A small camp site on the shore of the Azov Sea. One-story houses with an attic and a glassed-in veranda. There are six of us: my wife Valya and I, Valya’s friend Nadya and her husband Yura, and Yurkin’s friend and his wife, I don’t remember their names, they’re just extras here.

Evening, the barbecue is burning, barbecue is being fried, we are drinking wine. Everyone had already drunk well. Everyone went for a walk to the sea, I stayed by the barbecue. I finished cooking the kebabs, put them on a large plate and went to the house for something. It was about 11 pm, already dark.

Entering the veranda, through the glass I saw some movement near the neighboring house. Has stopped. In the shadow of the house, hiding from the light of the lantern, my Valya kissed Yurka.

Maybe I'm some kind of pervert, but I always wanted to see how someone fights my Valyushka. I watched from behind the glass as Yurka greedily kissed my wife, his hands rummaged all over her body, got into her shorts, he lifted up her T-shirt and kissed her breasts. Judging by her slightly open mouth, her head thrown back and her half-closed eyes, she felt good.

“Where did everyone go? We went to the sea together and everyone disappeared somewhere,” I heard Nadya’s voice behind me.

“Well, Yurka and Valka are here,” I pointed my finger at the window as if nothing had happened... Although just at that moment Valya pulled off Yurka’s shorts to his knees and he stuck his dick in her mouth.

Nadezhda clung to the window and watched silently for several seconds, “Your mother...” she cursed and turned sharply towards the exit.

I managed to grab her hand, “Come on, Nadya. Don’t, don’t disturb, people are resting.”

She stopped and looked out the window again, where my Valka was standing with her hands resting on the house and Yurka was fucking her from behind.

I pulled her hand towards me, she did not resist, I hugged her, she pressed herself against me, but did not take her eyes off the window, Valya stood in the same position, but now Yurka, squatting, was licking her pussy and between the buns.

Nadya was wearing a short tennis skirt and a tennis T-shirt. My hands slid up her skirt, I squeezed her ass with my hands and then ran my hand over her pubis, her thong was wet. Nadyushka took her eyes off the window and suddenly hugged me by the neck and kissed me passionately. I lifted her T-shirt and sucked on her nipples, groping her under her skirt.

She pulled my shorts off and put them in her mouth. She sucked skillfully and with pleasure, while she rubbed her breasts against my thighs, and my legs were sandwiched between her thighs and this excited me very much.

Outside the window, the action also continued. Valka was sucking Yurka again, Yurka was completely naked, Valyukha was only wearing a T-shirt and sneakers.

Nadya stood up and turned her butt towards me, “Fuck me,” she said briefly, I pulled off her skirt along with her thong and involuntarily admired it. A neat, elastic ass, slender legs... I thrust it into her pussy, she pizdeishn.net wriggled and waved at me. Her movements became faster and faster, finally she froze for a moment... "Aaaaaaah" she gasped and her whole body shook with orgasm.

After standing for a while without changing her position, she turned to me, took her skirt and thong from the chair and glanced out the window.

“I think he’s fucking her in the ass,” she said. Valentina stood again with her hands resting on the house, Yurka penetrated her from behind, but much more slowly and carefully. In order not to moan from pain, Valya lifted up and clutched the bottom of her T-shirt in her teeth, her breasts swayed erotically in time with the movements.

Nadyukha threw aside the panties and skirt that she was holding in her hand and again became doggy style. “In the ass,” she again briefly commanded.

I spread her buns, licked her hole, wetting it generously with saliva and put my dick in. With careful movements she began to push her ass onto him, moaning slightly. When my dick was halfway in her ass, I couldn’t stand it and sharply leaned forward, thrusting it completely into her, she screamed sharply, I started fucking her in the ass faster and with stronger thrusts. She moved her pelvis in time with my movements and moaned, either from pain or from pleasure.

“I don’t understand, what is this?” I heard Yurka’s voice behind me and automatically looked out the window. There was no one there. He and my Valyukha stood in the doorway and watched with indignant faces as I screwed Nadya.

Without stopping, I looked at Yurka, then out the window at the place where he was fucking my wife. She and Valya also looked in that direction and realized that we had seen everything.

“Well, if we are all exposed,” Yurka smiled, “maybe you can spend the night in our attic today?” this was a question for me and my wife.

“I don’t mind,” said Nadya, who still had my dick in her ass and was slowly moving on it.

“Even more so,” said my wife.

“I don’t see any obstacles,” I said, “I’ll just cum in your wife’s mouth...”

Nadyushka turned to me, sat down and took me into her mouth, which was immediately filled with my sperm...

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