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“Come into the office,” the doctor said.

She was wearing a fairly short white robe. She was a woman of about 35, quite pretty and slender.

- Today I have an intern instead of a nurse, so I will explain everything to her what we will do and she will help me with the examination. So you need a certificate from the dispensary, right?

“Yes,” I answered.

- Any complaints? – she asked, crossing her legs.

- No, I think.

- Okay, we'll check everything.

At that moment, a girl intern came in.

“Take off your T-shirt, let’s start the examination,” the doctor said.

I took off my T-shirt and approached the doctor. The intern girl also came up and sat down next to the doctor. The doctor started listening to my lungs.

“Breathing is smooth, clean, write,” the doctor told the intern, “so turn your back.”

She listened to something from behind.

- Okay, take off your pants.

To be honest, I was not ready to undress like that. I thought the medical examination would be standard a... continue reading

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Vadim put the coffee cup on the table and looked at the watch on his hand. There were still thirty or forty minutes left before the trip to the airport, and he was going to spend this time with his phone, searching for an interesting or at least decent brothel in Madrid, very preferably with a BDSM bias.

However, the phone rang even before Vadim lazily reached out to it with his hand. The face of Alexei, Vadina’s oldest, most bosom friend, was displayed on the screen. He was waiting for this call.

- What people remembered us! “Hello, Alex,” Vadim said into the phone, involuntarily smiling.

- And we haven’t forgotten about you, dear friend! - He responded willingly and laughed into the phone. - Well, brother, happy birthday to you!

“Thank you, thank you, Lesh,” he answered his friend.

- Even though I’m far away, I can’t personally pull your ears, you know... But! I took care of the gift. Believe me, Vadyukh, you will now die of joy and surprise!

“Yes, I would like to live... continue reading

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When a person has money, he can do a lot. When a person has a lot of money, he can do almost anything.

It was in the second category that my new customer belonged: he was a man with a huge amount of money who decided to fulfill the dream of his youth and organize a musical group that would arrange and perform the songs that he composed. He was from my hometown. I don’t know what exactly he did for a living. Yes, I'm not interested.

At that time, I had already been living in Germany for a year, working as a sound engineer at concerts and in the recording studio of a local production center.

Gennadich has been writing songs since the 70s: his student youth. And this time it was planned to perform on one of the Greek islands, where Gennadich’s friend had his own hotel complex.

On Friday morning, the concert director of the Gennadich group called me and offered to work with them for a concert in a month. I flew to Russia for a couple of rehearsals. After spending a week in my ho... continue reading

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It was dark outside. It’s as if more lights were turned off on purpose. I was detained at work.

My name is Alena, I'm 21 years old. I work as a customer service manager. The work is not particularly interesting, but what to do.

I `m A virgin. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have a relationship with anyone. But I secretly dreamed about them.

I just recently moved and I don’t know almost any of my neighbors yet.

I enter an entrance with poor lighting. I go up the stairs. 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor... Someone roughly grabs me by the throat and drags me to his apartment. I remember the light from it in the darkness of the driveway.

- Well, what about the virgin? Will you be my bitch?!

He doesn’t let me escape and drags me into the bath. Holding his hair with one hand, he quickly takes off his pants with the other. For a few seconds it seemed to me that he was naked. I saw his huge erect penis right next to my mouth.

- Suck it, scum. This is still the beginning.

I wan... continue reading

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The story of the first swing happened to us about 15 years ago. We are a pair of lovers - Olya is a miniature girl with a size three, I am Sergei, a tall guy at that time 30 years old, Olya is 25.

I had fantasies about swinging; I always really wanted to seduce some of Olya’s girlfriends. But no, Olya loves sex, it flows quickly and cums very brightly, but she always answered I don’t know about swing meetings.

On my next business trip I came across an advertisement for swing, the Internet was difficult at the time. I called Nata and Sergey, who were a little older and had experience in meetings, and agreed to meet in a cafe.

Having arrived, the first thing I did was drag Olya to the sauna, presented her with transparent underwear from a sex shop, having had a good fuck, said that I had a surprise and offered to go to a cafe, in new underwear, Olya began to guess what kind of surprise we were talking about.

