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“Come into the office,” the doctor said.

She was wearing a fairly short white robe. She was a woman of about 35, quite pretty and slender.

- Today I have an intern instead of a nurse, so I will explain everything to her what we will do and she will help me with the examination. So you need a certificate from the dispensary, right?

“Yes,” I answered.

- Any complaints? – she asked, crossing her legs.

- No, I think.

- Okay, we'll check everything.

At that moment, a girl intern came in.

“Take off your T-shirt, let’s start the examination,” the doctor said.

I took off my T-shirt and approached the doctor. The intern girl also came up and sat down next to the doctor. The doctor started listening to my lungs.

“Breathing is smooth, clean, write,” the doctor told the intern, “so turn your back.”

She listened to something from behind.

- Okay, take off your pants.

To be honest, I was not ready to undress like that. I thought the medical examination would be standard a... continue reading

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Just a day. Two people just met in a city without people. In a city that lived only for this. For this meeting of two people, with different characters and complex relationships. That is why the city, for a time, got rid of its people. So that there is no explosion. To make the environment as comfortable as possible for the two of them.

Why are the two looking for this meeting? Each of them has their own motives. In some ways they are similar, in others they are radically different. Different perceptions, but the goal is to give your warmth, affection, tenderness. And it all started out ordinary and banal. Lots of kisses, because these are your favorite lips. Strong hugs, because this is a dear soul.

Only at some point something turned off inside. And the city moved away and did not interfere. He just disappeared. Everything disappeared, sounds, smells, desires. Leaving the essence. Passionate, animalistic, instinctive essence. The barriers were erased, revealing bodies and soul... continue reading

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I came across this ad by accident. I was scrolling through the feed, suffering about life, in general, ordinary boring everyday life. I don’t know what interested me, but I decided to call. A man with a pleasant voice answered the phone. “Yes, we still need a model... we’ll provide the form... tomorrow at 17:30.”

Well, at least something new and unusual.

At 17:25 I was already at the appointed place. I was met and taken to the studio. There were few people, and even those were already leaving. As Sergey explained (that’s how you introduced yourself), the working day is ending, everyone will leave soon. But for some reason it didn’t scare me, but rather amused me. I flirted, joked, laughed and showed in every possible way how much fun I had. You liked it too.

He gave me a uniform and I went to change. Something completely blew my mind and I didn’t wear a bra under my uniform, and what was around my hips could hardly be called panties, they covered almost nothing, and I like it.... continue reading

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Before I met him, I had quite a few sexual partners, but the variety was rather not in the sexual act itself, but in the place where it took place. It was in the attic, in the car, on the hood of a car, on the beach, in a hotel, in a bar, on a pool table, in a bathhouse, etc. However, everything was pretty boring. Petting, however, there was one time when the labia and clitoris grew unrealistically, no worse than from the pump. And ordinary fucking, no matter what positions and places we chose, I didn’t have an orgasm, it was just pleasant and nothing more. One partner even told me that all I needed was a big dick to satisfy me. Well, whoever had a small one tried to shove it in my ass and get more pleasure, but I didn’t get it.

There was a case when two guys fucked me in the mouth and vagina, it was an interesting experience, a stimulating effect, but nothing more. And when I met him, he taught me how to enjoy sex and I began to realize that I knew nothing about it. Obtain inform... continue reading

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Today she decided to be a sassy bitch. Therefore, when an intelligent man of about 50 approached her at the checkout counter in a store, she said to him:

- You pressed yourself so closely to me. It excites me. She looked at him with her wild gaze. Turned away.

And then she left.

I wish I knew what was hidden under his decent appearance. I would never say that. But what the hell isn't it?

The man followed her. Despite his age, he was full of energy and strength. And especially - lust.

How she hooked him! He's not used to bitches talking to him like that.

And she was good. Her mouth was just begging to be penetrated. Plump lips were simply made for sucking. Large soft thighs. And the ass. What an ass she had! Just every man's dream.

She turned into the arch under the new building. How stupid she was to choose this path. Or is this on purpose?

