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age play

I have been flirting back and forward with one of my professors for several weeks now and with the semester ending I really wanted to sleep with him or at least put his cock in my mouth. My signals began to get a little more straightforward and on the weekend of my last week he emailed me asking me out for dinner to which I obviously said yes.

I didn’t want to go too slutty so I just wore a little black dress, heels, and a bright pink little thong to seal the deal. When he picked me up he kissed me and squeezed my ass which began to get me a little hot. We were on top of each other all throughout dinner, playing footsie and teasing his cock under the table. After dinner he told me we were going to one of his friends houses for drinks.

We pull up to the driveway and as I get out, the front door opens and it was another profesor from the university that I go to. Once inside I see a girl sitting on the couch, I recognized her from another one of my classes. She has light brown hair and... continue reading

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