My name is Nastya, I was 20, one summer I went to visit my grandmother in the village, there was no Internet there, my second cousin Vlad lived nearby, he was 24, he didn’t have a girlfriend, and when I came to my grandmother, I loved going to see him and walking with him.

One day we went to the stock market, me and my brother. Previously, we swam completely naked, but since quite a lot of time has passed, we have become adults, and swimming naked is no longer very good.

But when we were swimming, I still decided to take off my panties and bra, while he dived, I quickly threw my underwear onto the shore.

He emerged and said: why did you take off your underwear???

I said that it’s not convenient for me to swim in a swimsuit, a little confused, he said: understandable.

I dived and swam towards him, and began to touch his penis, it was just sticking out, he felt it, took me, and took me out of the water, seeing my naked breasts, he froze and looked at my nipples.

I grabbed his penis again, and he immediately let me go, after swimming a little more, we went ashore.

I didn’t put on a swimsuit, I put on shorts and a white T-shirt, through which my nipples were very clearly visible.

I asked my brother: Vlad, can I come to you. Grandma's house was much longer than yours, and I need to take a shower after the bet?

He said: yes good!

When we arrived, I said that I would go first.

When I went into the bathroom, I deliberately did not close the door, turned on the water and began to undress, I began to wash my body, thereby spreading my legs and began to caress myself, my brother passed by and saw me masturbating.

He stood behind the wall, began to watch with his little eye how I was caressing myself, when I noticed that he was looking at me, I pretended as if I had not seen him.

He then left, and I was just swimming, got dressed and went out, and said that I was going home.

In the meantime, he went into the shower, I took sleeping pills into his cup of water, then hid in the closet, which he very rarely looked into, I heard him come out, drink some water and go to bed, he lay down on his back, and this was even better.

I took off all his clothes and started tying him to the bed.

Seeing his penis, I couldn’t resist and started jerking him off and sticking my finger into his anal, when his dick stood up, it was so big, 20-23 centimeters.

I started sucking his dick, then I took off all my clothes, then I started rubbing my pussy on his face, I got so excited that my vagina began to secrete juices.

After jerking my penis a little so that he would stand up, I began to sit on his dick, I felt that his dick was resting against something, I sat up harder, and screamed a little in pain, and realized that I had lost my virginity. But despite this, I started jumping on his dick.

While I was jumping, he began to wake up and began to say: what are you doing, you fool?!?! He began to twitch, trying to untie his hands, but this excited me even more.

I got up from his penis, went to the bathroom to give myself an enema, when I cleaned my anal, I came to my brother and began to insert his penis into my anal (I wanted to know what it’s like - anal sex) when I began to insert his penis into my anal, he saw that I was in a little pain, he began to fuck me hard, I began to moan so much that he began to fuck me even harder, I lay down on him, and he continued to fuck me.

When he stopped, I thought that he was tired, and he came from an orgasm in my ass, his sperm began to flow from my ass, I wiped my ass with two boys and licked them.

And when I was sitting on his stomach, I really wanted to pee, and I couldn’t stand it and peed on my brother, I started licking my urine from his body.

I wanted to suck his dick again.

Afterwards I untied him, and he told me: now we will fuck every time you come to grandma!

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