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So famously began the movement of his wife in the direction of free relationships slowed down slightly. Sasha decided to get married, so he was no longer considered as a partner. The dream of double penetration has remained a dream. My wife went to Sergei once more, got what she wanted, and somehow her excitement subsided from these meetings. Although I allowed at any time, any day, but the ardor somehow faded.

I realized that steps must be taken so that the process of initiating the sex-wife does not stop. It was necessary to bring in a fresh stream, so I had to crawl through the sites, look for a new lover for my wife. I set out to have a member of at least 20 centimeters. Finally, I agreed with Grigory, met in a cafe, explained what and how my wife loves, asked me to bring a certificate, since I assumed communication without a condom (well, my wife doesn’t like it with a condom, but I don’t like it myself). A week later, Grigory brought a certificate and declared that he was ready... continue reading

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Virgo was her zodiac sign. Who knows, maybe that's why I immediately noticed her when she showed up at my work. In general, I was lucky with the "virgins" in my life.

The story with this one began with the fact that she sat down on the edge of my table, I got up, we met, talked. She was incredibly sexy.

At some point, she raised her hand to straighten her hair, and I must say that her hair was magnificent - a heavy golden mane.

So, she raises her hand and through the wide sleeve of her summer shirt, which turns out to be right in front of my eyes, I suddenly see an unrestricted, small, with a neat, slightly protruding papilla, breasts.

I read somewhere that the ideal woman's breasts should fit under the man's palm. I swear I saw my ideal!

She lowered her hand, but even today, closing my eyes, I see this picture as if in reality. We became friends and rejoiced when we could be together.

Her sex appeal did not leave any man indifferent, her sliding gait, hair, hip bend and so... continue reading

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I went crazy from the absence of a wife and intimate life. She was in my custody. And so, from all this, I began to look on the Internet for a way to correct my situation, and I came across a married couple from my city. We started talking, agreed to meet in a cafe to get to know each other. But unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the meeting did not take place. They had their own affairs, I had my own (work, wife, etc.) But then the census began at work, and it turned out that everyone was free tonight. We agreed on a meeting place and special signs of each other.

To be honest, I was a little shaken by this adventure. What awaits me there, what should I expect from this meeting, of course there was a whole bunch of thoughts. But still I decided and at the appointed time was on the spot.

I quickly found a white jeep according to the description, and hovered of course. Walk past or take a chance, and yet almost 3 months of abstinence did their job and I did not run home without l... continue reading

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After my daughter was two and a half years old, I came to the conclusion that I would never lose weight ... I was too lazy and could not deny myself the pleasure of sitting in the evening with a glass of good red wine. But summer has come and a real heat has come to Germany.

The temperature in the shade went off scale over forty, I didn’t feel like eating at all, I could only drink water, and it flowed all over my body. After a week of this torture, I noticed that my face was somewhat sunken and my eyes were sunken, as once in Russia, when there was no money for food ... After another week of the same heat, I decided to stand on the scales and could not believe my eyes. .. 55.5... It was just incredible, in two weeks, I was almost back to my normal weight, dropping at least 15 kilograms...

I couldn’t believe my eyes and began to spin in front of the mirror ... What I was able to see there suited me perfectly: the stomach was pulled in ... the fat on the sides disappeared, the arms ... continue reading

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The day started as usual. I went to a restaurant to have breakfast and met my old friend there. He was having breakfast there with his colleague and, after introducing me to Jenny, invited me to join them. The conversation over the meal began with generalities, but soon turned to our absent spouses. Jenny, speaking of her husband, remarked that she and her husband were married in a common-law marriage and that they adhered to the rules not to prevent each other from seeing other people. Dave was very conservative and, besides, only recently married, and such a frank statement embarrassed him. Soon he remembered about the unfinished work and excused himself and left. Jenny and I were left alone.

We had a few drinks and began to discuss our sexual preferences quite frankly. Jenny leans forward and whispers, "Do you remember how much you wanted to fuck when you were puberty? That's how I feel all the time." By now I had a strong erection.

I said that I really liked panties, and that n... continue reading

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Stanislav Sergeevich watched the entrance to the office from the window of his office. He often did this in order to scold the guards who lazily strolled at the entrance and flirted with passing employees. A similar picture was happening now: the security guard enthusiastically glued the girl waiting at the entrance, not an employee. The silhouette of the stranger was exciting: a straight back, a thin waist, tied with a cloak belt, slender legs in boots, blond straight hair. S.S.'s face was not visible. An obtuse elderly manager came out of the door. pharmacy point, who does not know how to keep financial records, was reprimanded and heavily fined for this by order of S.S.

A minute ago, he personally asked for an appointment with the owner of a pharmaceutical company, asked him for something, but the busy S.S., having listened to him half-heartedly, did not cancel his order for a fine. The girl rushed to the old man: a serious, smart, worried, beautiful face. She hugged the man and h... continue reading

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- You, spouses? - Tatyana Petrovna asked, realizing that they would most likely lie to her, but they were not going to lie.

