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Just a day. Two people just met in a city without people. In a city that lived only for this. For this meeting of two people, with different characters and complex relationships. That is why the city, for a time, got rid of its people. So that there is no explosion. To make the environment as comfortable as possible for the two of them.

Why are the two looking for this meeting? Each of them has their own motives. In some ways they are similar, in others they are radically different. Different perceptions, but the goal is to give your warmth, affection, tenderness. And it all started out ordinary and banal. Lots of kisses, because these are your favorite lips. Strong hugs, because this is a dear soul.

Only at some point something turned off inside. And the city moved away and did not interfere. He just disappeared. Everything disappeared, sounds, smells, desires. Leaving the essence. Passionate, animalistic, instinctive essence. The barriers were erased, revealing bodies and soul... continue reading

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Hello everyone, I won’t give my name, I think it’s not that important. When this story happened I was 19 years old. I came home once every couple of months and rode my father’s BMW X5. Our city is small and the car is pretty cool for this place. I came home one day on vacation, after a couple of days I got bored and signed up for a dating site. A couple of hours later I found a girl there named Margot. We started talking, invited me to go for a walk, she didn’t refuse me.

I think my appearance is not bad, and I had a normal face, red hair, I went to the gym all the time, I had an athletic build, my penis was 16 cm, my height was 180 cm. So we shot an arrow and saw each other. God, she was beautiful... Slender, athletic, elastic ass, cute face, very similar to Babi from “Three Meters Above the Sky,” well-groomed, she smelled very tasty. Overall I was delighted. We went for a ride around the city, rode and chatted. After about 20 minutes of chatting and driving around, I stopped at a l... continue reading

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The day did not go well from the very morning. The conflict arose out of nowhere. Slamming the door, Tanya went to her parents.

Arriving at the office, Lenya turned on the computer and began editing another contract. Then the boss came into his office.

- Why so gloomy? Looks like you had a good rest.

- What is it...

- Yeah. Okay, here's a little deal for you - you'll go to Paris.

- ...Where?

– To the hero city of Paris. You'll get divorced. You will negotiate with our partners on a new project. Prepare the soil. Do you have a visa?

- By itself.

- So that's great. Natasha will go with you as a translator. She's also on board. Go to the accounting department for travel allowances and tickets and you’re free for today. Go home, pack your things. Departure tomorrow morning at 9:45.

After Lenya left, the boss returned to his office and called Natasha to his office.

Natasha, a fragile brunette with short hair and big brown eyes, had a luxurious bust of the third size. As ... continue reading

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- Yulenka, don’t you want to try it in the ass?

This was the question she feared most. She had been dating Vladik for six months already. Until now, he had never shown his interest in anal sex, and Yulia had already decided that she would not have to experience it herself.

From porn films and books, she knew a little about the sensations that arise. What scared her most was the pain, which she knew was inevitable. She didn't really believe in the pleasant sensations of anal sex. And now this moment has come. The time has come to give up virginity on this side too. Julia froze for a second, and then, trying to appear calm, answered:

- Let's. How do you want to do it?

“I’ll now lie down on my back, and you’ll sit on me.”

It doesn't get any easier hour by hour. She herself will have to impale herself on Vladik’s huge penis.

- Fine. Lie down.

Vlad lay on his back so that his feet were on the floor. Julia first sat astride his lap, and then stood up and moved so that his protr... continue reading

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He loved her tenderly, caressing her so that it didn’t hurt. She reciprocated his feelings: she moaned when he kissed her breasts, arched her back when he stroked her tummy, and desperately pretended to cum at the same time as him. But as soon as the night began, she went to someone else, to someone who loved her greedily and cruelly...

What a bitch she is - I thought, lighting a cigarette - strange for a girl with such eyes, damn, I really want to believe that she is white and fluffy... or I just want to think so... well... she will never be mine. What did she say? Mmmm... sex without consequences. After it there is only one consequence - insanity.

The filter of the cigarette burns his fingers, he shakes his head and looks towards the bed.

Here she is. Beautiful, desired and mine... today.

He approaches the bed, she rises to kiss his stomach, but he takes her by the neck and squeezes. She doesn't moan or wheeze... she looks into his eyes.

