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A lot of surprising things can be found in seemingly simple things. One of these discoveries was my girlfriend’s vagina. Moreover, this discovery even received the name “Svetkin’s mink.”

Of course, to a person who is sophisticated in opening vaginas, the name itself - mink - may seem completely ordinary. But, believe me, dear reader, this center of radiation of erotic fluids and fantasies, and I even dare to add and separate from all others with clarification, is the granary of the sexual dark all-consuming matter of the cosmos and the source of inspiration for my most vile carnal desires that have ever arisen for a living being.. ... you can't describe it more capaciously...

As for the rest, judge for yourself, reader...

It so happened that I was in a vacuum for a long time, in hunger, as you probably guessed, in sexual hunger... And after the end of my imprisonment, my Alpha Trotter broke out into the prairie of Lust and Desire and hurried to find out the first one that came al... continue reading

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Marinka didn't have an awl in her ass. Just like other items. Somehow: springs, Duracel batteries, dynamos and the rest that charges her with irrepressible energy. At my hint about the presence of the above-mentioned objects in her ass, she turned on the bed on her stomach, spread her buttocks with her hands:

- Look! There is nothing!

Looked. Indeed, there is nothing. Why does she have so much energy? I’m already in the trash, I can’t move, but she keeps jumping, everything won’t calm down, she needs something. Ass like ass. Plump, soft, I love to feel her. Wow and hole. Slightly wrinkled, tightly compressed. And there is nothing in it.

- How can you see it? This must be sought.

- Search. You need it, you need it.

- A finger, right?

- And at least with a finger, if the rest does not work.

Uela, it's called. And it, the rest, really does not work. His head hung down, wrinkled, even worse than Marinka's hole, and there is not even a hint of an early resuscitation of the pat... continue reading

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- Well, let's drink for acquaintance, Lenochka, or right away for love? Sergei Petrovich looked at the figure of the hostess with a smile. Young, not yet thirty with high breasts, defiantly protruding ass and strong legs. The figurine was crowned with a pretty head with a mop of red hair. Gray eyes looked defiant, plump lips beckoned to him.

"- A tear, thought Sergey, but does she take it in her mouth?"

They met by chance, ended up next to each other at a wedding, both went out for a smoke and it turned out that both were bored - ordinary booze, and nothing more.

- Let's get out of here, shall we?

- Where?

- Yes, at least to me, I'm a free girl ...

Sergei caught a taxi, they drove into a night shop and took a bottle of cognac (he said that they should beat off the taste of wedding moonshine) and a box of chocolates.

Climbing up the stairs to Lena, Sergey, who was walking behind, suddenly pinched her tight ass.

- Oh, don't rush, you're hot!

But Sergei was in a hurry, a... continue reading

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Ok so that's not gonna a hot and long confession but at least, that one gonna be 100% true and honest 😉

So I'm with my girl for many years now and sex is great between us as she's more and more slutty with time and open to many stuff. (Communication is the key of a great sexuality my friends !).

Few days ago, we were having a chill night at home with some of her girl friends (some of them are really hot btw and I've already fantasized and even jerked myself off thinking about them to be honest). As usual, after a few drinks, the conversation ended up with sex confessions and so on.

At one point, my gf told her friends that she "won the big cock lottery" and then started to tell some hot stories about our sex life with random but hot details. (How huge my loads are, how bad it turns her on to gag on my cock trying her best to deepthroat me, how my dick stretches her holes and makes her scream loudly and so on).

Fuuuuuuuck, it was so hot and amazing to hear those reviews and to... continue reading

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The story takes place one summer. Then there was a warm, if not to say, hot summer.