He walked behind and a plan was brewing in him on how to fuck off this impudent bitch. He knew this area well. Once with Vitko they... continue reading

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Yulia spread a blanket in the shade of the trees, about 30 meters from the river. She always preferred to sit out the midday heat in the shade of trees, and go out to sunbathe in the late afternoon. Despite such neatness, her tan was almost bronze.

Julia straightened her swimsuit, and after letting the boys go swimming, she lay down with a book on the blanket. Julia managed to read several pages before she felt that she was not alone. Taking the book away from her face, she looked. Three young men stood right in front of her. The face of one was vaguely familiar - it seems like the day before yesterday he fucked her in a car in the store parking lot. She had also seen the other two in the village before, but she did not personally know either of them.

- Are you sunbathing? – asked the one whose face she was more familiar with.

- Yes, I’m sunbathing, but what? – she answered with some challenge.

“No, nothing,” he was somewhat taken aback, “I just thought, why not spend time more... continue reading

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Katya was in a rather playful mood and I immediately realized that sex was inevitable. She was dressed in a short black dress and simple sandals; walking in heels and tights in such heat would not be entirely correct. For some reason, I was completely sure that she was not wearing panties; it was obvious that Katya was not wearing a bra. She brought wine with her and immediately handed it to me from the doorway. This is not like her, Katya is usually cold towards alcohol, but here she offers to drink a little.

We sat down in a large room, I found a couple of chocolates to go with the wine, I didn’t have any glasses and they were successfully replaced by two tea mugs. It was a little strange for me to look at the tipsy Katya in a beautiful dress; I myself was dressed at home and, believe me, I didn’t look attractive at all, even for her.

When the wine ran out and I got up to take the empty bottle to the trash, Katya stopped me and asked me to leave it and immediately pressed her lip... continue reading

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** how many pairs?

** oh, where did you go?

Messages from Artyom poured in one after another. He, like that girl, constantly wants to communicate and loses his temper when Anya doesn’t answer him. But now she has a good reason - she is taking the exam. The girl repeatedly told her Artem about this, but he, like all men, ignores such information, and now he suffers and constantly looks at the phone screen waiting for a message.

Finally, the phone rang and Anya, in a joyful voice, told her boyfriend that she had passed the exam with a solid A and this should be celebrated. Of course, she reminded the persistent Artem that she warned that she would be busy until lunch.

They agreed to meet at the dean's office and immediately go to celebrate such an event; strength does not come up every day.

The couple dropped into the store, bought wine and fruit and went to her house. Today the last neighbor in the apartment went home for the holidays and the premises are completely at the disp... continue reading

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You're on a crowded bus out of town (for example, a friend called you to the dacha), the ride takes about 40 minutes, you squeeze into the back deck of the bus, and a whole crowd of people comes in behind you, a crush, you stand at the window, looking at the road running away from the bus, day It turned out to be very hot, you were wearing a very short, loose skirt and thin thong panties.

At every stop, a breeze flies into the bus through the open doors, which pleasantly caresses your legs and your butt, which is almost not covered by panties... suddenly you feel that something is resting on your ass, and after a while you already quite clearly understand what is in your ass someone’s very excited penis rests against you, at first you wanted to be indignant, but a little later you realized that it was very pleasant for you to feel someone’s penis with your buttocks, it’s nice to know that they want you, and this elastic mound rubs so pleasantly against your ass, you yourself could no... continue reading

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And again she buried herself in work, forgetting about everything in the world. Suddenly the bell finally rang. She perked up, and for some reason her heart sank to her feet. Yes, it was him. She took the phone and rushed from her place down the corridor.

Everyone in the office immediately knew who was on the line.

She quickly walked down the corridor to gain privacy for conversation. But it was impossible to wait, what if he quits now? And why did that bother her? Here the girls were discussing such intimate things on the phone in full voice, right in the hallway and even in the office, why should she be embarrassed? Still, she picked up the phone and said quietly:

- Hello.

- Why aren’t you picking up the phone?! — an angry voice was heard at the other end.

“I worked,” she justified herself.

- You must pick up the phone immediately when I call, understand? Otherwise it will be bad for you! Do you understand?

“I see,” she answered, frightened.

