Vadim put the coffee cup on the table and looked at the watch on his hand. There were still thirty or forty minutes left before the trip to the airport, and he was going to spend this time with his phone, searching for an interesting or at least decent brothel in Madrid, very preferably with a BDSM bias.

However, the phone rang even before Vadim lazily reached out to it with his hand. The face of Alexei, Vadina’s oldest, most bosom friend, was displayed on the screen. He was waiting for this call.

- What people remembered us! “Hello, Alex,” Vadim said into the phone, involuntarily smiling.

- And we haven’t forgotten about you, dear friend! - He responded willingly and laughed into the phone. - Well, brother, happy birthday to you!

“Thank you, thank you, Lesh,” he answered his friend.

- Even though I’m far away, I can’t personally pull your ears, you know... But! I took care of the gift. Believe me, Vadyukh, you will now die of joy and surprise!

“Yes, I would like to live a little longer,” he muttered in response, deliberately offended.

- Well, that goes without saying, we’ll live, we’ll live! Go ahead, open the door, my driver brought you a gift. Just don’t put down the pipe,” Alex shouted after him, “I want to hear your reaction!”

“You always have some kind of circus with horses, some kind of performances,” Vadim grumbled, but could not resist and laughed himself, walking down the hall to the door of the spacious country house.

Having opened the massive door, Vadim was stunned to the point of complete immobility: a completely naked red-haired girl was standing on her knees on the porch. Vadim managed to notice the huge protruding tits and took in her entire plump, but at the same time graceful figure.

He stood there, unable to utter a word, and Lekha rumbled on the phone again:

- Well, he was a little crazy, huh? Say yes? What kind of cow is it, right? Milk! Very rare!

- W-Where is this from? - Vadim could barely pronounce it.

“And this, my dear friend, is my royal birthday present for you,” Alex explained calmly and more clearly, “from the boarding house Larochka, which you know.” Ready for daily debauchery and spanking, a trained, trained slave who is completely submissive to you. For rent for a year. Well, if you get tired of her first, you can return her to Lara at any time... But I doubt, of course, that you will get tired of such a bitch quickly. I chose your ideal on purpose. Chubby, all soft, sweetie... Ass - in. Boobs - in. And most importantly! The main thing is that she is a milking woman, the milk flows from her milkings, I checked, and my friend neighed obscenely. “Don’t think about it, I didn’t tore her, I just rubbed her tits a little.” It's your toy, bro. You love just these kind of milking cows in heat. Well, maybe the two of us will pull it together somehow on occasion... You won’t refuse me, will you? – Alex was worried. And then he whined again:

- Well, how do you like my present?

“Oh-huh,” Vadim said honestly and pressed the end call button, not listening to his friend’s joyful neighing.

Throughout the conversation, the girl stood almost motionless and quietly on her knees, clasping her hands behind her back and lowering her head down.

Vadim already had so many subordinates - both temporary and permanent, whom he kept close to him for months - but such well-trainedness is rarely seen. Of course, Lara in her famous brothel, which she euphoniously called a boarding house, had only top-class whores, trained and raised by her personally. Vadim already knew this. How many pleasant hours were spent in that boarding house... And here I am a slave for a whole year, have fun - I don’t want to! Well, Alex, what a damn genius,” Vadim grinned to himself. He briefly had time to think about what he could give his friend something equally stunning in return, but immediately threw all thoughts out of his head, except for the humble bitch at his feet.

- Get up. Behind me. – He threw it to her and went inside.

The bitch obediently followed, still looking at the floor.

Stopping in the center of the hall, Vadim imperiously took her chin and pulled her up to get a better look. Red curly hair, huge green eyes, a large plump mouth, thin beautiful facial features and at the same time chubby cheeks - cheeks burning with shame. Vadim almost hummed with pleasure. The slut looked 20-23 years old, and he liked her at first sight. He looked down at the incredibly huge, at least size nine, heavily hanging udders. Not a bad cow. The waist was quite thin, but the soft tummy stuck out funny, the hips were simply fabulous - wide, plump, like the thighs - everything he liked. And it gets milked for real! Indeed, rarity... rarity, which was, perhaps, his main fetish.

