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One evening, my long-time friend Ruslan called me and invited me to visit him and fuck a young pretty slut together. Since I hadn’t had sex for a long time, I agreed and within half an hour I was at Ruslan’s house. And we didn’t want to miss the prospect of having sex with a 19-year-old girl at 37 and 39.

She was short, about 158, plump, with large breasts and long brown hair.

We sat down on the sofa, she undressed and spread her legs and showed us her little pink pussy. Ruslan checked the hole with his fingers, then sat Christina on the floor and put his dick in her mouth. I came closer and she began to take turns sucking, holding the dicks in both hands. Then Kristinka lay down on the sofa, hanging her head, and Ruslan began to fuck her deeply in her mouth. This made it leak and I decided it was time to use the remaining holes. I turned her on her side, turned her towards her leg and inserted it into her wet pink hole. Ruslan came up from the left and stuck his protruding bolt... continue reading

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I am a pretty, slender girl of 18 years old, with a gorgeous ass and medium beautiful breasts. In those student years, when you still really believed that friendship between a man and a woman exists without sex, I went to visit my good friend Seryozha to drink a bottle of wine and watch a movie, as usual.

But on this day a surprise awaited me, Sergei was not alone, but with his friend Roma, I also knew him, but I had never communicated with him. The guys, as it turned out, were already quite drunk and were happy about my arrival. I sat down next to them, poured myself a glass of wine and we started chatting about this and that. And by my third glass we started talking about sex, or rather who likes it how. Roma was the first to start telling, he said that he had been in love for a long time, that he liked the very process of this pounding and wet bodies. And by the way, he was a tall, muscular, handsome guy, just like Seryozha, they both had just returned from the army two months ago... continue reading

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Hi all. I am Denis. So I decided to write my own story about my wife Anya’s betrayal. The first time my wife cheated on me was in a restaurant, on our wedding anniversary. So, after this betrayal, we decided to start looking for a partner for group sex. Only this time, we decided that everything would be beautiful. We decided to rent a hotel.

The search took more than a month. Having posted an ad on the Internet on one of the dating sites, Anya spent a long time selecting a candidate. And so, a man responded to the ad, his name was Victor.

“This is what you need,” said the wife. Look, he’s married, he writes that he already has MFM experience, and in terms of age, he’s 35 years old, and he’s handsome in appearance.

- Okay, I answered. If you like him, then let’s meet him first and talk.

We made an appointment for Victor at a cafe and met him a couple of days later. We talked, found out where he works, learned about his MFM experience. He said that several years ago, he and a fr... continue reading

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