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"I'm not evil. I'm not hurting you. I'm just very strict and fair... You like it, don't you?... Are you afraid??... That's right, be afraid!..."

This week seemed like an eternity. He is busy all the time. A lot of work. I was beginning to think that I would never see him again. I didn’t want anything, just to meet Him sooner. Every day I lived in a fog, hypnotizing the phone, waiting for a call. I began to slowly hate myself for being so attached to Him.

I haven't wanted to see anyone so much in a long time, I haven't missed anyone so much in a long time. Probably because He has not had time to offend me yet.

I covered myself with a warm blanket and curled up under it. The phone was always there. I slowly began to fall asleep with thoughts that today, probably, I won’t see Him, when suddenly the bell rang. It was he.

- Hello Princess! Are you home? I have some time, can I pick you up, can we sit somewhere in a cafe?

- Hi, of course! I'm already going!

The will to live again... continue reading

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For the first time in history, the Rolling Stones were visiting town, and Jack Holland prepared to use the supergroup's visit to his advantage.

He stood in front of the mirror, turning his head from side to side, throwing up his chin, trying to smile with all thirty-two teeth. Like Mick Jagger, Jack was tall, thin, sunken eyes, square jaw, protruding Adam's apple, plump lips. However, he was younger, in his early thirties, and favored short hair. However, the resemblance was still striking.

In fact, all his life, friends and even strangers were surprised that Jack looked exactly like the most famous of the Stones, but this did not bring him any dividends. Unless he acted as a double of Jagger at parties and amateur concerts. But the day came when Mick and Jack were in the same city at the same time, and Jack decided that there would be no better opportunity to snatch a piece of the glory of his famous double.

He wore a shirt a couple of sizes too big and wide pants, and a wig all... continue reading

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You said that sometimes you want to kill me...

Well, this is also a way to take revenge on me, because you want revenge, you want it like me ...

Or maybe you want to kill me not for the sake of revenge, but so that that insane desire to take possession of me, to make me your obedient slave disappears ... I don’t know ... But if you want to take revenge, then I will tell you another way, safer, and having much better prospects for you...

In the previous story, I even gave you an idea on how to do it, but you were so excited that you didn’t notice it ... But everything is very simple, tie me up, caress me and kiss me in dozens of ways in dozens of places ... And then saddle me me like a stallion, so that I feel what kind of heat burns inside you, and so that half of this fire is transferred to me ... And start moving, rise and fall, feeling my excited flesh tremble and tremble inside you ... Move faster and faster, until my body begins to move to the beat of itself, and we merge in... continue reading

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Good morning honey, how did you sleep? You snuggled up all night like that, moaned and even screamed once in the middle of the night ... What did you dream about, dear? I gently run my hand through the velvety hair that has strayed during the night, I press you all tightly and gently to me, feeling your whole body trembling nervously, and heavy drops of sweat appeared on my forehead ... and barely audible in my ear: Zaya, tell me what you dreamed you?

I know that sex... You finished in your sleep... With whom? And to be honest? I'm without complexes, you know... Was he handsome? And how did he seduce you? Did you fight back? And he? He was so strong, handsome, impudent, cruel ... I put my hand on the mound of hair in the lower abdomen and begin to lightly stroke, fingering the curls of the hairs with my fingertips.

He ripped the dress in one fell swoop and you covered your chest with your hands? Then he slapped his cheeks painfully and strongly ... he called dirty names and hit aga... continue reading

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- I've got a surprise for you! - Effectively after a pause, mysteriously said Vadka.

- Well! Well! I wonder what surprise you have prepared for us? Roman asked with interest.

- Shot for all of you girls!

He glanced at his wrist watch.

- They'll be here any minute.

Just at this time, the doorbell rang.

- And here are the girls!

Andrei was frankly bored. Sitting in an armchair, he lazily sipped cognac from a glass and yawned. He didn’t want to spoil Vadka’s mood, no matter how, it’s his birthday, but he was terribly tired of the drunken chatter of his friends “for life”, so keeping silent, secluded in a corner, he silently sat, sipping cognac.

He was not even pleased with the forthcoming communication with night butterflies. Frankly, he was afraid to get involved with them, so as not to pick up syphilis, or an even worse infection, for example, AIDS.

