Finally. Last day of the exhibition. For three days he had to spend at the stand surrounded by a large number of visitors. Answer boring questions and keep an eye on expensive equipment. He has already walked around the exposition many times, only briefly lingering at the stands that interested him. The only entertainment was the contemplation of women's legs, of which there were plenty at the exhibition. It was the beginning of November, so all the legs were either in trousers (in these, his gaze lingered only if the owner of the legs had a large round ass), or in pantyhose (in these, his gaze always lingered, running over them from bottom to top and back several times ).

And then he saw her. She walked past his booth. She was wearing tall, pink, thin-heeled boots, tight dark red tights with a large black fishnet, and a burgundy skirt with a snakeskin pattern. What was on top, he did not have time to see, because he could not tear his eyes away from these legs. The only thing he managed to notice was that she was without outerwear. She's probably at work too. Somewhere in the same way as he answers questions from visitors to the exhibition.

He once again bypassed the exposition. She was nowhere. He returned to his booth, thinking that she could also be a visitor (outerwear could be left in the cloakroom) and had long since left the exhibition. How suddenly she again! Along the same route, past his stand, accompanied by two girls (also, by the way, very pretty). Now he first of all glanced at the pink blouse, saw the brand name badge, and down again - at the legs in wonderful fantasy tights. He was staring at those legs so clearly that they could notice it, but at such moments he could not control himself. They passed by. Just half a meter, leaving behind a pleasant smell of perfume. He followed the girls with his eyes, staring at three beautiful asses, two of which were covered in miniskirts. But still, most of all he was attracted by the ass in the center, under which there was a pair of slender legs in dark red tights and high pink boots. Now he was sure that she was working here, and he regretted that the exhibition was closing today. For the sake of contemplating such legs, he was ready to sit here as long as he wanted.

He saw her several more times. She passed by along with the same girls, each time forcing her eyes to follow her wonderful slender legs.

But now the time has come for the solemn closing of the exhibition. Guests and participants gathered in the center. He stood in the third row, waiting for the beginning of the official part. And in my head there were fantasies about sex with a beautiful stranger. As he slowly unzips the long zipper, freeing the leg from captivity. How he kisses the heel and fingers, inhaling the divine smell of tired legs during the day. As teeth tears pantyhose and directly bites into a bare thumb with a brightly painted nail. How strongly, and at the same time gently sucks him, plays with his tongue, as if it were a huge clitoris ...

His fantasies end abruptly when he sees her out of the corner of his eye. Because of her short stature, she cannot see what is happening and asks her colleague, who is standing nearby, to lift her up. He reluctantly agrees and for half a minute tears her off the floor by a couple of centimeters. It is clear that this is not enough for her. More than anything, the young man standing next to her wanted her to ask him the same thing. With what pleasure he would have embraced her, lifted her above the crowd around them, giving her the opportunity to see the ceremony, and his erect member to feel her legs and ass. But this did not happen. Perhaps then the events would have turned out quite differently, and the young man, instead of writing this story, was near slender legs in red tights ...

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