He took a step away from her.

- Well, what is the name of the whore?

“Your whore’s name is Anna, my Master,” she responded without delay, with respect in her voice. Vadim took a breath through his teeth from growing excitement.

- Are you really milky, pacifier?

- Yes, sir, milking. Madame Lara usually milked me three times a day, and milked me very well. And the gentlemen also milked some,” she added.

“Mmm,” Vadim drawled, encouraging the slave to talk further.

“Usually the masters deigned to milk me in this position,” the slave continued politely and, throwing her hands behind her head, bent low, spreading her legs as wide as possible. The heavy udder swayed appetizingly and froze, pointing the elongated and thick nipples, like grapes, at the floor.

He walked around her, examining her carefully. The new whore was good, good... Alexey pleased with the gift. The protruding butt, incredibly large and round, smoothly turned into thick, appetizing thighs and unexpectedly slender calves for such a physique. The skin was white, like porcelain, with barely visible vein patterns underneath. Blood rushed to the groin when Vadim imagined what magnificent stimulating marks the spanking would leave on that snow-white backside.

The slut was clean-shaven, and both holes were clearly visible in this position. The juicy pussy, framed by plump lips, each of which was pierced with four rings, looked depraved, even fucked, and at the same time innocent due to the soft pink, almost girlish color of the flesh. This combination was incredibly exciting. The pink ring of the apparently quite well-developed anus was pulsating slightly, then contracting and then unclenching.

- Does the fist go into the pussy? – Vadim asked abruptly.

“Yes, Sir, he is,” came the immediate answer.

- In the ass?

“Sorry, no, Master, unfortunately, so far only four fingers with lubricant can enter,” a note of regret was added to the politeness in the voice.

- Well, it’s okay, it won’t be for long, we’ll fix it... We’ll work your ass to perfection... Yes, bitch?

- Yes, as the Master pleases.

- Do you want this?

“I really want to, my Master, I dream of pleasing you with a properly stretched butt,” the nipple immediately responded, shifting its feet and spreading them even a little wider.

Yes. The bitch is not only good, but also well-trained and, apparently, not stupid at the same time.

- What is your milk yield, cow?

“About two and a half to three liters a day, my Master,” answered the whore, still dispassionately polite, but now one could hear hidden pride in her voice.

“However, it’s not bad,” the praise burst out loud from Vadim involuntarily when he, finally walking around the slave in a circle, stopped again in front of her lowered head.

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed quietly.

Looking at her huge and heavy milkings, swollen to the limit, from which milk had already begun to drip onto the marble tiles of the floor, one could believe in such a large milk yield of this sexy and submissive cow.

- When was the last time you were milked, whore?

- Yesterday at about one o'clock in the afternoon, at the afternoon milking, my Master. Since then, no, they deigned to skip Madame’s evening and morning milking.

Of course. The owner of the boarding house is not a fool; she knows how to make her slaves, intended for sale and rent, as seductive as possible, taking into account the preferences of each client.

- Does your udder hurt? – Vadim asked with ostentatious sympathy.

“It hurts a lot, my Master, it’s bursting,” came the quiet and pitiful response when this bitch’s self-control briefly left her.

“That’s good,” he said, fighting the urge to roughly grab the wet, swollen nipples with his fingers and knead them, knead them, listening to the moans of the submissive slave. Alas, the meeting with the Madrid partners could not be postponed, so he did not touch her and even deliberately put his hands behind his back: if he had touched this luxurious whore, he would not have resisted until he thoroughly milked, flogged and fucked her all the cracks.

- Vera Nikolavna! - He shouted.

His “housekeeper Lukerya,” as Vadim sometimes jokingly called his manager, entered the hall: a woman of about fifty, smart and neat - in a strict bun of hair - not a single stray strand, on the company dress and apron - not the slightest stain.

“Yes, Vadim Viktorovich,” she said respectfully, without showing a drop of surprise, as if a naked girl bent over in a doggy style in the middle of the hall was a sight from the category of those that are considered in the order of things here. However, that’s how it was.