The meeting in the cafe did not last long, I suggested moving to the ... continue reading

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One day my husband and I had a very big fight and decided to take a break from each other. My husband and I have been arguing for three weeks and during this time I have not had sex. We agreed that I would go on one cruise, he on another. I decided to go to France because I knew French and had long wanted to visit Paris.

It was very hot outside and I thought that it would be very stuffy for me at the airport, so I decided to dress without underwear. I dressed lightly, wearing a slightly transparent velvet dress underneath. After I went outside in only a short dress and without underwear, I felt relieved.

A light breeze caressed my body from bottom to top. I called a taxi and went to the airport. On the way, I thought about it and forgot about everything, even about the fact that I was without underwear and about the fact that I sat with my legs spread for 5 minutes. The taxi driver saw everything and looked at me with a lustful face, I almost burned with shame, but on the other han... continue reading

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Today she decided to be a sassy bitch. Therefore, when an intelligent man of about 50 approached her at the checkout counter in a store, she said to him:

- You pressed yourself so closely to me. It excites me. She looked at him with her wild gaze. Turned away.

And then she left.

I wish I knew what was hidden under his decent appearance. I would never say that. But what the hell isn't it?

The man followed her. Despite his age, he was full of energy and strength. And especially - lust.

How she hooked him! He's not used to bitches talking to him like that.

And she was good. Her mouth was just begging to be penetrated. Plump lips were simply made for sucking. Large soft thighs. And the ass. What an ass she had! Just every man's dream.

She turned into the arch under the new building. How stupid she was to choose this path. Or is this on purpose?

He walked behind and a plan was brewing in him on how to fuck off this impudent bitch. He knew this area well. Once with Vitko they... continue reading

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I am a pretty, slender girl of 18 years old, with a gorgeous ass and medium beautiful breasts. In those student years, when you still really believed that friendship between a man and a woman exists without sex, I went to visit my good friend Seryozha to drink a bottle of wine and watch a movie, as usual.

But on this day a surprise awaited me, Sergei was not alone, but with his friend Roma, I also knew him, but I had never communicated with him. The guys, as it turned out, were already quite drunk and were happy about my arrival. I sat down next to them, poured myself a glass of wine and we started chatting about this and that. And by my third glass we started talking about sex, or rather who likes it how. Roma was the first to start telling, he said that he had been in love for a long time, that he liked the very process of this pounding and wet bodies. And by the way, he was a tall, muscular, handsome guy, just like Seryozha, they both had just returned from the army two months ago... continue reading

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I had a small fragment in my life. I met the Mistress on the Internet and went to meet her. Yes, she didn’t ask for money for the meeting. I took with me some champagne, a bottle of vodka and a couple of canned beers. I came to her and after a short conversation it turned out that in fact she had two profiles, one as a mistress, and the other as a slave. Moreover, she liked the role of a slave, and she wanted to try to be a Mistress. One way or another, I am a slave and feel like one, so I didn’t change anything and gave myself into her hands.

I went to the bathroom to rinse my rectum, I usually do this with a shower hose, by the way, this hose goes into my hole 20 centimeters, maybe more. First, I washed myself on the toilet (combined) so as not to clog the grate in the bathtub with pieces of shit and then push it all through with my fingers. Afterwards, when all the large pieces fell out of me, they fell out, because at that moment I was actively stretching my hole, I moved into th... continue reading

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Viktor Petrovich returned home a little faster than usual; he was released from work due to the lack of electricity at the plant. He worked as a machine operator at a sewing factory, a boring, daily job, without any career prospects. And in his personal life there is no beauty, a gray little wife, snotty offspring, even on vacation and he is busy digging potatoes instead of resorts.

But this year, my job didn’t allow me to take leave, so I had to work hard, and sent my wife to the village to live with her parents. After changing clothes and taking a shower, Viktor Petrovich went to the kitchen to prepare himself something to eat, when suddenly the doorbell rang. Surprised, Viktor Petrovich opened the door, looking with interest at who might come to him, because he doesn’t even really have friends, much less girlfriends. In front of the door stood a neighbor from the third floor, not a young, but very attractive woman, with a rather beautiful figure, for her age, and her appearance ca... continue reading

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He loved her tenderly, caressing her so that it didn’t hurt. She reciprocated his feelings: she moaned when he kissed her breasts, arched her back when he stroked her tummy, and desperately pretended to cum at the same time as him. But as soon as the night began, she went to someone else, to someone who loved her greedily and cruelly...

