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dressing up

This is a real story that happened to me and I'm just glad that now I know how wonderful it is to be a girl in a man's arms. I will not go into details when I felt that a girl.

Girls as sexual partners ceased to excite me a long time ago, but their natural data captured me completely and the further the more I like it, what beautiful underwear they wear panties, stockings, peignoirs, just beauty.

So over time, repeating and watching this beautiful human race, I learned to use cosmetics, removed all hair from my body, keep a diet, manicure, pedicure, and I just can’t tear myself away from the mirror, my height is 180 cm, weight 68 kg ., thin waist, round ass, the only thing is that I looked like this only at home, my work does not allow me to open up, this is simply unacceptable. I like to watch porn movies, I have always envied these actresses how they are used, they are ordered to crawl doggystyle, wag their ass, caress their holes, vagina, anus, suck huge phalluses and with what ... continue reading

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Recalling one of the many sweet moments when I was a woman...

I have often changed into women's clothes (bought with my meager stipend), but I have never left the apartment. And finally decided.

I took a shower, put on my best makeup, put on a blond wig. Stick on false nails.

Slowly, with taste, I pull on stockings, fasten them to a narrow belt, put on a short skirt.

A bra, a long-sleeved blouse... it seems everything!

I look in the mirror. Class!

What an exciting first outing! Heart bursting from chest! Here sideways, I go down the stairs from the third floor, I stand at the front door of the entrance, I listen ... quietly. Cautiously, with trembling hands, I open the door... I went out. The street is dark and deserted. I hesitate at the entrance, but I already want more.

I'm walking, I went around the corner of the house ... Go further? There is no one, but suddenly someone comes out of the entrance?

I make up my mind ... I turn around the house and go, with short ste... continue reading

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It is strange to write about what happened to me, it seems, quite recently. Two years ago I was a man. More precisely, I was a woman, but in a male body.

And finally, something happened that I sought for a very long time and very persistently. I did the surgery!!!

Now I have a beautiful vagina, elastic breasts, a round protruding ass!

What a thrill!!!

As soon as the rehabilitation period passed (and it flew by unnoticed in preparations for the first real sex), I ran into a problem ... where, how, with whom?

The answer came by chance, in the face of my neighbor. She knew everything about me - somehow I, dressed in a "fucking" dress, in stockings and with a cool make-up, ran into her on the street. It was night, and I was walking in the hope of "taking off" when at the bus stop, where I was sitting cross-legged, Katya came up to me and shot a cigarette. I treated her, and then she recognized me. We went to my place, drank, talked. I told her everything, and somehow she immediat... continue reading

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