- Vera Nikolaevna, my plans have changed, I will not return on the fourth, but tomorrow afternoon. Be kind, after the plane I’ll want something light for lunch, you decide for yourself, I’m relying on you... I’ll give you this one with a whip tonight and tomorrow. Twenty blows, I think, is enough for her butt to turn an appetizing red color. At night - a plug in the anus. If you find one that is four centimeters in diameter, it will be just right. In the morning, as usual, an enema, a bath... teaching you will only spoil you. Oh yes! The most important thing: the cow must be milked now and in the evening. But tomorrow morning - no milking. Do you understand everything, Vera Nikolaevna?

“We’ll do everything, Vadim Viktorovich, don’t worry,” the manager smiled at him warmly. - Have a good trip, Anton has already taken your suitcase to the car.

Nodding gratefully and casting one last carnivorous glance at the obediently standing slut, Vadim left.


“Follow me into the kitchen,” Anna heard a voice overhead. A voice in which the warmth with which the manager addressed her employer had clearly diminished.

With a grimace of pain, Anna straightened her long-sore back, ready to walk... And then she received a burning slap in the face.

- Did someone allow you to unbend? – The woman asked coldly.

Anna hastily resumed her previous humiliating pose.

- Sorry! No, of course not... - she hesitated, not knowing how to address the woman. Madam - stupid. By name and patronymic - too familiar for a slave.

“Vera Nikolaevna,” the manager allowed, a little warmer, seeing with what humility Anna bent over, and satisfied that the slave did not mechanically grab her cheek, receiving a slap in the face.

“Sorry, Vera Nikolaevna,” Anna repented again.

The manager did not repeat it twice, turned around and walked into the kitchen, without looking back at the girl.

Anna trotted after her, not seeing anything because of her head hanging low and trying to focus on the clicking of Vera Nikolaevna’s heels. It was very uncomfortable to walk like this; with every small step, my breasts shook incredibly, dripping milk onto the floor. The pain from the overfilled udder forced me to breathe through my teeth.

“Stay here,” the slave heard, and obediently froze.

Vera Nikolaevna placed a round stool with a soft white seat and metal legs nearby. On the floor, just under the hanging breasts, two buckets appeared for cooling the champagne. The manager sat down on a stool and slowly began to knead Anna’s breasts, which were petrified and ready to burst with milk.

She could not hold back a hoarse groan, which, however, had no effect on the woman. Having properly kneaded the udder before milking and slapping it with her palm on all sides, the manager thoroughly grabbed the slave’s nipples with her fingers.

She howled, but didn’t even think to move. The most important thing was to endure the first, most painful minutes of milking.

Vera Nikolaevna knew her job perfectly, rhythmically squeezing Anna from both breasts. Streams of warm milk quickly poured into the buckets, slightly splashing around. Soon my breasts felt lighter. The monotonous, humiliating and at the same time exciting process was calming, and at first Anna relaxed, forgetting about her aching back. But there was a lot of milk, they milked her for a long time, at least half an hour, according to Anna’s estimates, and it became increasingly difficult to stand still.

Finally, the streams dried up, turning into rare drops, and the manager stopped pulling the slave’s nipples. She again roughly kneaded Anna’s breasts and, satisfied with the result, allowed her to straighten up.

Anna straightened her back with gratitude, not forgetting to look down at the floor.

“Come on, I’ll whip you and then feed you dinner,” the manager said.

“Thank you, Vera Nikolaevna,” Anna’s back and legs hurt so much after a long milking that she was quite ready to endure the whipping, if only she would be allowed to lie down.

“For what,” the woman grinned, “for a spanking or for dinner?”

“For both, Vera Nikolaevna,” the slave answered quietly and blushed painfully all over her face and even her neck from humiliation.

Still without repeating it twice and without looking back at the owner’s new toy, the manager went into the hall. Anna hurriedly followed her. After passing through the hall, they entered the corridor, and the woman used a key to open one of the five massive doors on the left side of the corridor.

Behind the door was a bedroom without a window. A comfortable and wide bed, a chest of drawers - there was nothing else in the room except another door. Anna decided that it led to the bathroom.

“Lie on your stomach across the bed and don’t even think about moving your legs,” the manager ordered, approaching the chest of drawers.

