So famously began the movement of his wife in the direction of free relationships slowed down slightly. Sasha decided to get married, so he was no longer considered as a partner. The dream of double penetration has remained a dream. My wife went to Sergei once more, got what she wanted, and somehow her excitement subsided from these meetings. Although I allowed at any time, any day, but the ardor somehow faded.

I realized that steps must be taken so that the process of initiating the sex-wife does not stop. It was necessary to bring in a fresh stream, so I had to crawl through the sites, look for a new lover for my wife. I set out to have a member of at least 20 centimeters. Finally, I agreed with Grigory, met in a cafe, explained what and how my wife loves, asked me to bring a certificate, since I assumed communication without a condom (well, my wife doesn’t like it with a condom, but I don’t like it myself). A week later, Grigory brought a certificate and declared that he was ready right at any moment (he was very excited by the idea that the husband was looking for a lover for his wife), he was directly ready to do his best to live up to expectations, although he was 100% sure that his wife would agree with he didn't have sex.

It took a few more days to "prepare" my wife for a meeting with a new "member" (after all, Sergey was still familiar and, perhaps, she realized with him what they would have come to anyway if I hadn't appeared). He convinced me that my attitude towards her from a new meeting would not change at all, that I would love her even more, I even bought a new set (panties with a bra). In the end, we agreed that she would go with a new acquaintance, but they would start with a nightclub, and if something went wrong, she would return home.

And here it comes - blessed Friday. He came home from work, some kind of joyfully excited wife was spinning in front of the mirror, asked to get into her panties. Oppppa, and the pussy is clean-shaven. Ha, I think almost 100% that Gregory will not break. I told her again how much I love her and advised that if the guy still likes it, do not refuse him anything (at the very thought of my wife's anal sex with a 20-centimeter penis, my fly almost tore). Nine o'clock, the car beeps, looked out - Grigory drove up, hugged his wife and directed her to the door with a light tap on the ass, demanding that she "behave well and obey a man." The front door slammed, the car ... Fu, they left. The first stage was successful. I'm waiting for a text message about whether the guy liked it.

- "Hey, let's dance... haven't you changed your mind?" - the first message in a couple of hours.

"Don't let me down," he replied.

- "Perhaps I will be in the morning" - in half an hour.

Hooray!!! The process has started.

- "Be smart and do not refuse anything to Gregory. Do not forget to bring his traces in you ..."

- "Well, it depends on him whether there will be traces..."

- "Yes, with such a woman, I would" inherit "everywhere!"

"Oh, let's see what he can do."

- "Don't dance the man, go to him faster..."


The penis is standing, I imagine how they come to him, how they caress each other, how she sucks him, how he inserts it to her full length, then carefully explores her ass, enters with his big one, cums there .., cums in pussy, cums in mouth...

Wow, it's already 11 o'clock. The doorbell rings: my beloved is standing. Fresh, radiant. Meet, kiss. Unfamiliar taste on lips.

- What, did you "have breakfast"?

- Yes, you, peasants, in the morning you only need ...

- Well, how do you? ..

- Well... did you know that he is so big?

- I chose...

- Here, bastard. Now everyone has to compare.

(Whoa "everyone" - a cool shift in consciousness)!!!

Fuck this breakfast, dragging her to bed.

Damn, my 13 cm almost falls into the vagina: slippery, hot...

- He finished in you?

- Don't you feel it? If you get to the ass - you will choke at all!

- What did you immediately give in the ass?

- I wanted to try such a big one .., but now nothing is scary.

- Ha, do not brag, try with a black man ...

- Well, I'm not afraid at all. Only... where can I find it?

“In the mood I’ll think of something ...”, the last thought before my orgasm.

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