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Our teasing encounter



This Happened last Year, Hope you guys like it...

Hi, thank you for your story page. I get wet reading them so I wanna share my personal experience here with others. I am a 24 year old student from Gulf studying at UPNG and shared this thingy with my best friend Leonie last month. BTW This is completely true.


Every time I go over to my best friend’s room at the campus, I always hope that something’s going to happen between us. Leonie’s from Morobe, same age and built as me and we’re inseparable as twins. Like me, she’s so naughty and cheeky at times. We’re always cuddling or hugging and she’s constantly touching me whenever she can. Not in naughty places, although I wouldn’t mind if she did that. So still there was no kissing or sexual contact.

I’m not a lesbian so I guess I’m just bi-curious since I have such interest in her which is unusual because I don’t feel this way about any of my other girlfriends. I do have dirty conversations and talk to them about my sexual experiences but it never arouses me as much as it does with my best friend.

For some reason I get the feeling that Leonie also has the same feeling too. She enjoys my presence very much, and it also explains the amount of body contact that we have. I know where her ‘special spots’ are like her neck, ears and sides. She even lets me gently caress them with my fingertips, and blow on them. I know it arouses her and she’s giving me permission to do it, so sometimes I even want to lean down and kiss her neck, but I never have the guts to.

Two months ago, Leonie called that it was her birthday and nothing good was happening, but she had a bottle of vodka that she wanted to share just with me for the occasion. I didn’t believe we’d have any sexual interaction cause that never occurred in the past, but this time it just happened, unplanned and surprising as it was. This has completely overwhelmed me since then.

We were teasing her boyfriend on the phone and just starting to mix up our drinks and pretending to be stoned with alcohol. He hung up the phone and we began to drink and making small talk. As we got tipsy, we were becoming touchy and silly.

She laid down on the bed and put her shirt up, revealing her breasts – but they were covered by the bra. I told her to stay still and I poured some of the vodka into her bellybutton. I sucked it out and licked around her navel up to her breasts. I sucked on the top of her breast, leaving a slight mark then she rolled me over and then did the same thing to me. That’s when the phone rang.

I didn’t mind Leonie’s boyfriend being on the phone with us, because I had the real thing, and he only had the visual image of us going wild in his head. She chatted on the phone with him for a few minutes, and I was at the bottom of the bed, rubbing the inside of her leg, inching my way closer and closer to her pussy. She stopped my hand and I thought that I had done something wrong, but she looked me in the eye and said “I don’t like being tickled, I like being scratched!”

I gave her a surprised look, then smiled and scratched down her leg. Not hard, but hard enough to leave marks from my fingers. It was stirring and I could feel my own pussy starting to get wet underneath.

I could hear him talking to her, but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. So I just kept looking at her, and biting my lip then asking what he was saying. By this point I was extremely aroused, just by the thought of something happening with us. He was teasing her about how she was too ‘chicken’ to fool around with a girl. Huh? She piped, you just watch me. Then hopped out of bed and stood before me. She pushed me down lightly and asked if she could play with my pussy. It was so hot and erotic.

Without hesitation, I jumped . Oh yes… please… I let her help me remove my clothing, my short pants, then my panties and finally my top and bra. I stood naked before her wide eyes as Leonie related what we were doing to her boyfriend. She noticed that I was soaking wet, and she described my horny body parts in explicit details to him.

I gasped and felt electric shock right through my skin and moaned in pleasure when she started playing with my clit and sliding a finger my pussy. Fingering me softly, shaking her hand around in my pussy, I grabbed my tits and squeezed and twisted my nipples. She then put another finger into my pussy and threw the phone to me.

Moan to him, baby! Tell him how you feel! She breathed to me obviously completely aroused herself. I put the phone to my ear, letting him hear my loud sex sounds, still clasping one breast, moaning and hissing with “fucks…. and Ohhhhs…. and haaaagghh … sounds.”

Then she carefully parted my pussy lips and ran her delicate tongue around my clit, teasing and sucking while her fingers dribbled along my cunt slit and all the way inside my wetness. I was crying, waning and describing my pussy and feelings, gibberish on the phone as Leonie alternated between her tongue and fingers in my snatch. My toes were curling and I was biting my lip as I came gushing into her mouth and making a wet mess all over her bed. I lay there breathing into the phone as she cleaned me up with her tongue. It electrifying and like it all had happened in a second.

At this time, her boy was telling me how hard his cock was, and I could tell that meant he was masturbating to the sounds of Leonie and me. I could hear his heavy breathing. I’ve heard from her about how loud he makes her moan, but now it was time for him to hear me make his girlfriend scream.

I got up and we switched positions, she was on her back with the phone now and I had full access to her pussy. WOW. I just thought, my first pussy…. it was my best friend… and I was finally gonna do it. I was nervous at first, and asked her my boundaries. She said I could do anything I wanted to.

I heard her moaning into the phone as I went down on her. Leonie’s bald pussy was incredibly and her steamy scent filled me. I carefully parted her legs as her pink shiny clit peeked between her cute hairless lips and planted a kiss on it and sucked her. My first ever pussy… it was salty and bitter sweet.

She cried and described what was happening to the phone while I was now licking and tongue fucking her horny cunt feverishly. I could sense her tightened and legs shaking so I reached down the opening of her other hole rubbed my thumb at its opening and pinched her clit hard. Leonie exploded in an earth shuttering climax, wailing as her streams of squirts hit all over my face. She threw the phone away, reached down, pressed my head down firmly between her thighs and lay trembling till her cum subsided.

I climbed over her and we tongue kissed deeply, sucking and tasting our cum. We spent the rest of the day, hugging, rolling over, snaking and twisting our legs into scissor position and rubbed our clits and pussies till we became weak and spent in our arms.

A completely whole new world has opened up for me and now we do it regularly with ease. I think I’m in love with her.

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