Natasha is a long forgotten past. She cheated on me, it’s hard to forgive. I built a new life, and she was left far behind.

But here is the alumni meeting. Exactly ten years passed after graduation; I would hardly have shown up, but the unexpected appearance of many friends from my youth forced me to come. We drank a lot and discussed a long-forgotten past. I felt good, I haven’t felt like I was in the company of close people for a long time, the kind that make you forget about everything.

But then she appeared. A chill immediately ran down my spine. For a whole year after graduation, she was fucked by a classmate named Yegor, and all I could think about was how Natasha and I would build our beautiful future. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the second year, she confessed everything to me, I became very sad and broke off our relationship with her.

Since that time, a lot of water has passed under the bridge: I married the woman I loved, and I had never even seen her.

And so she sits down opposite me in a short black tight skirt. I’m ashamed to admit, but just the sight of her made my dick immediately harden. Bitch! What are you doing?!

An hour and a half of talking about nothing in the company of former classmates. I tried to pretend that I didn’t give a damn about the gaze of brown eyes boring into me all evening, but I gave in, asked how she was doing, told me about mine and offered to take her home.

A carefree conversation on the way to her house, an offer to go up for tea and this silent pause in her kitchen.

I can’t call myself an alpha. Apart from Natasha and my wife, I had no one else. But here I couldn’t help myself.

He simply walked up behind her while she was making tea and began covering her neck with his tender kisses. She, of course, tried to pretend that she was resisting, but that didn’t last long.

And now I was devouring her little tongue with mine, and my hands were kneading her elastic ass. My dick was ready to jump out of my pants, sweet male nectar flowing from its end.

I sat Natasha on the kitchen table, spread her beautiful legs, knelt down, pushed her black lace panties to the side and pressed my tongue to her beautiful flower. She had clearly leaked for a long time, everything around her hole was smeared with her discharge. I licked it gently and started playing with her clitoris. She ran her hands through my hair and started moaning with excitement. I licked everything, starting from her pea, running my tongue deeper into her vagina, sometimes touching the hole of her anus. I was excited by the thought that once upon a time, while doing the same thing for her, I did not know that someone else would fuck her.

And so she dug her claws into the back of my head, and with her legs she pressed my head so hard that it almost cracked - I realized that a powerful orgasm had covered her I carried her onto the bed, tore her panties and immediately inserted my dick into her pussy.

Believe me, this has never happened to me! But her pussy was so wet and hot that I immediately started cumming inside her! Frightened, I didn’t know what, I took my dick out of her and filled her neatly trimmed pubis with my sperm. I was in seventh heaven.

It took me a long time to come to my senses, but at a certain moment I felt that someone was sucking my penis. Natasha took him completely into her mouth and gently teased the penis, playing with it with her tongue.

I quickly came to my senses and then I was overcome with resentment for everything that she had done to me. I grabbed her by the hair and powerfully began to pound her mouth with my dick. She was choking and lacking air, but I thought only about my pleasure.

At a certain moment, when her whole face and chest were wet from our discharge, I positioned her doggy style and stuck my dick right into her pink anus.

It’s unlikely that she liked it: she moaned in pain and tried to escape, but I continued to do what I needed so much at that moment. I greedily fucked her most tender hole. I enjoyed seeing her tears in the reflection of the mirror opposite. But suddenly her suffering gave way to mutual progressive movements. She wanted me to fuck her hard in the ass.

I took her neck with one hand, strangled her, took the back of her head with the other, pressed her face into the pillow and came powerfully into her ass. I felt such a buzz, my whole body was shaking with pleasure, and my balls released an unreal amount of sperm.

But this bitch wasn't done yet. I turned her over on her back and inserted my dick into her mouth. Taking her by the hair, I greedily began to pull her onto my dick. But this didn’t seem enough to me, I made her lick my testicles until they shined, and then put my ass to her mouth. Natasha obediently licked everything that was near her tongue.

Then I just fucked her, finally releasing a stream of cum on her chest and face. He packed up and left.

It is unlikely that I will ever see her again, but that night will forever remain in my memory.

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