It was 30 degree heat. We had a dacha near Belozersk. This is an amazing place. Sandy soil, even after heavy rain it was always dry. Deep and beautiful lakes were not far from our dacha. Dad worked on weekends and my mom and I went alone to the dacha. The neighbors also came. I was 24. A daughter and her father arrived at a neighboring site. She, as she said, was about 20, although according to her figure, one could give no more than 18 years. Slender, short, dense figure with small elastic breasts and dark skin. Athletic dad, former cyclist. The day was hot, but Anya, that was the name of our neighbor, worked with her dad in the garden. Mom and I also did some housework. I went out to the terrace. The neighbors had a better-groomed yard than ours. They had already built a large bathhouse, and the site itself was larger than ours. Anya squatted and weeded strawberries. She was wearing a T-shirt and li... continue reading

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The session is not conducive to a good mood. Never. Regardless of how you study. And everything is unnerving: the calls of the parents, the remarks of the sister, the attention of young people on the street. In short, ready to bark at everyone you meet. Especially when it's plus twenty-five outside the window, and instead of lying somewhere on the shore, sipping Coca-Cola, you wallow in a stuffy room and plow the boundless ocean of historical research.

Having dug into textbooks and losing the last remnants of common sense over the adventures of the ancient and not very Russians, I almost threw a suddenly screaming smartphone out the window.

- Oh, to break you! I said in my heart. - Well, who else is itching?

"People are divided into two categories," the unknown caller said thoughtfully. - "Some pass the session. Others have a habit of arriving at the wrong time, but they have cognac, which dilates blood vessels and improves mental activity. I have cognac. Well, so I will come in?... continue reading

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There were not as many people on the bus as I thought at first. I made my way to the very back seat and decided to take a nap: the path was not close. As soon as I closed my eyes and prepared to taste the sweetest sleep, as through the adjacent eyelids I saw a woman's silhouette approaching the back seats. It turned out to be a young girl (18-19 years old), distinguished by unusual beauty. Her light summer dress could not hide the lovely shapes of her hips and breasts. Shoulder-length dark brown hair was gathered into a neat ponytail with a colorful elastic band, slender long legs were shod in summer sandals, which consisted of thin leather straps. She walked over to the seats and, as if nothing had happened, landed next to me, probably thinking that I was still asleep.

The bus left. There were four hours of travel in inactivity. Sleep was the only occupation. And it is not surprising that after a few minutes my neighbor was sleeping peacefully, leaning back in her seat. I had no sle... continue reading

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Two people were walking along the forest road: a boy and a girl. The young man, tall and slender, to the surprise of the few passers-by he met, walked in only dirty black socks and no jeans, which he carried rolled up in his hands. He walked in one unbuttoned blue shirt and white, not very clean shorts. There were no signs of shoes in his hands.

The girl, slender and fragile, with long, waist-length, loose hair, walked barefoot, holding sandals in her hands. The top button of her jeans was open, and the zipper was half open, revealing her crimson panties. Even the girl was only a topic, leaving her bare belly, and he was clearly wearing a completely naked body.

The couple went through the forestry. Then the young man did an absolutely amazing act: looking around, he took off his underpants.

“Let's get out of the way,” the girl asked, not taking her eyes off what the thin fabric had just hidden.

"Come on," the guy agreed. They left the road, entered the forest, turned to face ea... continue reading

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You all know that meme with the girl stuck in the dryer wiggling her ass, trying to seduce her step brother? My husband showed me one of those jokes the other night, and I thought of it again about an hour later when I was doing the laundry. So… I did it. I bent over when he wasn’t looking and pushed myself into the dryer.

The position gave me no view of him at all, but I heard his amused laugh as he crossed the room to give my ass a spank. I was only wearing a big t-shirt and panties at the time. One spank quickly turned into a second, which turned into him rubbing my clit through my panties while keeping his hands on my waist so I couldn’t get out of the dryer.

When I started my little joke, I didn’t actually expect he’d get into it. The position itself had always seemed too silly for me. I guess while it was a sexual joke, it hadn’t actually turned me on. My husband’s fingers had entirely changed my mind. I piped up for him, even including the dumb “What are you doing, Step-broth... continue reading

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Coldly. Outside the window is the bright April sun, and all the puddles have long dried up, but I'm cold.

Beautiful girls walk outside the window, exposing their long slender legs for everyone to see. Even if in the summer on the beach these legs do not turn out to be so long and slender, now, after the cold slush and heaps of nostril sick snow, they still arouse admiration.

And I'm cold. Now I understand the unfortunate drunkards who unsuccessfully try to drive out this cold with the help of alcohol. It's useless. I don't drink, but I can tell you for sure that even if I'm drunk, I won't get warm.

