“Come into the office,” the doctor said.

She was wearing a fairly short white robe. She was a woman of about 35, quite pretty and slender.

- Today I have an intern instead of a nurse, so I will explain everything to her what we will do and she will help me with the examination. So you need a certificate from the dispensary, right?

“Yes,” I answered.

- Any complaints? – she asked, crossing her legs.

- No, I think.

- Okay, we'll check everything.

At that moment, a girl intern came in.

“Take off your T-shirt, let’s start the examination,” the doctor said.

I took off my T-shirt and approached the doctor. The intern girl also came up and sat down next to the doctor. The doctor started listening to my lungs.

“Breathing is smooth, clean, write,” the doctor told the intern, “so turn your back.”

She listened to something from behind.

- Okay, take off your pants.

To be honest, I was not ready to undress like that. I thought the medical examination would be standard and they would simply give me a certificate to the dispensary. I popped into the clinic on the way to see my girlfriend, and that day we just wanted to diversify our sex, and for this occasion I was wearing a thong. After hesitating a little, I finally took off my pants. The doctor smiled contentedly, which really confused me. However, I was beginning to like this embarrassment.

“Sit down on a chair and cross your legs,” said the doctor.

She hit her knees with a hammer, testing her reflexes, and told the intern to write down that everything was fine.

- So, come to me.

I went.

- Lower your panties.

I lowered the elastic of the thong a little without exposing my penis. The doctor checked something, crushed it, touched it.

- So, colleague, pay attention, the lymph nodes are normal, there is no pain during palpation - she pushed me towards the intern girl, who, in turn, also touched everything and handed me back to the doctor.

- So let's continue the inspection, sit down 10 times.

I walked away and began to squat, I felt the blood rush to my penis.

- Come here.

The doctor lowered the thong again and checked the lymph nodes again. My dick was already lifting up my thong.

“So let’s continue,” the doctor said and lowered my thong to mid-thigh.

I just opened my mouth to ask why, when she interrupted me.

- We need to check your penis and testicles, these are new requirements of the Ministry of Health, place your feet shoulder-width apart. Pay attention to my colleague - she opened the foreskin on my protruding penis and began to massage the testicles. I examined the penis from all sides. She pulled her eggs. I think at some point I started moaning and breathing heavily.

Then the intern did the same.

“So now we get on our knees and elbows on the couch,” the doctor commanded. Her voice had clearly taken on a commanding tone. I was very excited by what was happening and trotted over to the couch. I couldn’t walk normally because I had a thong hanging down on my hips.

“Now we need to check your anus and rectum,” the doctor said.

- Colleague, spread the patient’s buttocks.

The intern came up to me and put her hands on my buttocks. Then the doctor approached, putting a glove on her hand.

- Now I will lubricate your anus and insert a finger, you need to relax and arch your back.

Hearing this I almost came. Naturally, my anus shrank to the limit. At this moment the intern spread my buttocks. And I felt lubricant on my anus. The doctor massaged the entrance to my hole with a lubricated finger for quite a long time, which made me gradually relax. But the doctor continued to massage my anus. It was very nice. There was a feeling that my anus was swollen and my lower abdomen became very warm. I already wanted to feel the finger pushing apart the entrance to my womb and I began to gradually arch in my back. Seeing this, the doctor put her hand on my lower back and bent me even more. I realized that now she would come in, I already wanted this unbearably. There was only one thought in my head - come in! And suddenly I felt pressure at my entrance and the finger slid in quite easily and immediately came out.

- Young man, weren’t you warned that you need to prepare? – the doctor asked very sternly, even angrily.

It was as if I had returned to reality from a dream.

- About what? – I asked in surprise.

“Okay, we’ll do everything here ourselves, we’ll just teach the intern how to do an enema,” the doctor said kindly.

- An enema? How about an enema? – I was surprised and scared.

“Don’t worry - this is a very useful procedure - colleague, bring everything you need,” the doctor said, pulling off my thong and throwing it on the chair.

I was on all fours completely naked in front of two young women. Of course I was very embarrassed, but it excited me even more. Meanwhile, the intern was already inserting the tip of the enema into my anus. The thought “just not to crap in front of them” flashed through my head. I strained my anus with all my might. Strange, but I didn't feel anything.

- How many? – asked the doctor.

“Two liters,” the intern answered.

- That's enough, now massage his stomach.