Cruel, evil, beautiful BITCH - I say... continue reading

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I want to talk about one of my novels with a very interesting and sexy man. His name is Dima, 29 years old, short brown-haired with unusually beautiful green eyes. My name is Lina, a slender 22-year-old girl with long light brown hair. We met at the same company, my friend worked there, I went to her, she introduced me to Dmitry. I will never forget how he looked at me with his languid gaze of narrowed eyes, pleasant manners, courageous physique, strong-willed chin, and even Scorpio according to the zodiac sign - the most temperamental and passionate sign. Since then, I began to visit my friend at that company more often, until I hinted to him that I liked him and left my phone number.

In my youth, I graduated from art school, so I decided to draw his portrait from memory and sent it to him by mail. Dima called, thanked him for the portrait and offered to meet. There was a heavy downpour, we were driving around the city at night, a continuous wall of rain almost drowned out our conve... continue reading

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I had a friend who really loved two things in sex: spontaneity and light coercion. This turned her on so much that I then had to “calm her down” for hours. We knew each other for 3 years and therefore we managed to fully enjoy all possible (and impossible) places, seasons, days and circumstances. Role-playing games too.

One day I came up with a scenario that, as it seemed to me then, was new and good, but its implementation was quite problematic, since it required the presence of other participants, and its actions could well fall under at least several articles of the criminal code...

I'll tell you how it happened.

After work, my girlfriend sometimes stopped by a supermarket on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. She drove a Mercedes A-Class and left it in the parking lot in front of this supermarket. It was late, it got dark early (autumn) and she went out with shopping when it was already a little dark in the parking lot, and in the evening there were fewer and fewer cars and peo... continue reading

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Seryoga and Svetka had been married for twelve years. Of course, at first the sex was constant and passionate. Then, when I became a habit, I did it less and less.

But there is one thing. They got married in Soviet times, and now, when enterprises were closed one after another, it was difficult. However, both Seryoga and Svetka did not lose their jobs; moreover, they found additional income. This is where the problems started. Because either one or the other was not at home. Then they realized what life without sex means.

But sometimes their weekends coincided. This is the coincidence I want to talk about.

This time not only the weekend coincided, but Seryoga also took an additional day off.

We've been home since lunch. After work, Seryoga took a nap, and Svetka worked with her daughters. Then Seryoga checked his homework, and Svetka slept a little. Finally, everyone gathered together in the kitchen for evening tea. And then the daughters announced that since they had a celebra... continue reading

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In this story I want to share my thoughts about what types of girls I really like, today I wrote only about one type of girl - the “Flower” type, but soon I will write more.

The “Flower” type is, first of all, sexy and slender, cute and thin, girls without bright shapes and appetizing busts, thin and fragile stems, fragrant meadow flowers...

I am very attracted to these types of girls; they, just like other girls, arouse in me attraction and sexual desires towards themselves. But in this case, the main distinguishing feature of my emotions and desires in relation to them is not just sex, but rather a comprehensive, long foreplay before the main action of completing the satisfaction of the flesh and receiving pleasure.

The initial foreplay with long and tender kisses, hugs and gentle caresses lasts exactly until the girl tells me with her body, eyes or her sweet lips that she is ready to give me the keys to entering her world of love and tenderness. After inserting my key, I begin... continue reading

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This Happened last Year, Hope you guys like it...

Hi, thank you for your story page. I get wet reading them so I wanna share my personal experience here with others. I am a 24 year old student from Gulf studying at UPNG and shared this thingy with my best friend Leonie last month. BTW This is completely true.


Every time I go over to my best friend’s room at the campus, I always hope that something’s going to happen between us. Leonie’s from Morobe, same age and built as me and we’re inseparable as twins. Like me, she’s so naughty and cheeky at times. We’re always cuddling or hugging and she’s constantly touching me whenever she can. Not in naughty places, although I wouldn’t mind if she did that. So still there was no kissing or sexual contact.

I’m not a lesbian so I guess I’m just bi-curious since I have such interest in her which is unusual because I don’t feel this way about any of my other girlfriends. I do have dirty conversations and talk to them about my sexual experiences... continue reading

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I always get headaches in the spring. As soon as the snow melts and the warm wind begins to rule the sunny streets, you want to wander around the city, listen to music, enjoy ice cream and smoke slowly on benches. Find a cheerful company with a guitar and drunken songs and sit with them on the parapet until the morning...

