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- You're finally home. I missed your holes so much. My favorite slut, show me how you got fucked this time.

I turned my back to Sasha, bent over and showed him my fucked holes. Everything between my legs was wet with cum. He was in no hurry. He wanted to enjoy the view of my open pussy and ass. My husband stuck his fingers in my ass, now the whole hand could easily fit there, but he decided to do it differently.

Sasha ordered me to sit on the sofa and spread my legs wide. He took the largest dildo from our collection of toys and stuck it in my ass, when he pulled it out he ordered me to lick it. He was covered in sperm, and I licked it all off with pleasure.

- What a fucking bitch you are, nine men had you, but you still can’t get enough. Are you ready again?

- Yes, the fucking is not finished until my beloved husband fucks me.

- Tell me how they fucked you.

- When I arrived, everyone was already assembled. Nine men sat drinking whiskey. Yes... That's it, very good...

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After my wife felt another man’s penis in her slit for the first time in her life, she could not find peace. She wanted a repeat. My penis was not as big as Andrey’s and she was getting less and less pleasure with me in bed. Often, after I left for work, she visited dating sites, where men flocked to an offer to fuck like moths to a light. This, of course, pleased her pride, but she was afraid to enter into relationships with various partners, because she had many acquaintances in the city and bad rumors could spread.

Meanwhile, she received less and less satisfaction in bed, and her crevice itched more and more. I noticed the changes that happened to my wife after sex with Andrey, and invited him to visit us on Friday so that together we could fuck my wife to the fullest, in both holes. Her mood was at the highest level, she was already deciding what she would wear for Andrei’s arrival.

I was drawing pictures of what positions we would take her in and how we would fill her vagi... continue reading

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My wife Lenka is a whore... That says it all. We've been married for eight years. Lenka is 30 years old and works as a secretary in a small company that sells plumbing fixtures.

When we first got married, I still knew nothing about my wife’s turbulent past. Then I found out... Not exactly by accident, no! Lenka herself told me during sex who she was with before me!

When we got married, Lenka was 22. So, over the years, this bitch had a hundred men a year, no less. So consider this... For her, fucking an unfamiliar man is as natural as sneezing!

And Lenka realized that I liked her depravity and accessibility. And it is true. Well, I like it when a strange man lies on Lenka and fucks her in my favorite sweet holes! Very often, returning from work, I find my legal wife in bed with some man! “Well, we met on a minibus. He liked me and invited me home!” - a common explanation for the husband in these situations. Sometimes there were two or even three men...

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So famously began the movement of his wife in the direction of free relationships slowed down slightly. Sasha decided to get married, so he was no longer considered as a partner. The dream of double penetration has remained a dream. My wife went to Sergei once more, got what she wanted, and somehow her excitement subsided from these meetings. Although I allowed at any time, any day, but the ardor somehow faded.

I realized that steps must be taken so that the process of initiating the sex-wife does not stop. It was necessary to bring in a fresh stream, so I had to crawl through the sites, look for a new lover for my wife. I set out to have a member of at least 20 centimeters. Finally, I agreed with Grigory, met in a cafe, explained what and how my wife loves, asked me to bring a certificate, since I assumed communication without a condom (well, my wife doesn’t like it with a condom, but I don’t like it myself). A week later, Grigory brought a certificate and declared that he was ready... continue reading

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