Hearing the sonorous voices and cheerful laughter of the girls, he did not even look in their direction.

- Are you bore... continue reading

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She met him in a bar, where she went because she had nothing to do, she was sad and had nowhere to go from the thoughts that haunted her. It was a muscular handsome man, thoroughbred, like a stallion. His raven-black hair fell in waves over his shoulders. The jaws quivered under the stubble of unshaven cheeks. The white T-shirt only emphasized the tan and beautiful body to the best of pumped up muscles. Blue jeans were tight around the narrow buttocks, emphasizing everything that their owner wanted to highlight. He sat at the bar and occasionally with a bored look, cast a glance at the strip show dancers. Kate sat down beside him and lightly touched the stranger's beautiful, as if chiseled hand. He reluctantly turned his head and cut blue blades of cold eyes, jerked his hand away, showing that he was not interested in her person. This offended the girl, and she accepted the challenge. Defiantly, she turned away from the icy handsome man and started a heart-to-heart conversation with a ... continue reading

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Some obsession came over me. Some unknown force seized me, my eyes filled with lead, and I fell asleep. I sleep. And I see a dream...

Smiling joyfully, you stepped out of the water and dried yourself dry with a thick terry towel. Before you had time to sit on the grass next to me, when suddenly next to you in some incomprehensible way were two strong, slender, completely naked young Negroes. Bewilderment, fear and a strong desire seized you. One of them walked up to you, grabbed your silky soft hair tightly with a muscular hand, and pulled your head down. You could not keep your feet, and knelt down in front of him. A large, black and thick member began to raise his head. The Negro, continuing to hold your hair tightly, took the cock at the base with his other hand and slowly brought it to your lips.

Your fear and desire simultaneously became huge, your eyes closed, and your tongue began to feel and lick a large dark head. One of your hands began to caress his balls, covered with s... continue reading

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Stanislav Sergeevich watched the entrance to the office from the window of his office. He often did this in order to scold the guards who lazily strolled at the entrance and flirted with passing employees. A similar picture was happening now: the security guard enthusiastically glued the girl waiting at the entrance, not an employee. The silhouette of the stranger was exciting: a straight back, a thin waist, tied with a cloak belt, slender legs in boots, blond straight hair. S.S.'s face was not visible. An obtuse elderly manager came out of the door. pharmacy point, who does not know how to keep financial records, was reprimanded and heavily fined for this by order of S.S.

A minute ago, he personally asked for an appointment with the owner of a pharmaceutical company, asked him for something, but the busy S.S., having listened to him half-heartedly, did not cancel his order for a fine. The girl rushed to the old man: a serious, smart, worried, beautiful face. She hugged the man and h... continue reading

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You found me on the Internet.

We talked about the books of Milan Kundera and Henry Miller, the philosophies of Michel Foucault and Erich Fromm, films about war and the desire to love people in spite of any grief.

We met and our eyes said to each other what the lips did not dare to say. Without words, I agreed to give myself to you, to fall into your confident hands. You never once hinted at what exactly you would do with me when the bedroom doors closed behind us, but I knew that this would be an unusual sm - session.

With a familiar gesture, I extended my hands to you and you snapped the handcuffs on my wrists. At first, the unpleasant cold of the metal was quickly replaced by an unexpected feeling of freedom: from that moment on, I ceased to belong to myself, you took me the way you wanted and I wanted only one thing - to dissolve in you, to be one with you, to get out of the shackles of imposed ideas, and I experienced this I was able to get off the ground and fly. You hit me ... continue reading

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Among my clients there was one point in Ochakovo. Once I stop by, and the saleswoman Lyubka, a broken woman of about thirty-five, is playfully disposed. The owner of the outlet, a heavyset man, said as he left:

- Be careful, I'll hold it.

“But I don’t mind,” Liubka answered.

After these words, I looked at her. Although, at that time, I was just in the midst of a relationship with Ksenia and I didn’t attach too much importance to Lyubkin’s statements. Although, she was pretty enough. Slim, short. A brown-haired woman with a pleasant face. I was making eyes and her partner Nina.

- If I were younger, we would have stirred up with you, - she said.

But Nina was painfully unattractive. But Lyubka is like that, nothing. And also builds eyes. The first time I squeezed her a day after Ksyukhin's departure.

