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This happened fairly recently. I was going back to my car through an underground parking lot after grocery shopping.

As I got to my car there was an SUV parked next to me and I noticed some movement. There was a man stretching his T-shirt over his crotch and as I glanced through the window he lifted the shirt uncovering his boner.

He clearly did that on purpose. It was actually only the second time in my life I've encountered a dick flasher.

Now I had two choices - ignore it or have some fun.....I chose the latter. Could not help myself haha.

For a moment I just looked at him jerking off through the window. I could see he had realized I'm watching, he started jerking off even faster with a happy, but at the same time scared look on his face.

I quietly knocked on the window, he got startled and looked over, and I gave him the sign to roll down the window.

The look on his face was hilarious, it was a battle of emotions between "Omg, I've won the ... continue reading

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This evening I was especially beautiful. I was wearing tight red pants and a short black top. I’m already 30 years old, but I look 25, and in the dark I look like 20. My girlfriend and I came to our favorite bar to eat kebabs and drink beer. Our husbands are sailors, and very often, when you want to dance and relax, you have to go yourself. There have never been any problems, we are decent girls, we don’t cheat on our husbands, but we like to have fun.

As soon as Katya and I entered the bar, I immediately noticed one cheerful group. Three interesting men smiled at us from the next table. I danced all evening with one of them, his name was Vova. As it turned out, the guys came from St. Petersburg to our maritime city for just a couple of days. Vodka and then beer played their role. I haven’t had a man for 3 months and the proximity of such a handsome man as Vova could not but go unnoticed for me. I got very excited. Moreover, Vova turned out to be completely to my taste. Not in his... continue reading

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Recently, my friend and I started fucking his wife, and while he fucks her sister, I fuck his wife without stopping. Here's the diagram. For the second month now, I’ve been coming to them on weekends and fucking his wife, sometimes it’s just the two of us, but more often I fuck her alone because my friend is fucking his wife’s sister in the other room at that moment. I was sitting in the office and leafing through my mail, suddenly a call “you have 20 minutes to get to the shopping center and go to a boutique with lingerie”, I immediately realized from the voice that it was Nastya, I answered that I was leaving and asked for time off. She often calls me like this when she wants me to fuck her.

I arrived at the shopping center and found her while choosing underwear, “Hello Seryozhka, what do you want to wear on me?” Nastya asked, “First, we can fuck you in the booth, and then we’ll choose your underwear,” I told her, to be honest, it was very clear how my dick stood. We chose a bunch ... continue reading

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Ninka was lying on her stomach, her legs bent under her. Her butt rose defiantly off the sofa. Her bare feet were hanging off the sofa, and her head was resting on the back. I sat side by side, a little to the side, and diligently jerked off both Ninka’s holes at once. She snorted contentedly, moved her butt, and twirled it. Feeling the finish line approaching, she spun faster.

- Come on, I'll cum now!

I liked it when Ninka came from my caresses, and then put her hole at my disposal and lay relaxed while I tormented her body. I gave it. The contraction of the muscles of the anus and vagina signaled her high. Having groaned several times, she relaxed her legs, lowered her butt, rested a little and raised it again. Ninka hoped to get another orgasm if I wasn’t in a hurry and helped her. I helped.

Spreading her buttocks, he smeared her ass with cream and lubricated her ass. He put his penis to the hole in the anus, pressed it and slipped into the alluring depths. He placed his hand ... continue reading

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6 months ago infunnybyAnonymous

I accidentally fucked my boss!

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I started to really hammer down on getting out of the rough patch I was in and I thought that a better job in a better industry would help!

I had worked hard to find the right job and I was going to be a number pusher (accountant) for a large company located in my city. It was going to be perfect! I would finally make the pay I need to pay my bills and not be on a paycheck to paycheck cycle.

I got through the first two stages of the interview and the last part was literally meeting the two owners and the department manager.

That night I decided to celebrate and go out with my best friend. I went to my favorite local spot and we got a few drinks.

I was really enjoying myself. I had two drinks, so I wasn't anywhere near buzzed or drunk. My girlfriend and I were playing pool and I noticed a gentleman at the bar talking to Mike, the bartender at the local bar.

Our eyes met and he instantly noticed I was staring so I looked away. About 20... continue reading

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My husband had to travel to another country last week to visit a customer, so I am here by myself.