It would be great if some pretty young lady suddenly came into my entrance, climbed the not very clean stairs and rang the bell at my door. I would ask who is there, and she would say that her name is ... well, let's say Lena is the most common name - and she really wants to get to know me.

But that won't happen.

It won't, because I'm not wanted by the pretty girls in miniskirts pa... continue reading

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Couples who live monotonous lives often break up. And, all due to the fact that the "wife" did not want to try, and the "husband" was afraid to ask. Therefore, rarely does anyone live for at least a year, because. troubles, disputes, scandals begin in the family, and husbands in most cases go to the left. Women, by the way, are no exception. My husband is not afraid of diversity and it makes me happy, because. if I was afraid, I don’t know what would happen to our relationship.

I have never considered myself one of those who, on quiet family evenings, after taking a shower, turn off the lights, go to bed and quietly do what they consider shameful under the covers. If I or my husband did this, we would probably die of boredom.

Our house where we live is populated all the time by old grandmothers who watch our every step. What time did they arrive, what time did they leave. It seems that while we do not see them, they are standing behind our backs or eavesdropping at the door. I do n... continue reading

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Marina and Maxim have been friends for a long time. I would even say more. They are very close friends and... lovers. They always have fun together, they always have more than enough topics for conversations, and in sex they have complete harmony. Right now they are going up in an elevator to the 17th floor of a high-rise building, where Maxim's apartment is located. They talk on an exciting, exciting topic ...

- I love when the underwear is transparent, with lace or just a thin mesh. Everything is open, but at the same time inaccessible! - Maxim smiled and showed Marina a box from a chic black lace bra, which he bought for her as a gift.

- Lace is just fine, but this is for love games, and in everyday clothes I prefer lingerie without seams, underwires in bras and lace! You know I wear Pompea tango tops and panties. Comfortable and bright colors. - Marishka took out a strap from a bright blue top from under her blouse and showed it to Maxim.

- Comfort... Hmm! It is important! Ar... continue reading

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I (M30) only recently became aware of this after reconnecting with my Ex for coffee. About a year out of high school I was dating my long distance girlfriend and we would trade off spending holidays together at each others homes. One year while I was staying at her house, her younger sister and I got into a habit of trying to scare each other by hiding in different places in the house.

One day in particular, my girlfriend and I thought we were lucky enough to get the whole house to ourselves. Her sister was supposed to be a swim team and her parents went out Christmas shopping. We pulled into the garage. Yelled in the house a few times then ran up to have sex in her room.

We went into her room and closed the door, making out while tearing out clothes off. We made out, I went down on her, she went down on me, all the typical things before having sex. I remember it pretty well cause it had Been forever since we had sex. Her family didn’t expect us to be prudes of course... continue reading

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- Do you know how I met my last wife? Oh, are you not interested? In vain? You will lose a lot if you don't listen to my story. Only first, let's take another hundred grams, otherwise ... However, you will understand for yourself.

- Do you remember those times when scientists were out of work? Remember? One of them was me. Who at that time needed biology? Here! Here! Quite right. To no one. In general, I was left out of work, and even without a penny in my pocket. Quickly realizing that there was no sense in me, my wife, instantly oriented in the realities of what was happening, left me and went to her former classmate, who sold rags in the market. He had several stalls there. In general, unlike me unmercenary, he could provide her with a well-fed life. True, not for long. He was banged, and my ex-wife, left alone, set out to return to me, but I was already smart and sent her ... Far away.

At the very case, things were not going worse, and then there she was. In general, I had a gr... continue reading

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The sun was slowly reddening, approaching the horizon, I could see the reflection of its rays on the sand of the beach. A cool breeze, smelling of algae, enveloped us, we were a small group of fellow students, we came after the lectures to have a little rest and swim. Last days of September, autumn.

I went to the dressing room, and dreamed of jumping into warm water as soon as possible, a lady of 40 years old, in a dressing gown, was standing by the booth. Probably lived near the beach. She smelled of expensive perfume and a towel covered her face. I stood silently and waited for my turn to use the booth, the lady lit a cigarette and came close to the booth. Finally, a girl jumped out of the booth and skipped to the stairs. My neighbor entered the booth. I saw her legs through the opening between the lower edge of the booth and the boardwalk on which this booth rested, I decided that this middle-aged lady occupied the booth for a long time and turned away towards the sea ... Then I h... continue reading

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- Well, what happened next? Andrey sat comfortably in an armchair next to the coffee table, on which stood a cup of fragrant, freshly brewed coffee, and looked at the bustling younger sister. For the third day, Alla was preparing to receive guests - two young people who were not indifferent to her in one way or another, but, as usual, she did not have time to do anything. The guys could come any minute, and she was still running around the house with a wet head and in some translucent panties.