“What, people will see,” she stammered.

So she teased me for two weeks. I come, she makes eyes, flirts. Like I'm young, hot. And when it comes down to it, everything is clamped.... continue reading

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Oh Natalie! The young flagellant led me to you. I adored her touching, naive, trusting ass. Many ladies love spanking, but this one was especially voluptuous. She drove me crazy with her helplessness. Her passion was discovered by accident.

The girl became capricious: she wanted to go for a walk and did not let me work. Be smart, I kept saying, not looking up from the computer, go alone. I don’t want to be smart, the little girl was mischievous, I’m tired of being smart! And she pressed any letters on the cybord. Don't mess around, I said patiently, with all the severity I could muster. And what will happen? she asked, continuing to play pranks.

I will punish him, I said, although I could not even imagine that in a minute I would indeed be able to confirm the threat. Tiny was quite sure that this would not happen. You? me? she laughed carelessly. Never punish! And pressing DELETE erased a large piece of text. Nothing terrible happened, the text remained in the buffer, but I was rea... continue reading

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Once something happened to me, which I will tell you now ...

The best friends of my parents somehow dragged them to the country, out of town. I overslept until noon as usual and missed everything. I got up at about three in the afternoon, because I was only wearing pajama shorts, I was topless ... Well, here I am, calmly drinking kefir, as I hear that someone is entering the kitchen, I turned and saw in front of me is Anton, he is the son of friends of my ancestors ... He is short, brunette with black-black eyes and an athletic build. When I saw him, I was just confused. I didn’t come up with anything smarter than hiding behind a bag of yogurt. So they stood like two fools and looked at each other. He was the first to ask:

"And get up a little early, isn't it?"

To which I heard the answer:

"What the hell are you doing here anyway?"

"Actually, our parents left for a long time, and they left me to you. So that I control you, so now you are at my complete disposal ..."

F... continue reading

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The evening didn't work out. It was not possible to stay together, we had to peel potatoes and fish out salted tomatoes from a jar. After dinner they drank tea. He watched her squint in pleasure as she swallowed the whipped cream and thought about how greedily that sweet mouth had swallowed his cum the night before. She enjoyed this activity immensely. She pinched the cock with her lips and, smacking her lips, slid down the trunk. Sometimes she squeezed the ring tighter and, pressing the penis to the sky with her tongue, attacked the head, so that it was almost impossible to resist. She treated sperm like sweet, smearing it over her body, burning cheeks and licking it off her tender fingers.

Turned on the TV. She lay down between his legs, tickling his belly with fluffy hair. I immediately felt drawn to watching football or annoying myself with boring talk shows in order to suppress the growing desire. She capriciously jabbed her finger at the program and moved her nose in his groin.... continue reading

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Lena looked forward to the day of her interview with her new employer with trembling excitement. She has been looking for a job for a long time, but all to no avail. And now she was offered the vacancy of a secretary and with such tempting conditions that she began to prepare for the meeting from the very morning. She took a bath, blow-dryed her long blond locks, and ironed her suit.

Lena had good taste and liked to dress well. She wore high-quality underwear, belts and stockings that other women do not like so much. Her wardrobe included elegant evening dresses and light summer sundresses. But that day, she wanted to look elegant and business-like, so she decided that a blouse and a formal suit would come in handy. She dressed her slender legs in stockings with elastic bands.

She was told that he would have arrived by 20:00 pm and given the address of the firm's office. She found the address without any problems and at the appointed time she was already standing at the door. Sighi... continue reading

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Orgasm control. Teaching the submissive to cum on command.

First of all, let's define what we are talking about. Orgasm control consists of two basic elements. The first is teaching the submissive to delay orgasm until it is resolved by the Dominant. The second, much more sophisticated technique is to train the submissive to experience orgasm on command, usually verbalized, without the physical stimulation normally required for sexual release.

Why is such training necessary?

In a word: for control. The relationship between the Dominant and the submissive is based on the transfer of power, and the submissive has few things as intimate to give to the Dominant as his own orgasm. If the submissive can orgasm, takes control of himself, and manages this aspect of his life intelligently, giving the dominant the right to orgasm can bring a depth to the relationship that is hard to imagine.

