I wanted to fuck a young chick. Not by age. By build. I wanted a thin, cute one, to crush, torment, kiss until unconscious and fuck. And in the immediate environment, the women were all perfect: fleshy, busty, big-assed. Even the nipples that stood along the route were not distinguished by their thin constitution. And I really wanted it, like a pregnant woman wants something and you can’t refuse her.

The neighbor's Yulka was washing the floor. More precisely, I washed it. In the pocket, they washed the floors one by one and now it was her turn. Yulka lived with her mother. After burying Vasil, Tatyana quickly consoled herself. “Cousins” and other “relatives” often stayed overnight with her. Yulka is not far from her mother and has already had her first abortion. She was like her parents. Each person jumped one and a half meters, and they shared their height with Yulka. It was civilized in a pocket with four apartments.

I brought an old coffee table, a couple of old armchairs, and the women arranged flowers. There was only one guy in four apartments, and that was me. Yulka washed the floor, went home, poured out the water and washed her hands. She gave me a cigarette and we smoked out the window. Then we smoked some more. We talked about everything and nothing. Yulka suited my needs in all respects: fragile, thin. The T-shirt was barely held up by her tiny breasts; her ass could fit in a fist. One problem: how to get her into bed?

While talking, we touched a neighbor. Yulka's fur stood up. Recently they quarreled over Yulka’s next boyfriend, with whom she broke up a few days ago.

- Bitch, no one fucks herself, she’s ready to jump on any dick...

The angry Yulka did not find any expression. I felt funny. He began to calm her down, but she still could not calm down.

- She grew a fat ass, her tits are hanging, and she called me a skeleton.

I reassured her as best I could that she was not even a skeleton, but a completely normal girl, and I myself would have fucked her with great pleasure if I had dared to ask.

- And you ask.

- And if he refuses, the guy will be ashamed.

- What if he gives?

And then I said:

- Yulenka, I’ve been without a woman for more than a week. I have always liked you: your thin figure, your small tits, your tempting ass. If I ask you to spend a night or a day with me so that I can have the happiness of fucking you. I swear I will fulfill your every whim to please you.

- What, will you lick my pussy?

Well, why are they fixated on this? I'll lick you right down to your navel and the hole in your butt.

Yulka arrived an hour and a half later. In a robe over her naked body, washed clean. The table was already set. We drank. He picked up Yulenka in his arms and carried her to the bed, unable to resist the call of the flesh. I spread it out. She watched me with interest as I undressed and as I lay down next to her. Hands and tongue started working. Ten minutes later Yulka was already moaning and squirming. Without penetrating her, I came on her stomach, but my dick stood there as if it wasn’t me who had just discharged. Changing his fingers to his tongue, then to his penis, then back to his fingers, he worked on Yulka’s pink little pussy. She was already wheezing and asked:

- Give it, give it to me!!!

As soon as I entered her, she tried to wrap her legs around me and not let go, working her bottom quickly and hard. I struggled and again used my fingers and tongue. I rummaged around in her cave with my fingers, pulled them out wet and sticky and stuck them in her mouth. She licked it with a purr. He replaced his fingers with a penis, repeating the same path: pussy-mouth. She licked him too. He turned around, lay down on her, licking her pussy and pushing his dick into her mouth. He sat on himself, put him on his stomach and fucked him from behind, putting him in doggy style. And pizdeishn.net just threw her legs over her head. The crotch, buttocks, thighs - everything was wet and sticky. When Yulenka stopped responding to my caresses and only wheezed, I laid her stomach on the pillow, made myself more comfortable and rammed it into her ass. I checked this hole with my finger a long time ago. She was suitable, that’s why he risked fucking Yulenka in the ass. She purred and twitched several times, but she no longer had the strength.

After some time I came to my senses. Yulka was sleeping, spread out on the bed. Her legs spread wide open to reveal her pussy. Swollen, wrinkled, with everted small lips, a slightly open entrance. A wet spot of decent size formed under my butt. He lifted his leg, trying not to disturb it. The butt hole was swollen. You'll have to walk around for a couple of days.

I went and washed myself and pulled on my tights over my bare butt. I took out a gift prepared for such an occasion. Beautiful lingerie just right for her figure. I drank tea in the kitchen. Yulka came out. She walked to the toilet, gurgled on the toilet, and made noise with the water. She came out of the toilet, silently sat down on my lap and stuck a tit into my mouth. My hand, the traitor, was already groping in Yulka’s pussy. I asked for forgiveness if something was wrong and if I hurt her.

She answered like everything was fine, but my butt would hurt. She rinsed herself, slid off her knees and saw a bag of laundry. When she found out that it was for her, she squealed and rushed off to try it on. Appeared in all its glory. What is the joy of good underwear? It will be removed anyway. Twisted around. I said that if she doesn’t hide her charms “right now,” then I’ll have to take off my pants, and she’ll have to take off her underwear, because my dick is already getting hard. She galloped away and returned in a robe.

She needed to go home, her mother would soon come home from work and she didn’t want to show off. She promised to come again if I would be just as affectionate and swear not to touch her butt again. He sat down on his knees, lifted his robe, kissed her pussy, pulled off her panties, and swore. Yulka was pleased. And there’s no need to even talk about me. After seeing Yulenka off, he looked in the mirror. I'm not that old. Not a single gray hair yet. He sighed and went to ventilate the room from the smell of great sex, throw the bed into the machine and enjoy the pleasant memories.

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