What a bitch she is - I thought, lighting a cigarette - strange for a girl with such eyes, damn, I really want to believe that she is white and fluffy... or I just want to think so... well... she will never be mine. What did she say? Mmmm... sex without consequences. After it there is only one consequence - insanity.

The filter of the cigarette burns his fingers, he shakes his head and looks towards the bed.

Here she is. Beautiful, desired and mine... today.

He approaches the bed, she rises to kiss his stomach, but he takes her by the neck and squeezes. She doesn't moan or wheeze... she looks into his eyes.

Cruel, evil, beautiful BITCH - I say... continue reading

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Friday. On the way home from the supermarket, as usual, I stopped by my old friend Sylvia. Sylvia, a bright brunette, with curvy figures and a rather narrow waist, is a gynecologist, 36 years old woman. The white robe hugged her huge full breasts, the nipples of which stuck out under the fabric. Sylvia rarely wore bras and once admitted to me that she enjoyed having her nipples rub against the rough fabric of her robe. We had been chatting for half an hour, but there were still no visitors. Finally, there was a knock on the door.

Sylvia put on a gauze mask.

"Yes Yes".

A young girl of about eighteen or nineteen appeared at the door. The thin dress hugged her small, but firm and protruding breasts.

“Come in, don’t be shy,” said Sylvia. "What are you complaining about?"

“I’m fine,” the girl answered and then blurted out...

“My hymen has burst, and I need a certificate stating that I am a girl. I have a very strict dad. And I’m going to get married... Here... I will pay you as ... continue reading

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This story happened to me that summer.

I had never been to this dacha alone before, but my sister left with my mother, and my father went to work. That day I especially liked myself, although I always look good: short, natural blonde with blue eyes, I have firm breasts and a toned ass.

So, yesterday I met a girl, Marina, while walking around the island where our dacha is located. We had a nice conversation at first, then we drank wine, she looked at me very intently, discussed my breasts, but this is normal, girls often do this! Then we played cards out of nothing to do and she offered to play for a wish, I agreed and lost, she promised that she would use her wish tomorrow, i.e. just today. And then I see her, she comes into the gate with a bag on her shoulder and goes up to me.

- I want to play mistress and slave! You can't refuse, right!

- Well, yes! (I'm a little surprised).

- Undress down to your panties and lie down on the bed on your stomach on the terrace (our terrace ... continue reading

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I had to undergo a medical examination at a commercial clinic in the direction of the organization in which I then worked. There were no queues here, and after going through almost the entire list of doctors in the slider, I ended up near the urologist’s office. I knew firsthand what happens to men with such a doctor, because... He himself underwent several courses of treatment, having been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Therefore, fearing unpleasant executions this time, my mood dropped.

The prospect of a manual (fingers) examination of my prostate through the anus did not please me. But thinking: maybe it will blow by, I knocked on the door and, hearing a laconic “yes,” boldly entered the office.

Throughout my short history of prostate disease and during all the courses of treatment, the doctors have always been men, and when I entered the office and saw at the table a very impressive brunette, about 35 years old, in a light white robe, with a deep neckline, I doubted that s... continue reading

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Early in the morning, in my sleep, I heard the doorbell ring. I did not move, vainly hoping that there would be no more ringing, but I had to get up and, sniffling, shuffling with my slippers, trudge into the hallway to open the door. It was Anyuta. She stood with her head tilted to the side and looked expressively at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Well, come in if you’ve come,” I muttered, trying not to show my excitement.

The day before, Anyuta and I were visiting, where this creature drank champagne and began flirting with the hostess’s brother. I warned her to stop, threatening to leave immediately, but Anyutka was only provoked by my jealousy - she laughed in a drunken voice and continued her dirty work. I carried out the threat... went home. The dear one, of course, kicked a couple of cobblestones with the toe of his boot, but when he came home he calmed down quite quickly. In general, this was not the first time for Anyuta to behave this way.