The day he left was our anniversary, so it was a sad day for me.

By morning, I drove him to the airport and when I parked the car, he gave me a present and said "this is your anniversary present, so you won't miss me"

Just for context, everytime he has to travel because of work, I tell him I will be ok but I will really miss his dick.

So that was what I told him that moment too. "No problems, I won't miss you. I will only miss you dick".

And to my suprise, I open the present and it was a fucking dildo molded from his dick. For real. I never laughed so hard my entire life. It was an amazing present as a joke. Usually I work from home, but since I was alone at home, me and some girls decided to go to the office that day. So I put it on my backpack and headed to work.

After work, me, my boss (Angela) and 2 other girls (Chiara and Karine) attend a pole dance class. So we went tog... continue reading

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This story took place in those distant years, when vodka was still four to twelve, plus developed socialism, plus liverwurst. In general, during a period of stagnation...

After serving in the army, I went to work at a factory, in a design bureau, that is, in a design bureau, first as a technician, and then as a design engineer.

I was young, full of strength and desire. And, precisely for these reasons, I didn’t miss a single skirt...

One day, our design bureau, together with the employees of the workshop attached to us, went on an excursion to Moscow for three days. We drove all night, and in the morning we were already in the capital, at the Kolos Hotel. To my great joy, I received a single room.

We spent the whole day riding around Moscow by bus, listening to the stories of our guide. And in the evening, our company went to a restaurant.

Lenka with her husband, Tolik, Nikolaich and me.

But there, at the entrance, stood some old man in uniform and with a beard, and did not... continue reading

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And again she buried herself in work, forgetting about everything in the world. Suddenly the bell finally rang. She perked up, and for some reason her heart sank to her feet. Yes, it was him. She took the phone and rushed from her place down the corridor.

Everyone in the office immediately knew who was on the line.

She quickly walked down the corridor to gain privacy for conversation. But it was impossible to wait, what if he quits now? And why did that bother her? Here the girls were discussing such intimate things on the phone in full voice, right in the hallway and even in the office, why should she be embarrassed? Still, she picked up the phone and said quietly:

- Hello.

- Why aren’t you picking up the phone?! — an angry voice was heard at the other end.

“I worked,” she justified herself.

- You must pick up the phone immediately when I call, understand? Otherwise it will be bad for you! Do you understand?

“I see,” she answered, frightened.

- This will happen again, ... continue reading

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8 months ago infunnybyAnonymous

He Fucked Me in front of Everyone

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We are quite a large group, most of us with partners, a mixture of men and women who just all happen to like the same sorts of games. We get together once a month, we all bring a bottle of something, some snacks and the party begins, it seems pretty normal, right?

I don’t remember who but one evening someone produced the pack of cards and asked if anyone was daring enough to play, we all sat in a circle, using an old beer bottle to use as a spinner and we began to play. It was all just a joke at first, we all knew how horny everyone was so it had turned into a bit of a joke. The first few spins everyone remained clothed, well in bikinis and pool shorts, the sex positions were performed and everyone cheered and laughed but there was something in the air, everyone wanted it to go a little bit further.

The bottle span again and we all watched as two of the singles took to the circle and performed the sex position but this time she removed her bikini top and his boner was completely vi... continue reading

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A lot of surprising things can be found in seemingly simple things. One of these discoveries was my girlfriend’s vagina. Moreover, this discovery even received the name “Svetkin’s mink.”

Of course, to a person who is sophisticated in opening vaginas, the name itself - mink - may seem completely ordinary. But, believe me, dear reader, this center of radiation of erotic fluids and fantasies, and I even dare to add and separate from all others with clarification, is the granary of the sexual dark all-consuming matter of the cosmos and the source of inspiration for my most vile carnal desires that have ever arisen for a living being.. ... you can't describe it more capaciously...

As for the rest, judge for yourself, reader...

It so happened that I was in a vacuum for a long time, in hunger, as you probably guessed, in sexual hunger... And after the end of my imprisonment, my Alpha Trotter broke out into the prairie of Lust and Desire and hurried to find out the first one that came al... continue reading

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Marinka didn't have an awl in her ass. Just like other items. Somehow: springs, Duracel batteries, dynamos and the rest that charges her with irrepressible energy. At my hint about the presence of the above-mentioned objects in her ass, she turned on the bed on her stomach, spread her buttocks with her hands:

- Look! There is nothing!