Today I also wanted to, but somehow it didn’t work out. I forgot my headphones at home, the ice cream was tasteless, and, as luck would have it, there were old people and mothers sitting on the benches, whom I didn’t want to brazenly “fumigate.” Besides, I wanted sex unbearably. More precisely, love..., well, and sex...

My husband traditionally went fishing, he especially likes to do this after our quiet scandals. We haven't had sex for two years now. He just doesn't want to. Even move your fingers, let alone strain for my orgasm. And reminders of “marital duty” only lead to misunderstanding in his eternally naive eyes: “Well, I don’t want it!”.. “Well, if you don... continue reading

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A month before his release from the colony, Vasily already knew that documents were being prepared for him, but he decided not to notify his wife about this, he wanted to surprise her.

And so, he boarded a reserved seat car of the train, so that four days later he would get off in his city and go home, after many years of absence.

The conductor brought him tea. Vasily drank a glass of tea with lump sugar with pleasure. He couldn’t believe that his imprisonment was over. He closed his eyes and found himself in the restaurant where they were celebrating his friend Kolya’s birthday. Vasily got drunk as hell, had little control over himself, and when a fight broke out with the guys from the next table, he intervened. He remembers the rest vaguely... In the morning he woke up in a pre-trial detention center. Interrogation of the investigator, meeting with his wife, who in tears confirmed that he had stabbed one of the fighters to death with a knife. Court. They gave him 8 years. He was ... continue reading

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... Desire burned them. He pressed his lips to hers and she reciprocated. This time they had no time for tenderness. I wanted to release those wild animal feelings that sit in everyone. He undressed her with unusual rudeness, and she, in turn, enjoyed her helplessness.

- Take me. I want to be your whore. - she said. And now these words were sweet as honey to his ears.

She knelt down and watered his lower abdomen with kisses, and her hands did not gently walk over his body as usual, but dug her nails into his back and buttocks. Now he had no time for pain, he understood perfectly well that in front of him was no longer a modest girl, but a slutty, passionate lioness who thirsts for love. He was exhausted with impatience to plunge his hot and excited member into her sweet mouth, and she, seeing this, was in no hurry to make concessions.

- I can’t take it anymore, take it! - he said in an uneven, shaking voice, practically begging.

Now she was in charge, and it gave him pleasure t... continue reading

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Lyuda and Igor met on a dating site and after two months of communication they decided to meet. They both lived in the same city. It was difficult for the woman to agree to the meeting, since she had already been burned once in her life...

Luda married her classmate Igor. Relatives from both sides gathered and had a fun wedding.

That day, for the first time, she saw what her chosen one could be like when he drinks and how he falls for other girls... On their wedding night, Igor, throwing away all delicacy, without preparation, actually took Luda, who was a virgin, by force.

She was in pain, she screamed, pushed her husband away, cried, but her drunken husband was relentless and got his way... For a whole month, Luda did not let her husband near her, she had an aversion to sex. Igor waited patiently, but did not waste any time. Almost every day, after classes, he found various reasons not to be at home in the evening, to meet with his former passions and enjoy love with them. Lena... continue reading

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I never believed in love. Probably because I never loved. But something was drawn to this man... Something not clear to me, not familiar. He disappeared for 4 days. Didn't answer calls. I didn’t even intend to announce myself in any way. And I... I wasn’t jealous of him, I didn’t swear at him for these disappearances, I accepted him as he was, but of course I was offended by this attitude. And just when I was trying not to think about him, the bell rang.

- Hello. - The voice is smoky as always.

- Hello, Rom. - but I don’t want to talk to him anymore. But his voice made my heart beat like crazy.

- What are you doing? Can you come? I was thinking that it wouldn't be bad to see you.

- Yes, of course, where should I go?

- To my home. Do you still remember where I live?

- Yes, sure!

- Then let. Waiting for you.

After disconnecting the call, I wanted to throw the phone at the wall. Again! How long can you come with one click?! Am I such a mongrel to go like this? Or a call gi... continue reading

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Have you ever heard of a place called New Orleans? It's a magical city where the fun never seems to stop, and for jazz lovers it's a paradise.