The slave immediately lay down on the blanket, spreading her legs as far apart as possible. Anna was trembling - from the fact that the silky blanket was cold on her naked skin, and from the upcoming inevitable execution.

“I won’t repeat it twice,” she heard a voice from behind, “remember what is possible and what is not.” You can: moan, scream, cry... You can also beg me to stop. It's useless, really, but it's not forbidden. You cannot: twitch, move your legs and cover your butt with your hands. You can't lose count. If you miss the count, I'll start over. All clear?

“Everything is clear, Vera Nikolaevna, thank you,” the slave said in a detailed and emphatically polite manner, as Madame Lara taught in the boarding house, without trembling in her voice, but shaking all over inside. Anna had not been whipped for a month, so that before the purchase all the marks on her white, delicate skin would disappear, and she was a little unaccustomed to being properly whipped.

The whip whistled, and the first blow burned Anna’s bottom.

“One,” she breathed, trying to assess the situation. Fortunately for her, the whip was not very heavy and its ends were clearly not tied in knots, otherwise the blow would have been felt completely differently...

- Two! “The second blow didn’t allow me to think through it, and it turned out to be stronger, so the slave had to suck in air through her teeth.

By the fifth, she was already moaning without being constrained. The manager turned out to be completely dispassionate and ruthless. The whip fell on the defenseless ass firmly and at regular intervals. My whole butt was on fire. The ninth blow fell entirely on the wide-open pussy, and the slave howled at the top of her voice, not forgetting, however, to shout out:

- It's nineteen!

The tenth blow turned out to be easier, and after it there was a break: after a miss, the manager decided to change her hand. Still slowly, she walked around the sobbing slave and approached her from the other side of the bed. The whip whistled confidently again, and Anna, squeezing the blanket with all her might, continued her counting further. The next three blows were very painful; with her mind, the girl understood that she needed to relax. Letting go of the blanket, not tensing the muscles, this will make things easier, but I just couldn’t control myself. Too humiliating, too painful.

The fourteenth blow again fell on the open crotch - now definitely on purpose, and the slave, sobbing unfeignedly, could barely lie down without moving her butt. How much easier it is when you are spanked tied up - flashed through my head.

She still managed to relax and count the last six blows almost without moaning or squealing.

Finally, the spanking was over.

“That’s it, you can get up,” the manager wasn’t even out of breath, “although no, wait, I’ll take a photo of your butt for Vadim Viktorovich.”

The slave waited obediently, roughly imagining what photo would now be sent to her new Master. A large, plump, milky-white butt, all tormented and striped with swollen dark red stripes. And her pussy, red from a couple of blows, also swollen and shiny from lubricant: milking and spanking pretty excited Anna.

“Go wash yourself,” the manager nodded towards the door, which actually turned out to be the entrance to the bathroom. - And - to the kitchen.

“Yes, Vera Nikolaevna, thank you, Vera Nikolaevna,” the slave muttered and slipped out the door.

The bathroom, as expected, was luxurious. Anna looked at herself in the huge mirror: disheveled copper hair, red cheeks with trails of tears, milk began to fill in her heavily hanging huge tits again. She arched over, trying to examine her lush butt, and sighed quietly when she saw confirmation of her suspicions: her butt was covered in red marks from blows. The gentleman is probably pleased. Her cheeks flushed even more intensely when Anna thought about him.

Not wanting to think anymore, she stepped into the bathroom, turning the water hotter. Ten minutes under the streams of either hot or cool water was enough for her to feel refreshed after the journey, the acquaintance and all the stress of that day.

The slave dried herself with a large soft beige towel hanging on a hook and squinted her eyes at the same robe hanging next to her. Put it on? To again receive a slap in the face and a rude “someone allowed it”? Sighing, the girl resolutely left the bathroom naked.

When she returned to the kitchen and stood up, still looking down obediently and clasping her hands behind her back, she realized from the manager’s approving chuckle that she had chosen the right decision.

- Sit down.

Having received permission, Anna sat down on a cold white stool, wincing painfully from the pain in her whipped bottom. In front of her was a plate of vegetable salad, chicken breast baked in herbs and a glass of juice. Anna ate everything with pleasure.

“Thank you, Vera Nikolaevna,” she said after finishing dinner.

