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You come into my office. I'm alone. I take my eyes off the computer, look at you absently, nod my head slightly in greeting, and get back to work. You come to me

- Can I help you?

Thanks, I can handle myself.

You look at the monitor and put your hand on the back of my chair.

Suddenly you realize that you catch my scent. He is pleasant and familiar to you. It is the almost impalpable scent of a woman. The blood immediately rushes to your face, and you blush, embarrassed. I see your embarrassment, it pleases me.

You are looking down on me. A lace bra shows through my blouse, and the open collar reveals such an alluring hollow of my chest. The hem of the skirt reveals my stockinged knees. Mmmm... Excitement runs through you in a wave and sinks in a warm, pulsing lump down your stomach.

I lean back and touch my fingers with my back. The current runs through your body and mine. You move towards me and touch the member of my shoulder, which is bulging under the trousers. Oh what ... continue reading

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