Emily, who had recently moved here from the big city, enjoyed the atmosphere of Orleans. After ten years in a noisy, gloomy, even sometimes evil New York, here Em (as her friends called her) found peace. Today was a warm day and the only thing to do was meet the movers and finally furnish my apartment with furniture.

The decision to move was sudden, but the location was not accidental. She traveled to this city a couple of times for work and it simply captivated her.

Many will say that Emily was running away from problems, but this is not so; before leaving, she completed all the important things and turned the page of this life.

On the day of her arrival in New Orleans, Em's friends threw a party and a new life began with the sounds of jazz and an ocean of positivity.

Two months have already passed since the move. During this time, Em... continue reading

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The darkness thickened around, and the car, as if pushing away the darkness, pushed forward towards the huge starry sky, which seemed to recede further and further. I shuddered behind the wheel. Never before has the road from the city to my village been so dark and long. Maybe because there is no moon. New moon? I don't know, I don't keep track of lunar phases. Suddenly, I don’t even remember at what moment, the area around me became terribly unfamiliar.

Now the car should be surrounded by gardens and fields, but now, all around, as far as the eye could see, the steppe, as flat as a table, spread out. I even slowed down. I drove slowly for about a kilometer, peering into the distance beyond the spot of light left by the car's headlights. The road suddenly became strangely smooth: no holes, no potholes... markings appeared, something we never had before!

I admit, the appearance of the dividing strip: continuous and smooth as an arrow shocked me. I squeezed the clutch and pressed the... continue reading

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The country house I needed appeared ahead, the navigator confirmed it. I parked, turned off the engine and headed towards the house. It was about 11 pm, but this house was not sleeping, it was bursting with the raging peals of club music and dazzling flashes of lighting equipment.

- Well, go ahead guy. - I said and rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by a completely unfamiliar guy who didn’t even pay any attention to me, he still continued to drink beer from his bottle and shake his head to the rhythm of the music. Well, okay, I thought and headed deeper into the house, making my way through the crowd of drinking and dancing boys and girls.

- Great, Max! - A heavy hand fell on my shoulder.

This would be my friend Zhenya.

- Hello. - I answered and took the bottle he handed me.

- How long ago did you start?

- Yes, about an hour ago. - Zhenya answered me and took a sip from his glass.

- She is here? - I asked, slowly looking around the crowd.

- Yes, but she seems not ... continue reading

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A lot of surprising things can be found in seemingly simple things. One of these discoveries was my girlfriend’s vagina. Moreover, this discovery even received the name “Svetkin’s mink.”

Of course, to a person who is sophisticated in opening vaginas, the name itself - mink - may seem completely ordinary. But, believe me, dear reader, this center of radiation of erotic fluids and fantasies, and I even dare to add and separate from all others with clarification, is the granary of the sexual dark all-consuming matter of the cosmos and the source of inspiration for my most vile carnal desires that have ever arisen for a living being.. ... you can't describe it more capaciously...

As for the rest, judge for yourself, reader...

It so happened that I was in a vacuum for a long time, in hunger, as you probably guessed, in sexual hunger... And after the end of my imprisonment, my Alpha Trotter broke out into the prairie of Lust and Desire and hurried to find out the first one that came al... continue reading

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I met this girl on the Internet. I just picked her nickname out of many others by chance. Word for word, and we started talking. Her name was Sveta, she lived in Omsk, she was a brunette with a beautiful and slightly sad face. And ten months older than me. She was already in an unsuccessful marriage, and her life was quite battered, her ex-husband beat her and walked around.

Soon we started communicating on telegram. I heard her, but did not see her, as I soon learned, she lived modestly and did not have a good smartphone. Her voice, photographs and our conversations in general formed a single whole for me. I wanted her passionately.

While taking a shower, I often closed my eyes and imagined how I carefully undressed Svetlana, how she raised her hands up, and I took her jacket over her head... carefully unfastened her bra... She looks at me, and her eyes say " just don't offend."

Do you think she's looking up at me, about to give me a blowjob? Not at all! I am indifferent to blow... continue reading

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