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“Come into the office,” the doctor said.

She was wearing a fairly short white robe. She was a woman of about 35, quite pretty and slender.

- Today I have an intern instead of a nurse, so I will explain everything to her what we will do and she will help me with the examination. So you need a certificate from the dispensary, right?

“Yes,” I answered.

- Any complaints? – she asked, crossing her legs.

- No, I think.

- Okay, we'll check everything.

At that moment, a girl intern came in.

“Take off your T-shirt, let’s start the examination,” the doctor said.

I took off my T-shirt and approached the doctor. The intern girl also came up and sat down next to the doctor. The doctor started listening to my lungs.

“Breathing is smooth, clean, write,” the doctor told the intern, “so turn your back.”

She listened to something from behind.

- Okay, take off your pants.

To be honest, I was not ready to undress like that. I thought the medical examination would be standard a... continue reading

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Vadim put the coffee cup on the table and looked at the watch on his hand. There were still thirty or forty minutes left before the trip to the airport, and he was going to spend this time with his phone, searching for an interesting or at least decent brothel in Madrid, very preferably with a BDSM bias.

However, the phone rang even before Vadim lazily reached out to it with his hand. The face of Alexei, Vadina’s oldest, most bosom friend, was displayed on the screen. He was waiting for this call.

- What people remembered us! “Hello, Alex,” Vadim said into the phone, involuntarily smiling.

- And we haven’t forgotten about you, dear friend! - He responded willingly and laughed into the phone. - Well, brother, happy birthday to you!

“Thank you, thank you, Lesh,” he answered his friend.

- Even though I’m far away, I can’t personally pull your ears, you know... But! I took care of the gift. Believe me, Vadyukh, you will now die of joy and surprise!

“Yes, I would like to live... continue reading

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I had a small fragment in my life. I met the Mistress on the Internet and went to meet her. Yes, she didn’t ask for money for the meeting. I took with me some champagne, a bottle of vodka and a couple of canned beers. I came to her and after a short conversation it turned out that in fact she had two profiles, one as a mistress, and the other as a slave. Moreover, she liked the role of a slave, and she wanted to try to be a Mistress. One way or another, I am a slave and feel like one, so I didn’t change anything and gave myself into her hands.

I went to the bathroom to rinse my rectum, I usually do this with a shower hose, by the way, this hose goes into my hole 20 centimeters, maybe more. First, I washed myself on the toilet (combined) so as not to clog the grate in the bathtub with pieces of shit and then push it all through with my fingers. Afterwards, when all the large pieces fell out of me, they fell out, because at that moment I was actively stretching my hole, I moved into th... continue reading

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Early in the morning, in my sleep, I heard the doorbell ring. I did not move, vainly hoping that there would be no more ringing, but I had to get up and, sniffling, shuffling with my slippers, trudge into the hallway to open the door. It was Anyuta. She stood with her head tilted to the side and looked expressively at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Well, come in if you’ve come,” I muttered, trying not to show my excitement.

The day before, Anyuta and I were visiting, where this creature drank champagne and began flirting with the hostess’s brother. I warned her to stop, threatening to leave immediately, but Anyutka was only provoked by my jealousy - she laughed in a drunken voice and continued her dirty work. I carried out the threat... went home. The dear one, of course, kicked a couple of cobblestones with the toe of his boot, but when he came home he calmed down quite quickly. In general, this was not the first time for Anyuta to behave this way.

And here she is, early in ... continue reading

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We sleep in the same bed... you, as usual, sleep at my feet... pressed against them...

I wake up earlier... with the usual movement of my heel I begin to rub your face... you wake up... lick it a little to me, letting me know that you woke up and, out of habit, get up and suck my morning boner... you are, as always, gentle and magnificent in this matter... you swallow all the sperm and lick your dick clean... I push you away with my foot and stand up...

We are going to the toilet... we are naked... however, as always after the night... you are my bedding... so you walk next to me on all fours, it turns out much slower than I walk, so I take you by the hair and drag you with me... it hurts... but you you endure...

We’ve reached it... you lift the seat, take my dick in your hand and point it into the toilet... I’ve been pissing for a long time, because I’ve been fucking you all night, my faithful whore...

Finally I’m done, you put the dick in your mouth, shake off the last drops ... continue reading

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Opening the door softly, Cheryl peered into Tim's room. He lay on his bed on his stomach and enthusiastically examined a glossy magazine. Entering the room and closing the door behind her, she silently approached him and peered over his shoulder. On the page, a luxurious mature woman had sex with two men. One was a tall, muscular guy about 25 years old, and the other was still very young, about the age of Tim. A tall guy fucked a woman from behind, and she, standing on all fours, sucked a strong swollen penis of a guy. The boy was apparently close to orgasm, and accelerated the movements of the woman, clutching her hair and driving his cock as deep as possible into her bottomless throat. The pre-orgasmic expression on his face was very well captured by the photographer, and well conveyed all the dynamism and emotional richness of the scene.

- And you think your father will like it when he finds out that you take his magazines? Cheryl asked in a whisper.

Taken by surprise, Tim was c... continue reading

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"I'm not evil. I'm not hurting you. I'm just very strict and fair... You like it, don't you?... Are you afraid??... That's right, be afraid!..."

This week seemed like an eternity. He is busy all the time. A lot of work. I was beginning to think that I would never see him again. I didn’t want anything, just to meet Him sooner. Every day I lived in a fog, hypnotizing the phone, waiting for a call. I began to slowly hate myself for being so attached to Him.

I haven't wanted to see anyone so much in a long time, I haven't missed anyone so much in a long time. Probably because He has not had time to offend me yet.

I covered myself with a warm blanket and curled up under it. The phone was always there. I slowly began to fall asleep with thoughts that today, probably, I won’t see Him, when suddenly the bell rang. It was he.

- Hello Princess! Are you home? I have some time, can I pick you up, can we sit somewhere in a cafe?

- Hi, of course! I'm already going!

The will to live again... continue reading

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