- Not! What do you! We don't know each other at all! - In fright, waving her hands, the young woman answered. This man is not even familiar to me.

“We are really strangers to each other,” the elderly man confirmed to the professorial appearance.

- It's a pity, because I have only one free room left, for the spouses.

- Tell me, can we somehow share it? - Resigning herself to the prospect of living with a stranger to her man (a decent kind of person), Irina Sergeevna asked hopefully.

- Not. Hardly. There is only one double bed in it, there is not even a sofa, - anticipating what she would say, the hostess noticed.

- What do we do? The man asked her, somewhat confused. “I don’t have enough money to pay for two of her.

“I also don’t have extra money,” the woman supported him.

- I advise you to agree, and settle together. You will not quarrel among your... continue reading

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Charm and anticipation has gone from their relationship, replaced by semi-legitimate cooperation. Sex, exciting and unbridled, continued to bind them, giving not joy, no, but the satisfaction of mutual dark lustful desires. She stopped dreaming. The work, as before, was interesting, the smack of obvious danger and illegality intensified the brightness of the spicy impressions she received, including sexual ones.

She again lived, in obedience to habit, without joy and warmth, and once answered the call of Sergei, who systematically called her without an answer. They met, the genuine joy of the guy was transferred to her, she was surprised to understand that she missed simple, sincere, disinterested relationships. They walked and talked for a long time like in the summer, he took her hand, she did not take it away. They began to meet, rarely, carving out minutes from mutual employment.

He invited her to his small bachelor apartment and timidly said that he would be happy if she did n... continue reading

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Among my clients there was one point in Ochakovo. Once I stop by, and the saleswoman Lyubka, a broken woman of about thirty-five, is playfully disposed. The owner of the outlet, a heavyset man, said as he left:

- Be careful, I'll hold it.

“But I don’t mind,” Liubka answered.

After these words, I looked at her. Although, at that time, I was just in the midst of a relationship with Ksenia and I didn’t attach too much importance to Lyubkin’s statements. Although, she was pretty enough. Slim, short. A brown-haired woman with a pleasant face. I was making eyes and her partner Nina.

- If I were younger, we would have stirred up with you, - she said.

But Nina was painfully unattractive. But Lyubka is like that, nothing. And also builds eyes. The first time I squeezed her a day after Ksyukhin's departure.

“What, people will see,” she stammered.

So she teased me for two weeks. I come, she makes eyes, flirts. Like I'm young, hot. And when it comes down to it, everything is clamped.... continue reading

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This story happened to me five years ago. My friends and I went on a hike.

There were 10 of us - 6 men and 4 women. I was supposed to sleep in a tent with Vadim, but he fell ill and did not come to the station. I had already decided that I would sleep alone, but on the first evening of our trip we were so cold that I decided to invite one of our women, Larisa, to my tent. She was no longer young, however, like me, but still very attractive and sexy.

She immediately brought her things and began to make the bed. One sleeping bag was put down, and the second one was covered. First they lay down in their clothes, and it was cold. Then I plucked up the courage and put my arms around her waist. It became much warmer, then my cheeks began to burn, and I touched my cheek to her face. She lay silently, and only her deep and frequent breathing said that she liked everything that was happening. It soon became so hot that we had to take off some of our clothes, and we were left in T-shirts and... continue reading

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- Do you love me?

- It seems that we agreed not to ask such stupid questions ... There is no love.

- Okay. Differently. Do you like me?

- You may like your favorite shirt, and a new mobile ...

- You don’t love, you don’t like me ... Then nothing keeps you near me ...

But I'm around...

This is how every morning started.

She, lying next to him, drew inconceivable patterns on his skin with her finger. She didn't need anything else. Only he and that's all ... Without him, she did not imagine her life at all. Maybe it was stupid, but he was the meaning of her life.

And he looked at the ceiling, thinking that today was another difficult day. It seemed that nothing bothered him, even the girl lying next to him, the one near whom he wakes up for the hundredth or thousandth morning.

Nothing connected them. Is that the bed ... But, "sex is not a reason for dating", is not it?

They lived together in an apartment that belonged entirely to him.

She came home every day in fear ... continue reading

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I was told this story of hers (once, under a very good drunk) by my very good friend, with whom at the time of work at the company we had some pleasant confidential (but not long-term close ones, unfortunately - three times with camouflage after a working day on the occasion of some - some holidays on a little drunk do not count, of course, but both caught euphoria) relationship at one time and with whom we worked in one good foreign company.

Elvira worked as the chief economist, practically, which meant financial director, I am the only lawyer in the company. Elya, who was 36 years old then, and I am 30, I must say, in our company, was probably the most proud and not giving married young woman with two offspring, although other women of all ages unceremoniously got rid of completely in our sabantuis, pushing them apart without any problems legs and getting all the pleasures from male members, even dancing naked on banquet tables, moving food along the edge. Everyone fucked each othe... continue reading

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For some reason, it became terribly funny when, in a large woman who got out of a car I did not know, I recognized my mother's girlfriend - Tamara Lvovna, a neighbor on the porch from the fifth floor.

