!

And about everyone else too!

- About everyone?

- Listen! I know that in the past I have repeatedly refused something that I should have tried ...

And not two, not three! How much did I have to persuade you to try hot wax ?!

“You always looked at my erection when you wanted to know if I liked anything you actually do. So: from such conversations, she disappears from me ...

— Dasha. I wa... continue reading

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The whole day I was not left feeling anxious. During classes, I cautiously glanced at Olga, but she did not pay any attention to me. She never humiliated me, didn’t tease me, she didn’t even honor my outcast friends Galina and Masha with her attention. One could rejoice, but the feeling that she was up to something did not leave me. Moreover, the last lesson for today was a visit to the pool.

Every time I went to the locker room door, my knees gave way. In this place, I experienced so many humiliations that the very thought of this dressing room caused a feeling of anxiety in my heart and trembling in my knees.

My friends and I always came to the locker room as late as possible in the hope that Olga had already changed and left. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open. It was almost empty inside, several of our classmates were finishing changing clothes, Olga was not there. We quickly went in and started getting dressed. The last girls gave us contemptuous glances, went out in... continue reading

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Hi, I just wanted to share this story because it was a new experience for me.

For a bit of context, I’m a lesbian and my girlfriend is bisexual. She’s only ever been with 1 man and for the past month or 2 has been telling me how much she misses having a cock in her mouth.

I know she’s loyal and I know she loves me but I really wanted to give her that pleasure. I have 0 interest in men, so it was a difficult decision but we worked it out and decided we would have a threesome with a guy.

It took a little while to find a guy who we were comfortable with but luckily we found one of our friends who we’ve both known for a while and who was one of my girl’s old roommates.

For the sake of simplicity we’ll call my girlfriend Dez and the guy Billy.

Dez and I spent quite a long time looking when Dez suggested with get in touch with Billy. Apparently she’s already seen her naked and she’s already seen him naked so they’re pretty comfortable with each other.

Billy was great, he never push... continue reading

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