Looked. Indeed, there is nothing. Why does she have so much energy? I’m already in the trash, I can’t move, but she keeps jumping, everything won’t calm down, she needs something. Ass like ass. Plump, soft, I love to feel her. Wow and hole. Slightly wrinkled, tightly compressed. And there is nothing in it.

- How can you see it? This must be sought.

- Search. You need it, you need it.

- A finger, right?

- And at least with a finger, if the rest does not work.

Uela, it's called. And it, the rest, really does not work. His head hung down, wrinkled, even worse than Marinka's hole, and there is not even a hint of an early resuscitation of the pat... continue reading

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- Well, let's drink for acquaintance, Lenochka, or right away for love? Sergei Petrovich looked at the figure of the hostess with a smile. Young, not yet thirty with high breasts, defiantly protruding ass and strong legs. The figurine was crowned with a pretty head with a mop of red hair. Gray eyes looked defiant, plump lips beckoned to him.

"- A tear, thought Sergey, but does she take it in her mouth?"

They met by chance, ended up next to each other at a wedding, both went out for a smoke and it turned out that both were bored - ordinary booze, and nothing more.

- Let's get out of here, shall we?

- Where?

- Yes, at least to me, I'm a free girl ...

Sergei caught a taxi, they drove into a night shop and took a bottle of cognac (he said that they should beat off the taste of wedding moonshine) and a box of chocolates.

Climbing up the stairs to Lena, Sergey, who was walking behind, suddenly pinched her tight ass.

- Oh, don't rush, you're hot!

But Sergei was in a hurry, a... continue reading

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Ok so that's not gonna a hot and long confession but at least, that one gonna be 100% true and honest 😉

So I'm with my girl for many years now and sex is great between us as she's more and more slutty with time and open to many stuff. (Communication is the key of a great sexuality my friends !).

Few days ago, we were having a chill night at home with some of her girl friends (some of them are really hot btw and I've already fantasized and even jerked myself off thinking about them to be honest). As usual, after a few drinks, the conversation ended up with sex confessions and so on.

At one point, my gf told her friends that she "won the big cock lottery" and then started to tell some hot stories about our sex life with random but hot details. (How huge my loads are, how bad it turns her on to gag on my cock trying her best to deepthroat me, how my dick stretches her holes and makes her scream loudly and so on).

Fuuuuuuuck, it was so hot and amazing to hear those reviews and to... continue reading

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The story takes place one summer. Then there was a warm, if not to say, hot summer.

It was 30 degree heat. We had a dacha near Belozersk. This is an amazing place. Sandy soil, even after heavy rain it was always dry. Deep and beautiful lakes were not far from our dacha. Dad worked on weekends and my mom and I went alone to the dacha. The neighbors also came. I was 24. A daughter and her father arrived at a neighboring site. She, as she said, was about 20, although according to her figure, one could give no more than 18 years. Slender, short, dense figure with small elastic breasts and dark skin. Athletic dad, former cyclist. The day was hot, but Anya, that was the name of our neighbor, worked with her dad in the garden. Mom and I also did some housework. I went out to the terrace. The neighbors had a better-groomed yard than ours. They had already built a large bathhouse, and the site itself was larger than ours. Anya squatted and weeded strawberries. She was wearing a T-shirt and li... continue reading

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The session is not conducive to a good mood. Never. Regardless of how you study. And everything is unnerving: the calls of the parents, the remarks of the sister, the attention of young people on the street. In short, ready to bark at everyone you meet. Especially when it's plus twenty-five outside the window, and instead of lying somewhere on the shore, sipping Coca-Cola, you wallow in a stuffy room and plow the boundless ocean of historical research.

Having dug into textbooks and losing the last remnants of common sense over the adventures of the ancient and not very Russians, I almost threw a suddenly screaming smartphone out the window.

- Oh, to break you! I said in my heart. - Well, who else is itching?