By transferring control, the submissive is convinced on a sensual level of how much his body belo... continue reading

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Katya is a miniature blonde of 36 years old, practically with a girlish body, a high-ranking leader, married, a resident of a large city, strict with her subordinates, the burden of responsibility presses both at work and in the family.

Unknown - a guy of average height, fit build, owner of a small car service, 37 years old, calm character, married, loves power over women, a resident of the same city.

Katya stood in the middle of the park, admiring the lush greenery and awakening nature, waiting for the unknown person whom she agreed to meet on the site after a short correspondence.

- Greetings, object Katya No. 9995;

A slap on the ass, covered in a white dress, turned out to be unexpectedly ringing and attracted the attention of passers-by. She gasped in surprise and turned around. Next to the contented smirk was a Russian smart guy, barely as tall as her (after all, she was wearing her favorite shoes with 10 cm heels).

- Let's go - the guy said and confidently... continue reading

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I was told this story of hers (once, under a very good drunk) by my very good friend, with whom at the time of work at the company we had some pleasant confidential (but not long-term close ones, unfortunately - three times with camouflage after a working day on the occasion of some - some holidays on a little drunk do not count, of course, but both caught euphoria) relationship at one time and with whom we worked in one good foreign company.

Elvira worked as the chief economist, practically, which meant financial director, I am the only lawyer in the company. Elya, who was 36 years old then, and I am 30, I must say, in our company, was probably the most proud and not giving married young woman with two offspring, although other women of all ages unceremoniously got rid of completely in our sabantuis, pushing them apart without any problems legs and getting all the pleasures from male members, even dancing naked on banquet tables, moving food along the edge. Everyone fucked each othe... continue reading

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Natasha arrived only in the evening to inspect the progress of repairs in the apartment. A team of Moldovan builders was already resting, sitting at the table and making fried potatoes with cracklings right from the frying pan. There were tomatoes and cucumbers in a bowl on the table, a pile of salt was sprinkled on a piece of newsprint, an open pack of margarine lay next to it, and there was an open half-liter bottle, already half empty.

The team is three men. For the brigadier, wiry, about fifty, Nikolai, he is Nikolai. The man is gloomy and looks dangerous. The other two, rosy-cheeked, thick, with a belly, Misha, and the joker Sasha, aka Sando, both 30 years old.

Natasha looked around the rooms. The repair was, of course, a C grade - so believe the recommendations of your friends - but if you close your eyes, tolerable. Nikolai followed her around the large apartment in silence, like a shadow. He was sullenly silent in response to the remarks, only twisting his mouth. We got to ... continue reading

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I finally finished setting up the cameras and quietly made my way to the door. God forbid the neighbors hear.

After checking that the door was closed and pulling out the master key, I quietly went downstairs and left the house. Glancing at his watch he ran to the car. She should be back any minute.

Already jumping into the salon, I saw the headlights from the Audi entering the yard. At first, a long thin leg appeared from a parked car, and then the beauty herself got out. Katerina. The girl I caught a glimpse of in the store when she was trying on a new skirt. Damn those legs!

The girl passed by, not paying attention to the old Opel in which I was sitting. As soon as she disappeared into the entrance, I turned on the computer and connected to the cameras.

Here she goes up to her floor, unlocks the door ... I switched to the camera in the apartment - the door slammed shut and as soon as the girl turned on the light, she immediately froze, and I grinned smugly. Fear was clearly v... continue reading

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For some reason, it became terribly funny when, in a large woman who got out of a car I did not know, I recognized my mother's girlfriend - Tamara Lvovna, a neighbor on the porch from the fifth floor.

- Has the beauty come to get laid? – sarcastically flashed through my head. - What about the husband? Doesn't satisfy? Decided to scratch your manda about a stump in nature?

I heard in the morning at the entrance, how I hung noodles on my husband’s ears, that you were going to a lonely girlfriend who had a bad cold and could even stay until the morning, depending on her condition.

- A decent woman came out on the panel? He smiled wickedly and looked hopefully at the camera. - How lucky I decided to go for mushrooms and take pictures of birds in the forest! And you can only dream of pictures of such a swallow with a “lonely girlfriend” in nature!

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Aunt Tamara, Uncle Vitin's wife, got out of a car parked in a small cl... continue reading

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