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7 months ago inschoolbyAnonymous

First big dick experience

I’m second year university and love using tinder for random hook ups. I invited one first year guy over to drink with me, my housemates and a few of their boyfriends before the clubs. My date got out his wallet to show his fake and one of my girlfriends spotted a magnum gold wrapper in his wallet. All the girls started giggling and their boyfriends teased him, he tried to laugh but looked pretty awkward and embarrassed in front of me. One of my girls eventually jokingly said “show us what you’ve got” or something and he said fuck it started undoing his fly. This guy then proceeds to pull out an absolutely huge soft dick, it looked bigger than any I (and by the looks of everyone’s faces, any one else in the room) had ever seen hard. He giggled it a bit and basically just laughed, it turned me on but I was scared as fuck haha. We ended up staying behind and fucking in the living room while my house was gone. It was insane, he was probably 9 inches long hard - I queefed a ton and felt emb... continue reading

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For the last four years, I taught AP Physics at a high school in a suburban middle-class area. During the first couple years, I doubled as the boys’ junior varsity soccer coach. It was a job that I would have likely retained for a while as the varsity coach was an older gentleman with tenure that wasn’t leaving anytime soon. So, it was a surprise when I was offered the job of the girls’ varsity head coach. Everyone agreed that I had done a good job over at junior varsity and it would better balance out the athletic program staff for me to make the move.

My first year as the girls’ coach, I took a team that had finished the previous year in the middle of their league and, by implementing a no-nonsense strength and conditioning program, was able to improve their position to second while qualifying for state. The season ended up being much more fulfilling than I had initially expected, and I was happy to extend my stay for the next season.

All that was fine and well, but only the s... continue reading

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Been wanting to get this one off my chest for a while.

I want you to imagine your typical cute girl next door. She's 19, red hair, so much potential, just the sweetest girl. But she's got a body that just absolutely won't quit. She's got an incredible rack that's almost always on display, an ass that's impossible to hide, and the most insane case of DSL you've ever seen. A walking dream.

A few steps above imagining, I've lived next to this girl for a while. Knew her parents even longer. I've supported her through all her extracurriculars through school, made her dinner when her folks weren't home, the likes. On the night in question, her folks just didn't happen to be home.

She asked me to keep her company while she did some studying for college and maybe whip up some grub. This was nothing out of the ordinary. I came over at roughly 6:30pm, with her parents slated to be home around 9:30. 3 hours to cook, eat, and maybe help with homework if it's math-related. Easy peasy!

While s... continue reading

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In a room full of scrawny, pimple-faced teenagers, there was one who stood out of the crowd.

Her name was Alyssa and like her classmates, she was just eighteen. Whilst the youth behind her eyes was undeniable, so was the fact that she had been blessed with a body that was all woman.

From her large, motherly breasts to the wide hips that curved into the big butt which sat atop her long, slender legs. Her skin was flawless. Not a freckle or imperfection in sight. It was smooth and tanned. It looked like honey and I longed to drag my tongue across it. Her hair was dirty blonde and wavy. Long enough to spill over her shoulders but not enough to cover her chest.

The craziest part about Alyssa's stunning figure was how quickly it developed out of nowhere.

See, I had been working with her for a couple of years, back when she was just like any other awkward kid. I had developed a track record of helping mischievous and underachieving students pass their classes and get on the right track. ... continue reading

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This happened back in med school when I was working as the Anatomy TA. We were required to have “office hours” every day but we did not have a set office so the library was always a popular spot. Our library was very large with 3 floors that offered a lot of secluded study rooms with windows that could be blurred if needed.

I had never taken any interest in any of the students that I was teaching before this and it was very unexpected. Beth had been coming to office hours once a week for most of the semester. Most of the time we would discuss material but since she had become a regular we had talked about lives at times as we were only a year apart. Beth had a boyfriend from what I could gather did not treat her well and you could tell by the tone of her voice that she knew this.

Two weeks before the end of the semester she arrived for her session but was having a hard time focusing and I could tell something was bothering her. I didn’t want to pry but mentioned that she seemed off... continue reading

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When I was younger, me and my girlfriend went to different highschools. She went close to her house, my school was 2 buses away. We were super cute together and very happy. One of the the only thing we ever fought about was Terri.

Terri was one of my best friends in highschool. We met first day Freshman year really hit it off. To say there was sexual tension was putting it mildly. Terri was short, dirty blonde hair, she would bite her lip when she smiled, and had the most perfect ass I have ever had the pleasure of staring at. We definitely had the hots for each other, we even kissed once to see if there was chemistry... There was, but I didn't want to ruin things with my girlfriend Abby. She never found out about the kiss, but she didn't like that a cute girl was spending time with me without her.

Throughout highschool Terri and I stayed close. We hung out in the halls before the first bell, and after we took the bus home together with a group of other friends. By senior year some ... continue reading

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10 months ago inschoolbyAnonymous

Virgin friend wants to fuck me

I am a university student in Sydney and I live in an on campus shared apartment. Since I moved in I have become really close with lots of the people who live in the area as there are 4 buildings designated to housing students.

One of the girls I met is in the same course as me and we hang out often. She has been very open about the fact that she has anxiety and that it has stopped her from pursuing relationships in the past. A while back, she mentioned that she was mad that she is still a virgin and just wanted to be fucked so that she can just not have it be an issue in her life. Immediately I was interested but didn’t say anything at the time as I think she’s really cool and didn’t want to jeopardise our friendship.

Last night we were hanging out and she brought it up again. The two of us had been drinking a bit and so I kind of just went with the conversation. After she complained for a bit she just blurted out that we could fuck and then he issue would be over. Being drunk, I ag... continue reading

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