"People are divided into two categories," the unknown caller said thoughtfully. - "Some pass the session. Others have a habit of arriving at the wrong time, but they have cognac, which dilates blood vessels and improves mental activity. I have cognac. Well, so I will come in?... continue reading

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There were not as many people on the bus as I thought at first. I made my way to the very back seat and decided to take a nap: the path was not close. As soon as I closed my eyes and prepared to taste the sweetest sleep, as through the adjacent eyelids I saw a woman's silhouette approaching the back seats. It turned out to be a young girl (18-19 years old), distinguished by unusual beauty. Her light summer dress could not hide the lovely shapes of her hips and breasts. Shoulder-length dark brown hair was gathered into a neat ponytail with a colorful elastic band, slender long legs were shod in summer sandals, which consisted of thin leather straps. She walked over to the seats and, as if nothing had happened, landed next to me, probably thinking that I was still asleep.

The bus left. There were four hours of travel in inactivity. Sleep was the only occupation. And it is not surprising that after a few minutes my neighbor was sleeping peacefully, leaning back in her seat. I had no sle... continue reading

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Two people were walking along the forest road: a boy and a girl. The young man, tall and slender, to the surprise of the few passers-by he met, walked in only dirty black socks and no jeans, which he carried rolled up in his hands. He walked in one unbuttoned blue shirt and white, not very clean shorts. There were no signs of shoes in his hands.

The girl, slender and fragile, with long, waist-length, loose hair, walked barefoot, holding sandals in her hands. The top button of her jeans was open, and the zipper was half open, revealing her crimson panties. Even the girl was only a topic, leaving her bare belly, and he was clearly wearing a completely naked body.

The couple went through the forestry. Then the young man did an absolutely amazing act: looking around, he took off his underpants.

“Let's get out of the way,” the girl asked, not taking her eyes off what the thin fabric had just hidden.

"Come on," the guy agreed. They left the road, entered the forest, turned to face ea... continue reading

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You all know that meme with the girl stuck in the dryer wiggling her ass, trying to seduce her step brother? My husband showed me one of those jokes the other night, and I thought of it again about an hour later when I was doing the laundry. So… I did it. I bent over when he wasn’t looking and pushed myself into the dryer.

The position gave me no view of him at all, but I heard his amused laugh as he crossed the room to give my ass a spank. I was only wearing a big t-shirt and panties at the time. One spank quickly turned into a second, which turned into him rubbing my clit through my panties while keeping his hands on my waist so I couldn’t get out of the dryer.

When I started my little joke, I didn’t actually expect he’d get into it. The position itself had always seemed too silly for me. I guess while it was a sexual joke, it hadn’t actually turned me on. My husband’s fingers had entirely changed my mind. I piped up for him, even including the dumb “What are you doing, Step-broth... continue reading

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Coldly. Outside the window is the bright April sun, and all the puddles have long dried up, but I'm cold.

Beautiful girls walk outside the window, exposing their long slender legs for everyone to see. Even if in the summer on the beach these legs do not turn out to be so long and slender, now, after the cold slush and heaps of nostril sick snow, they still arouse admiration.

And I'm cold. Now I understand the unfortunate drunkards who unsuccessfully try to drive out this cold with the help of alcohol. It's useless. I don't drink, but I can tell you for sure that even if I'm drunk, I won't get warm.

It would be great if some pretty young lady suddenly came into my entrance, climbed the not very clean stairs and rang the bell at my door. I would ask who is there, and she would say that her name is ... well, let's say Lena is the most common name - and she really wants to get to know me.

But that won't happen.

It won't, because I'm not wanted by the pretty girls in miniskirts pa... continue reading

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Couples who live monotonous lives often break up. And, all due to the fact that the "wife" did not want to try, and the "husband" was afraid to ask. Therefore, rarely does anyone live for at least a year, because. troubles, disputes, scandals begin in the family, and husbands in most cases go to the left. Women, by the way, are no exception. My husband is not afraid of diversity and it makes me happy, because. if I was afraid, I don’t know what would happen to our relationship.

I have never considered myself one of those who, on quiet family evenings, after taking a shower, turn off the lights, go to bed and quietly do what they consider shameful under the covers. If I or my husband did this, we would probably die of boredom.

Our house where we live is populated all the time by old grandmothers who watch our every step. What time did they arrive, what time did they leave. It seems that while we do not see them, they are standing behind our backs or eavesdropping at the door. I do n... continue reading

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