The story is true, only the names have been changed. Juan and Conchita lived in the suburbs of Madrid. They have been together for many years, but their love and sexual passion for each other has not subsided at all. On this day they were going to fly on vacation to the Mediterranean island of Aphrodite. In the morning they took care of each other. Juan gave his beloved wife cunnilingus, from which she almost always came well. And he himself did not come yet, he decided to save more sexual tension before traveling together. And for good reason!

The flight was not long, and now they were already at the hotel. It’s hot, so we immediately went swimming. It was already evening, the sky was dawning, and it was gradually getting dark. The couple went onto the pier, Juan jumped from it, and Conchita went down into the water. Let's swim. They loved to swim and knew how to do it well. We sailed away from the shore. There were yachts in the distance, but there were no people nearby, no one was swimming anymore.

Juan began to get ready for sex. I touched my dick in my swimming trunks, it had already begun to rise a little. Juan untied the string on his swimming trunks to make his penis freer.

Feeling a surge of energy, Juan decided to pester his wife, who was slowly swimming a little to the side of him. Swam up. They started hugging in the water, right at the depths. Yachts pass there during the day, and the depth was quite large, several meters at least. They made strokes with their arms and legs, and they became more and more interested in each other. Juan pulled back the top of Conchita's swimsuit and kissed her neat, tight breasts. His dick was already standing well.

Then he dived and pulled down Conchita's swimming trunks. She objected a little, fearing that her swimming trunks would get lost. But Juan confidently took them, lowered them and put on his hand. He did the same with his swimming trunks, so they wouldn't get lost.

Juan brought the girl closer to him and tried to insert his dick into her pussy. At first it didn’t work, but then he found the place and she helped him. Started pushing. And soon it happened. Juan and Conchita swam, paddling with their arms and kicking the water with their feet for stability, with Juan's dick in Conchita's shell. They were going through the motions. Cum felt good. After some time, the dick jumped out, the partners separated. Then Juan took a breath, dived and kissed and licked Conchita’s pussy. Then, on the contrary, he surfaced and lay on his back in the water, sticking his dick up. He approached Conchita and she kissed his protruding penis.

Then Juan and Conchita turned again in the water to face each other, Conchita spread her legs and Juan inserted his penis into her pussy. We continued the movements, making them more and more intense. The pussy became softer, the dick entered deeply, the pace quickened. Of course, his legs and arms were tired from rowing and holding Conchita, but Juan tried. And so he came in Conchita’s pussy! Juan fulfilled his dream of having sex in the depths. Cum also felt good, she remembered this unusual sex with pleasure.

Then the couple repeated this again on vacation. And the next summer, when the water in Spain warmed up a lot, they staged such a game in a freshwater reservoir. First at night. And then during the day, we sailed almost half a kilometer from the shore, where other swimmers almost never swam, and our heroes were alone. She kissed his penis and he immediately got a good erection. And then on to the full program. Juan didn’t always manage to come, but it was always pleasant for them.

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