It was an ordinary Friday evening. I came to visit my parents for the weekend. Like my ex Anya, they live in the same city. After evening gatherings with relatives, I became bored and decided to call her, but I was sure that she would not answer the phone because she has a husband, a child, she is already 27, in general, a full-fledged family. As expected, she didn't answer me. A couple of hours later, closer to 23:00, an SMS arrived: “Did you call?” , I replied, “Yes, I’m in the city, if possible, I wanted to see you.” After another hour, she called and I heard a rather drunk, painfully familiar voice. “Come to us, we are celebrating my friend’s birthday, at my grandmother’s apartment, she has left,” said Anya. Without thinking twice, taking a couple of bottles of wine from home, I was already on my way to them. There is a knock on the door and I am greeted by Anya and their friends Katya and Olya. Anya has stunning blue eyes that you can look into forever. She looked chic in a sparkly bodycon dress that showed off her athletic figure. Her butt is incredibly elastic, she has size 1 breasts and plump lips. A woman you can't help but fall in love with at first sight.

I entered the apartment and immediately sat down at the table, and Anya and her friends were getting ready for the club in half an hour. “Will you come with us?” - Anya asked, “Actually, I didn’t intend to, but since you’re inviting me, then yes,” I answered. Anya smiled and stroked my thigh towards my groin. After a couple of glasses of wine, I decided to smoke and asked if anyone would go with me. Anya decided to come with me, which I was very surprised by, because she hasn’t smoked for a long time. We stood in the entrance, chatting, Anya had already finished her smoke and stood looking intently into my eyes and smiling. I took her hand, she pulled me towards her and we kissed, we kissed, long, passionately, I felt it getting hot in my pants, she pressed me even tighter to her and my swollen penis was already rubbing against her panties. I slapped her butt and we went into the apartment.

We sat down at the table, chatted, I joked as always, drank another glass and then suddenly my fork fell on the floor. When I crawled under the table, Anya deliberately spread her slender legs and an incredibly exciting view opened up to me, she was wearing lacy white panties and she was lightly stroking her leg. I stood up and put my fork on the table.

Suddenly Anya says to me, “Let’s go help in the kitchen, we need to pour tea and cut the cake,” I of course agreed. I was serious, I really want her. When we entered the kitchen, I turned her to face me, I began to kiss her neck, my hand touched her waist and stroked her elastic big ass, and the other hand was on her face. She took my finger into her mouth and sucked it sweetly, moaning slowly. My hand slid into her panties, God, they were already all damp, I put two fingers in her pussy and slowly moved her back and forth. He abruptly grabbed her by the waist and threw her onto the kitchen table. I started kissing her leg and smoothly clung to her hot pussy, kissed her several times through her panties, and then moved them away and gently licked from her ass to her clitoris, she moaned, held my hair and told me not to stop. I rubbed the clitoris with my tongue, licked the vagina, sucking all her juices. Anya’s vision was already starting to get dark, then I sharply entered my tongue into her pussy and made progressive movements forward and backward along the entire length of my tongue. With one hand I rubbed her clitoris, and with the other I began to massage her anus. From such cunnilingus she suddenly began to convulse, she came sweetly. After which she kissed me and said: “My husband has never done that to me!”

We returned to the girls, time passed and everyone got ready for the club. Anya asked me to help clean up after the guests, but the girls had already left, we were supposed to arrive later.

I saw her guests off, then went into the kitchen. Anya was washing the dishes, I lifted up her very short dress and stuck my finger in her pussy and gently kissed her neck. She threw away the plates and suddenly dropped to her knees in front of my dick. I was exhausted with desire. Anya said, “I won’t cheat on my husband, so only an expensive blowjob.” I nodded my head and stroked her hair. She looked into my eyes, smiled and at the same time unbuttoned her fly. She pulled out my swollen penis and gently ran her tongue along all the corners of the shaft and immediately began to gently lick with her tongue, while simultaneously rubbing the testicles with her hand, and with the other she touched and squeezed my buttocks. After a couple of minutes of such caress, I took her by the hair and abruptly began to fuck her in the mouth, I realized that I would soon cum and decided to enter Anechka’s elastic pussy. I turned her around doggy style and Anya pulled me aside and said: “Let’s just go in the ass, my husband is fucking me in the pussy.” I was pleased with this development of events. I positioned her doggy style, spread her legs wide and began to lick her pussy, feeling the already familiar aroma. Smoothly from the pussy, I switched to her anus and, with copious saliva, began to lick around it and then penetrate it with my tongue. Anya moaned languidly and her hand went down to her pussy and she began to rub her clitoris. I stood up, kissed her on the neck and first worked her ass with my finger. She screamed in pain, after a minute she was already enjoying it. I put on a condom and carefully entered her ass, she moaned, but I felt that these were moans of pleasure. I fucked her in this position and my pace increased, the moans became louder, I squeezed her nipples hard, she bit my fingers. I abruptly stuck out my penis, lowered Anya to her knees and came violently on her face. She sat for a long time and licked the sperm from her lips.

I took a shower, when I came out Anya was already asleep, I got dressed and left. It's a shame I never tried the cake. A year passed after what happened that evening, we never saw each other again.

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