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So famously began the movement of his wife in the direction of free relationships slowed down slightly. Sasha decided to get married, so he was no longer considered as a partner. The dream of double penetration has remained a dream. My wife went to Sergei once more, got what she wanted, and somehow her excitement subsided from these meetings. Although I allowed at any time, any day, but the ardor somehow faded.

I realized that steps must be taken so that the process of initiating the sex-wife does not stop. It was necessary to bring in a fresh stream, so I had to crawl through the sites, look for a new lover for my wife. I set out to have a member of at least 20 centimeters. Finally, I agreed with Grigory, met in a cafe, explained what and how my wife loves, asked me to bring a certificate, since I assumed communication without a condom (well, my wife doesn’t like it with a condom, but I don’t like it myself). A week later, Grigory brought a certificate and declared that he was ready... continue reading

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