“Get up to milk,” the woman ordered.

The slave bent low again, clasping her hands on her head, and the day's procedure was repeated. Of course, now the udder was not so bulging, because Anna was milked according to schedule, and the touch of unkind, domineering hands was much more pleasant. From the measured milking, from the pleasantly aching and burning butt, Anna became seriously aroused, and when the evening milking came to an end, she was leaking with all her might and breathing heavily.

- Do you want to go to the toilet? – An unexpected question brought her back to reality.

- N-no, Vera Nikolaevna, not yet.

- So you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s enema. Go to your room, get on all fours and wait for me. “I’ll put the plug in for you, and you can go to bed,” said the manager.

Oh! Anna completely forgot about this order from the Master!

“I obey, Vera Nikolaevna,” the slave’s voice did not waver.

In the room, standing doggy style next to the bed, the slave began to wait. About ten minutes later she heard footsteps and involuntarily twitched in anticipation of the next test. The manager entered the room, rummaged briefly in the top drawer of the chest of drawers and sat down on the edge of the bed, invitingly patting the bedspread next to her with her hand:

- Crawl here and lie on your stomach on the bed.

The girl, without hesitation, crawled up, trying not to pay attention to the swaying breasts, and obediently lay down on the bedspread with her stomach, again feeling its cool surface on her skin. Anna spread her legs wider, bent at the knees, and tried to relax as much as possible.

Despite all the anticipation of the process, from the touch of cold gloved fingers directly to her defenseless hole, the slave could not restrain the trembling and instinctive contraction of the sphincter muscles. For this, she immediately received a heavy slap on her butt, which had not yet recovered from the recent spanking, and the order:

- Just relax!

“Sorry, Vera Nikolaevna,” she muttered somewhere into the fabric and carefully relaxed her butt.

The finger returned to the hole, entered it slightly and began to massage the anus in a circle. Immediately the manager poured a decent amount of lubricant on top of the finger and hole and immediately added another finger to the slave’s ass. Carefully and slowly, she fucked Anna's hole with two fingers so that the girl's breathing became irregular. Soon Vera Nikolaevna added a third finger, and Anna, as always from penetration in the ass, openly began to moan and slightly fidget with her extremely excited butt on the bedspread. The girl’s cheeks were burning, her pussy was oozing clear juice. However, when the heartless manager stuck a fourth finger into the tormented hole and began to rotate them inside, diligently and mercilessly stretching the sphincter, the poor slut had a hard time. It seemed to her that her ass was about to crack under this pressure, the stretched hole was sore and aching.

“Oh-oh-oh-oh,” the slave howled protractedly and pitifully, feeling a strong hand ramming her backside, “oh-oh-oh!” Ooooh!

Not paying the slightest attention to the whining, Vera Nikolaevna continued the execution, fucking the poor ass with her hand sweepingly over the entire length of her fingers, then removing her hand from the hole almost completely, then drilling it again. But, once again taking out her hand, the woman, apparently, was satisfied with how the hole stretched. She rubbed another portion of lubricant over her ass and placed the tip of the plug against Anna's anus. She pressed. Despite the preliminary stretching, the butt was in no hurry to easily accept the plug. Vera Nikolaevna pressed harder, and the girl screamed at the top of her voice from pain and fear. This angered the manager, who had already spent a lot of time on Anna’s ass, and she mercilessly pushed the plug into her anus in one motion. The girl silently shuddered all over and went limp. Anna herself could not say whether this trembling was from a sharp, but short flash of pain or from the same flash of pleasure. Perhaps it was a strange mixture of both.

The manager did not hide the fact that the owner’s toy had almost come, and while Anna lay motionless, listening to her sensations, bursting her butt, she decided to warn:

- There's a camera in the bedroom, don't try to get handsy. Vadim Viktorovich will be furious.

“I obey, Vera Nikolaevna,” muttered the girl, burning with shame.

“You can go to bed,” the woman said, leaving the room and locking the door behind her. There was no one to answer “thank you,” as Madame Lara taught, so Anna, trying once again not to move her aching bottom inside and out, somehow climbed onto the bed, wrapped herself in a blanket and instantly fell asleep.

To be continued…

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