The intern took out an enema bottle and started massaging my stomach. I didn't feel anything special.

“Stay like that for a few minutes, then go to the toilet behind this door,” the intern said affectionately, “you need to empty your bowels several times.” Then wash yourself thoroughly; there is a bidet there.

I was very embarrassed by these words.

“You can go to the toilet,” the doctor said.

I left. I actually had to empty my bowels several times. Then I washed myself very thoroughly. And he went back to the office.

- Great, get into a familiar position.

The intern girl spread my buns again and the doctor began to lubricate my anus. But he was already relaxed and open to penetration. The massaging procedure did not take much time this time. The doctor quickly inserted her finger to its full length and began to move it inside me.

- Well, that's great. You are now a colleague.

I stood bent over, waiting for the young intern to insert her finger into me. Her finger seemed much thicker to me.

“It’s two fingers, young man,” I heard the doctor’s voice.

The intern moved her fingers inside me as if she was looking for something. I felt very pleased, I relaxed more and more and arched my lower back more and more. At some point I realized that I was moving my butt in time with the movements of the fingers inside me.

“Allow me, colleague,” said the doctor.

The intern removed her fingers from me. After which my anus was once again generously lubricated.

“Now three,” said the doctor.

I didn’t understand at first what it meant, but I immediately felt that it was three fingers inside me.

“Great, everything is good and four,” said the doctor.

It was really tight and deep.

“I think it’s been dripping for a long time,” the doctor said, “collect it.”

The intern took the glass and opened the head of my penis and began to massage it. Indeed, a thick liquid had been pouring out of him for a long time - the secretion of the prostate. The intern carefully collected everything and took it to the table.

“Now you,” the doctor said, taking her hands out of me.

I felt the intern's fingers in my anus. I had been moaning and wagging my butt for a long time in time with the movement of pizdeishn.net's fingers inside my body. This went on for quite some time. The doctor went behind the screen and was fussily doing something.

“Allow me, colleague,” I finally heard the doctor’s voice, “now I will introduce an instrument - a tube for examining the rectum.” Relax.

I was already relaxed, the intern took her hand out of me.

“Press as if you’re having a bowel movement,” the doctor said, “more.” Relax your stomach and push, the doctor ordered rudely.

She came up from behind and I couldn’t see her, but I was embarrassed to turn around. And then I felt something thick and soft in my anus. It was nice. The object began to move deeper into me. Deeper and deeper.

“We need to enter 20 centimeters,” the doctor said.

She slowly moved the object inside me, sometimes taking it out a little, but each time inserting it deeper. The intern also went behind the screen and was doing something there.

“Just a little more,” the doctor said soothingly.

It was already painful enough, but at the same time pleasant.

“Well, we’ve entered completely,” the doctor said, “wait like that.”

“I’m ready,” the intern said from behind the screen.

- Great, come over, colleague.

Then there was a short pause and I felt the tube in my ass begin to move towards the exit. Finally the tube slipped out. I thought, well, that’s it, and I was very mistaken. At that second, the intern’s hands fell on my ass. They pulled me back a little and something began to enter me again.

“This is a strap-on,” the intern said, “you’ll like it, we immediately understood that.” Now I’ll fuck you in your broken ass, and the doctor will give it to you in the mouth like the last slut.

These unexpected words simply shook me. The doctor came up to me and I saw that she had a rubber penis sticking out through her robe. She harshly shoved it into my mouth and ordered:

- Suck it bitch. Is our colleague a great slut today? As she waved her plump ass, I kept leaking when I shoved my dick into her ass.

And then I realized that the tube was already a rubber penis. At that moment an orgasm hit me. My anus began to tighten.

“The whore has finished,” said the intern.

“Let me fuck him,” the doctor said, taking his penis out of my mouth.

They switched places. I quickly came again and sank onto my side on the couch. They gave me water to drink. The doctor squatted down in front of my head.

- Did you like the slut? – she asked.

- Yes.

- Now we will insert an anal plug into your ass so that it remembers who its owner is. And we will continue the inspection.

Meanwhile, the intern was already inserting a plug into my anus.

- Sit on your butt.

I sat down. The doctor started sucking my dick. It took him a long time to get up, but she still managed to do it. They laid me on the couch and took turns sitting either on my penis or on my face, forcing me to lick it. They came several times. I ended up cumming too. After that, my legs were lifted up and the plug of their anus was taken out. Then they sent me to the toilet to wash myself.

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