- And what could be there at all, - Alla lingered for a moment near the mirror, with visible pleasure once again looking at her slender figure, - Of course, Pashka tried to drag me into bed in the end.

- Did it work? Especially what you are talking about.

“He certainly managed to get to bed,” the girl giggled. - Even managed to get with me - I dragged him. He tried to hug me, and fell asleep - in a half-hanging position.

- And you?

- What about me? Do not go home alone at two o'clock in... continue reading

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(I was asked to repost this one)

Thanks to my new friends on Reddit, I was encouraged to buy and wear small princess butt plug to work, which I've worn several days in a row without break.

These are my findings:

The plug I bought is meant to be worn everyday and has a stem in it for easy removal, as well as for better pleasure (easier to manipulate while sitting down).

My visits to the restroom have increased by almost double. I have been reading that this is very normal.I take my plug out at night to sleep and I'm finding that I wake up feeling empty and actually kind of missing it...

Might be TMI, but my asshole actually feels tighter and it's harder to get the plug back in sometimes (and it was already hard. I carry a full bottle of lube in my purse).

I have had five orgasms in 3 days. Two were completely out of nowhere. The others came from my touching myself or fantasizing in my head. I came verrryyyyy close to having an orgasm while talking to a cute guy and had to walk aw... continue reading

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It was already too late to go to the store where Lana worked, and Airplanes went straight to the hotel where she lived. Turning off Route 17, which is also the main street of the town, onto South 8, he saw the name "Grand Inn". On a side street behind the hotel, he found a parking spot, parked, and got out of the car in an unusual state of excitement, mixed with a slight drowsiness that did not interfere, but on the contrary, made everything that happened around him look like a dream.

The warmth of the night mingled with the tart scent of the ocean breeze. From the amusement park located across the road came the screams and laughter of visitors who had not yet calmed down. From a neighboring street running along the ocean, flooded with bright yellow lights, the musical rhythms that were popular this summer could be heard coming out of the windows of passing cars in basses. Everything around was relaxed, fun and carefree.

The hotel was a two-story building in the shape of the letter... continue reading

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I was back at my childhood home for a funeral. My husband had to stay behind for work, but it was nice to see the family again and spend time with old friends from high school and college as we celebrated our common friend.

When the funeral was finished I decided I wanted to go back to my dad’s house and rest.It had been a lot of traveling this month. I said my goodbyes and went back to his place.My parents have been divorced for almost 10 years now but he still lived in our old house. I went back to my old room, now a guest room, and laid on the bed.

That’s when Alton reached out to me.

Alton was a guy I met at a club and had become someone I was seeing.

He wanted to facetime.

No one was in the house and I was feeling sad, so I thought it might make me feel better.

I quickly tried to make myself look cuter and then turned on my camera. Only to be staring right at Alton’s sizable penis.

I quickly stripped, with him telling me to leave the wedding ring on, and we started to mastu... continue reading

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The third day hanging around Moscow without a penny in his pocket, Igor peered enviously into the windows of foreign cars with tinted windows passing by him, trying to see the lucky ones inside. Money... Damn it, where are these notorious crazy "grandmothers", flowing, according to the provincials, into the bottomless pockets of Muscovites from all over the country? And why can't he, a healthy, smart and still young man, break off his piece from this damned metropolitan pie?

No money means nothing: no housing next month, no food for the next week, not even a ticket to your hometown. But in the notebook there is one address ...

Remembering this, Igor grinned wryly and shrugged his shoulders. Well… After all, he doesn’t foresee women in the foreseeable future either, so it doesn’t matter what to do with the liquid that has accumulated over the month and is useless, causing only pain in the groin…

To his surprise, at the family planning department of the city gynecological dispensar... continue reading

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