And here she is, early in ... continue reading

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We sleep in the same bed... you, as usual, sleep at my feet... pressed against them...

I wake up earlier... with the usual movement of my heel I begin to rub your face... you wake up... lick it a little to me, letting me know that you woke up and, out of habit, get up and suck my morning boner... you are, as always, gentle and magnificent in this matter... you swallow all the sperm and lick your dick clean... I push you away with my foot and stand up...

We are going to the toilet... we are naked... however, as always after the night... you are my bedding... so you walk next to me on all fours, it turns out much slower than I walk, so I take you by the hair and drag you with me... it hurts... but you you endure...

We’ve reached it... you lift the seat, take my dick in your hand and point it into the toilet... I’ve been pissing for a long time, because I’ve been fucking you all night, my faithful whore...

Finally I’m done, you put the dick in your mouth, shake off the last drops ... continue reading

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And again she buried herself in work, forgetting about everything in the world. Suddenly the bell finally rang. She perked up, and for some reason her heart sank to her feet. Yes, it was him. She took the phone and rushed from her place down the corridor.

Everyone in the office immediately knew who was on the line.

She quickly walked down the corridor to gain privacy for conversation. But it was impossible to wait, what if he quits now? And why did that bother her? Here the girls were discussing such intimate things on the phone in full voice, right in the hallway and even in the office, why should she be embarrassed? Still, she picked up the phone and said quietly:

- Hello.

- Why aren’t you picking up the phone?! — an angry voice was heard at the other end.

“I worked,” she justified herself.

- You must pick up the phone immediately when I call, understand? Otherwise it will be bad for you! Do you understand?

“I see,” she answered, frightened.

- This will happen again, ... continue reading

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"I'm not evil. I'm not hurting you. I'm just very strict and fair... You like it, don't you?... Are you afraid??... That's right, be afraid!..."

This week seemed like an eternity. He is busy all the time. A lot of work. I was beginning to think that I would never see him again. I didn’t want anything, just to meet Him sooner. Every day I lived in a fog, hypnotizing the phone, waiting for a call. I began to slowly hate myself for being so attached to Him.

I haven't wanted to see anyone so much in a long time, I haven't missed anyone so much in a long time. Probably because He has not had time to offend me yet.

I covered myself with a warm blanket and curled up under it. The phone was always there. I slowly began to fall asleep with thoughts that today, probably, I won’t see Him, when suddenly the bell rang. It was he.

- Hello Princess! Are you home? I have some time, can I pick you up, can we sit somewhere in a cafe?

- Hi, of course! I'm already going!

The will to live again... continue reading

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For the first time in history, the Rolling Stones were visiting town, and Jack Holland prepared to use the supergroup's visit to his advantage.

He stood in front of the mirror, turning his head from side to side, throwing up his chin, trying to smile with all thirty-two teeth. Like Mick Jagger, Jack was tall, thin, sunken eyes, square jaw, protruding Adam's apple, plump lips. However, he was younger, in his early thirties, and favored short hair. However, the resemblance was still striking.

In fact, all his life, friends and even strangers were surprised that Jack looked exactly like the most famous of the Stones, but this did not bring him any dividends. Unless he acted as a double of Jagger at parties and amateur concerts. But the day came when Mick and Jack were in the same city at the same time, and Jack decided that there would be no better opportunity to snatch a piece of the glory of his famous double.

He wore a shirt a couple of sizes too big and wide pants, and a wig all... continue reading

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You said that sometimes you want to kill me...

Well, this is also a way to take revenge on me, because you want revenge, you want it like me ...

Or maybe you want to kill me not for the sake of revenge, but so that that insane desire to take possession of me, to make me your obedient slave disappears ... I don’t know ... But if you want to take revenge, then I will tell you another way, safer, and having much better prospects for you...

In the previous story, I even gave you an idea on how to do it, but you were so excited that you didn’t notice it ... But everything is very simple, tie me up, caress me and kiss me in dozens of ways in dozens of places ... And then saddle me me like a stallion, so that I feel what kind of heat burns inside you, and so that half of this fire is transferred to me ... And start moving, rise and fall, feeling my excited flesh tremble and tremble inside you ... Move faster and faster, until my body begins to move to the beat of itself, and we merge in... continue reading

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