- Has the beauty come to get laid? – sarcastically flashed through my head. - What about the husband? Doesn't satisfy? Decided to scratch your manda about a stump in nature?

I heard in the morning at the entrance, how I hung noodles on my husband’s ears, that you were going to a lonely girlfriend who had a bad cold and could even stay until the morning, depending on her condition.

- A decent woman came out on the panel? He smiled wickedly and looked hopefully at the camera. - How lucky I decided to go for mushrooms and take pictures of birds in the forest! And you can only dream of pictures of such a swallow with a “lonely girlfriend” in nature!

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Aunt Tamara, Uncle Vitin's wife, got out of a car parked in a small cl... continue reading

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For 5 years I "worked" as a housekeeper in a wealthy family... He is an official, she kept a private clinic...

Only my wife hired domestic servants, when she accepted a job, she wanted to examine me naked, and then said that before I started, I should be sterilized. They say attractive, two times younger than her, and her husband is greedy for all skirts. So that she would not even have thoughts that I could fly from him.

I went nuts, but she offered a very high salary, and the guy left me with a little daughter in his arms, all in debt ... Such a situation was that she agreed, especially since she didn’t plan to give birth anymore. I had an operation for free in her own clinic, and after 3 weeks I could already start working...

And I won’t hide it, she turned out to be right ... I’ve had it with her husband more than once ... I won’t say that right away, about six months later and not entirely by my will, I just didn’t resist much. I almost didn’t even mind ... he courted beauti... continue reading

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The year before last, in the month of November, I don't remember exactly... But the events are still fresh, as if it were a week ago. My wife was in the hospital for preservation, and I was alone at home, and toiled from the point, thinking about what to do with myself. But then I got a call from my wife's niece, Katerina. We have known each other for a long time, and we had a very good relationship. Well followed by a typical conversation.

— Hello, Vova. This is Katya, how are you, what are you doing?

Hi, I don't do anything. Tanya is in the hospital, I miss being at home.

- And I'm bored ... If you want to come, it will be more fun together.

- Come, otherwise I'm dying of anguish ...

- All right, wait. I will soon. And gave up.

In order to pass the time before arrival, Katerina decided to clean up a bit, put things in order in the apartment.

An hour later, the intercom rang, Katya arrived ...

- Hi Vov.

- Hello Katyusha, come on in.

I helped Katya take off her oute... continue reading

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Hello. My name is Dasha and I... No, not so fast.

Hello, my name is Dasha and I would like to introduce myself. I'm 26, fairly slim, size 3, single. It seems kind, good, I love my friends, girlfriends, and they love me. What else is important to know? Oh, and also the fact that I recently discovered my “dark side”, my alter ego, which turned out to be the complete opposite of the me that I considered myself to be.

It started like most incredible stories - spontaneously and unexpectedly. I have a best friend, Tanya. Blonde beauty, well-groomed and slim. Damn, always envied her figure. We met her already in the first year of linguistics, since then not a day has passed that we did not quarrel with her, but that's why she is the BEST friend. For several years now, she and her boyfriend have been renting an apartment, and I often visit them to chat, drink tea or something stronger. Tanya somehow got on with her personal life, she knows how to tame, but I’ve been missing for more than a... continue reading

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We rested on the sea, returning from a cafe on the waterfront. To shorten the path we went through an abandoned sanatorium. On a dark alley, they decided to indulge a little, I put my wife doggystyle to the bench, began to kiss, stroke her. She already began to moan and flowed. I just wanted to stick it in when five guys came out. Two of them twisted my arms, and two of them pressed her arms against the bench so that she couldn't twitch. The fifth says: well done, prepared the heifer, even took off his underpants. Came up and with a swing put his penis into her. She could be heard screaming even though her mouth was clamped shut.

He began to fuck her with cancer until he graduated right into her. Then they dragged me to her from behind, by the hair they poked me with my head between her legs and said:

“Let’s wash it for the next one.”

I had to lick her. I often made her kuni, but then sperm flowed out of her. When I licked, my wife began to squeeze her legs and moan. They laughed... continue reading

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Kira, young and very attractive, came to visit her grandmother. The hot summer has begun, and vacation is a good opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city, in a distant village. The river, fresh air, forests and fields will do her good.

Jogging and swimming naked made her happy every morning. There is no one around, she is alone, why not. After such a procedure, I decided to sunbathe a little, also naked. The sun had already risen well into the sky and began to bake well.

Lying on her stomach, for a long time she decided to roll onto her back, so that everything would be good with a tan, she applied tanning cream to her skin with deft movements. I closed my eyes and enjoyed sunbathing and birdsong.

Suddenly, for a moment, a man's groan was heard ... the frightened woman jumped up, looked around, but did not see anything suspicious. Maybe heard? Deciding to continue her procedures yet, she settled down more comfortably on the grass.

After a while, she got up and lo... continue reading

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