- This will happen again, ... continue reading

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In this story I want to share my thoughts about what types of girls I really like, today I wrote only about one type of girl - the “Flower” type, but soon I will write more.

The “Flower” type is, first of all, sexy and slender, cute and thin, girls without bright shapes and appetizing busts, thin and fragile stems, fragrant meadow flowers...

I am very attracted to these types of girls; they, just like other girls, arouse in me attraction and sexual desires towards themselves. But in this case, the main distinguishing feature of my emotions and desires in relation to them is not just sex, but rather a comprehensive, long foreplay before the main action of completing the satisfaction of the flesh and receiving pleasure.

The initial foreplay with long and tender kisses, hugs and gentle caresses lasts exactly until the girl tells me with her body, eyes or her sweet lips that she is ready to give me the keys to entering her world of love and tenderness. After inserting my key, I begin... continue reading

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Have you ever heard of a place called New Orleans? It's a magical city where the fun never seems to stop, and for jazz lovers it's a paradise.

Emily, who had recently moved here from the big city, enjoyed the atmosphere of Orleans. After ten years in a noisy, gloomy, even sometimes evil New York, here Em (as her friends called her) found peace. Today was a warm day and the only thing to do was meet the movers and finally furnish my apartment with furniture.

The decision to move was sudden, but the location was not accidental. She traveled to this city a couple of times for work and it simply captivated her.

Many will say that Emily was running away from problems, but this is not so; before leaving, she completed all the important things and turned the page of this life.

On the day of her arrival in New Orleans, Em's friends threw a party and a new life began with the sounds of jazz and an ocean of positivity.

Two months have already passed since the move. During this time, Em... continue reading

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The darkness thickened around, and the car, as if pushing away the darkness, pushed forward towards the huge starry sky, which seemed to recede further and further. I shuddered behind the wheel. Never before has the road from the city to my village been so dark and long. Maybe because there is no moon. New moon? I don't know, I don't keep track of lunar phases. Suddenly, I don’t even remember at what moment, the area around me became terribly unfamiliar.

Now the car should be surrounded by gardens and fields, but now, all around, as far as the eye could see, the steppe, as flat as a table, spread out. I even slowed down. I drove slowly for about a kilometer, peering into the distance beyond the spot of light left by the car's headlights. The road suddenly became strangely smooth: no holes, no potholes... markings appeared, something we never had before!

I admit, the appearance of the dividing strip: continuous and smooth as an arrow shocked me. I squeezed the clutch and pressed the... continue reading

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He. She. Theater. Jazz is playing. That evening they decided to go out into the city to have a cultural time. There was a young man on stage playing the saxophone. Looking for a place to sit, she saw an empty balcony upstairs. And now they are already climbing there. But it happens very slowly, they stop at every step, turn around, play... They simply enjoy the moment. It was quite dark on the balcony, with only the light from the stage illuminating the area where they decided to sit. She was passionate about music, and he was passionate about her.

He looked without taking his eyes off, as if he was seeing her for the first time in his life. Not far from where they were sitting there was an old door that apparently had not been used for a long time. Enjoying the wonderful music and the charm of sitting next to each other, he was no longer able to control himself. His hands began to quietly stroke her beautiful body, starting from her hands and ending with her waist. That evening she ... continue reading

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She appeared above the water in a sparkling golden halo, twisting her wet hair into a short spiral. She moved quickly to the edge of the pool, squinted in the sun and shone. A gentle tan spread over her body, wrapping it in something resembling a bathing suit transparent, like thin slime. The woman shook her head and stepped onto the ledge, gracefully lifting her sculpted leg. Olga swallowed and got up from her chair. She continued to watch the beautiful bather from under the orange mesh canopy, but still shivering from the heat. Elsa - that was the name of the woman - winked at her, passing by: a barely perceptible wave of fresh moisture reached Olga, trailing behind her like a train.

The girl replied with a faint smile. The feeling of coolness was so fleeting that it was only annoying, so she dumped a glass of cold water on her head and shrugged her slightly plump toasty shoulders. Then she put on her slippers and trotted along the circular path, from which Eliza's wet footprints h... continue reading

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Today is Friday - do you know what I mean? We'll have dinner tonight.

