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My friend & I were exchanging sex stories as we’re very open with each other, we got onto the topic of kinks and fantasies, I told him about my rape fantasy of coming home and being groped, tied up and fucked by a stranger. I was fairly embarrassed to admit this to him but I’ve always enjoyed rough sex and being restrained. We’ve never had sex before but I have given him a blowjob once when we were both drunk.

Fast forward a couple days, we’re watching TV and I get up to have a shower before bed, I come out of the bathroom and the TV is off and all the lights were out. I was super confused, I walk into my bedroom and before I turn on my light, I’m grabbed tightly around my throat and my hair is pulled backyards. I was literally in shock, I knew it was him but it completely caught me off guard. He pushed me up against the wall and pulls my towel up exposing my ass and begins to spank me, it hurt but I was enjoying it. He continue for a couple minutes, my ass was going numb I could... continue reading

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I met this guy on tinder recently and we’ve had a lot of sexual tension, flirting through talking about sex and things like that. We met up last night and went for a drive. He took me out to this lookout/park by the ocean, super secluded but also very pretty.

I was wearing a short skirt without underwear and told him so as we were walking though the park, and the lust that came over his face as he looked at me and down to my bare legs was enough to make my pussy ache. We kept walking for a while until I noticed he was a little quiet and I asked what was up. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about my pussy, and proceeded to kiss me, grab me, and pull me down to a soft, overgrown bed of grass.

From there it’s all a bit of a blur. He fingered me so hard I almost came and then began to eat me out — which felt so overwhelmingly good that the tears started.

I was still crying as he pulled out his cock and started to face fuck me. Hard. I tapped out shortly after, at whic... continue reading

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