Of course, we have to do this on other days as well, but Friday is a special night. I don’t remember when or how it started, but just thinking about tonight with you makes my back arch, and I try to snuggle tightly against the chair at my desk so that my panties squeeze me as tightly as possible down there. I arch my lower back and press my pubis against the edge of the chair. No one will suspect anything: everyone is buried in the screens, absorbed in their numbers, and it will never even occur to anyone that a woman is sitting in front of them, rubbing her pubis against a chair, imperceptibly squeezing her breasts, and if possible, pinching, hiding behind the monitor, papillae .. Or maybe my fools see everything, but out of delicacy they pretend to be completely ignorant? Once one of them admitted that during her husband's business trip, which seems to last six months, she masturbated several times in the evening... continue reading

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I like the little things, for example, after the club we go up the stairs with a girl. And walking after her, looking at her gorgeous ass and how drunk she is, rises a little hesitantly, you understand that soon there will be just drop dead sex.

She opens the door of the hotel room and gracefully enters the room, how beautiful she is! The room is hot and she begins to carefully undress, and in the meantime I take off my T-shirt and go to the bathroom, although it was, of course, hard to tear myself away from this exciting sight. But there I don’t waste time in vain, no, I don’t take a shower, I wash my penis and wipe it with a sanitary napkin - because I know that the girl is drunk, ready for a lot, and even more so, I know what I myself want. And I want a lot!

I slowly enter the room and see what every real man wants to see - the girl is almost completely undressed, except for her panties. She is just great! From this sight I am insanely excited, my penis is poured with strength a... continue reading

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A few hours later, my second "I" thrashed in a slight chill of a hangover dizziness, but did not show it. It always behaved calmly and slightly sarcastically. And this time, his mumbling about "he's never had such a 'thoughtful' gangster in his life" didn't piss me off too much. Yes, and it would be ridiculous to argue and disagree if all our sexual fun had a clear and strict direction under the control of the first "I" who fell into a sexually creative trance.

In full accordance with the scenario, my most important, largest and slowest gear had the worst of all: it had the main blow. Its cogs, creaking plaintively, jumped out of engagement with the neighboring more efficient and nimble gear, and the unfortunate part of my chronometric organism flew into the beyond, dragging gnashing springs, bushings and pendulums behind it. The other parts of me that survived so far froze in a tetanus of horror, realizing only too well that they had very little left to enjoy the triumphant reality.... continue reading

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You come into my office. I'm alone. I take my eyes off the computer, look at you absently, nod my head slightly in greeting, and get back to work. You come to me

- Can I help you?

Thanks, I can handle myself.

You look at the monitor and put your hand on the back of my chair.

Suddenly you realize that you catch my scent. He is pleasant and familiar to you. It is the almost impalpable scent of a woman. The blood immediately rushes to your face, and you blush, embarrassed. I see your embarrassment, it pleases me.

You are looking down on me. A lace bra shows through my blouse, and the open collar reveals such an alluring hollow of my chest. The hem of the skirt reveals my stockinged knees. Mmmm... Excitement runs through you in a wave and sinks in a warm, pulsing lump down your stomach.

I lean back and touch my fingers with my back. The current runs through your body and mine. You move towards me and touch the member of my shoulder, which is bulging under the trousers. Oh what ... continue reading

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She woke up alone in the forest. There was an unusual silence around and it was warm. Alice lay on the soft grass and looked up at the strange purple sky, covered with white feathers of clouds. She knew for sure that the sky shouldn't be like this, but she couldn't remember why. It was also strange that she was not dressed.

"That's right, everyone has to wear clothes... everyone... who's everyone?" - painfully flashed through my head. Alice sat down on a hillock and began to look around.

She was in a clearing, surrounded by a wall of strange, unfamiliar trees.

Gradually, the memory cleared up, and the most important thing that she realized was that the state of affairs was extremely abnormal. Alice lived in the city, there were a lot of people, she worked in a hotel, a maid... Yes, that's it - it happened while cleaning one of the rooms. Suddenly, the memory abruptly returned everything to its place, but it did not make it any easier. On the contrary, in the light of the epiphany... continue reading

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