After my daughter was two and a half years old, I came to the conclusion that I would never lose weight ... I was too lazy and could not deny myself the pleasure of sitting in the evening with a glass of good red wine. But summer has come and a real heat has come to Germany.

The temperature in the shade went off scale over forty, I didn’t feel like eating at all, I could only drink water, and it flowed all over my body. After a week of this torture, I noticed that my face was somewhat sunken and my eyes were sunken, as once in Russia, when there was no money for food ... After another week of the same heat, I decided to stand on the scales and could not believe my eyes. .. 55.5... It was just incredible, in two weeks, I was almost back to my normal weight, dropping at least 15 kilograms...

I couldn’t believe my eyes and began to spin in front of the mirror ... What I was able to see there suited me perfectly: the stomach was pulled in ... the fat on the sides disappeared, the arms decreased in size by half, the collarbones and pelvic bones began to bulge like a girl, but at the same time the chest did not decrease at all, which, by the way, also suited me perfectly ...

This event had to be celebrated by all means ... I properly put my body in order, styled my hair, put on a little make-up, put on a short skirt and a T-shirt with a deep neckline. In this form, I decided to ride a bike to a hotel located by the lake and drink a glass of wine on the veranda ...

I was pedaling pretty fast and pretty soon I was flushed and out of breath. Approaching the hotel, I was already sweating quite a bit, from this T-shirt tightly stuck around my body ...

I saw this man...

I tried to regain my breath, my chest heaved, and he watched her movement absolutely shamelessly, brazenly not looking away and not even trying to hide his interest. I pretended not to notice this, while trying to get off the bike as sexually as possible, raising my outstretched leg high back, while the skirt pulled up so much that an attentive observer could see the edge of the lace panties, and the tilt of the torso made it possible to examine in detail almost uncovered chest. From under the sunglasses that covered half of his face, it was not difficult for me to observe his reaction. He sucked in a deep breath and forgot to exhale. I almost laughed, but decided not to show it anyway...

He was strikingly handsome. Already over forty, curly hair with gray hair and a bewitching look of a man who is used to subordinating. An expensive suit sat on him like a glove, a snow-white shirt emphasized a perfect tan, prominent cheekbones and eyes blacker than night. The picture was complemented by expensive, perfectly polished shoes peeking out from under the table.

I very slowly bent down to buckle my bike on the front wheel, while standing back to him on straightened legs, knowing full well that my skirt at that moment allowed him to see more than he expected. I pictured his face and almost laughed again.

Entering the veranda, I sat down at a nearby table and waited for the waitress. She appeared a few minutes later, carrying a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and placed it in front of me. I said that I did not order it, but she explained that the same man ordered it for me. She filled my glass, at which point he turned around. I looked into his eyes, nodded my head slightly and drank the glass in one gulp...

He seemed to be very involved in the conversation with his partners, but despite this he regularly glanced in my direction. I strenuously pretended to be interested in the beauties of nature and people resting on the shore of the lake, while I simply could not take my eyes off him. I imagined how he would come to my table and introduce himself, offer to keep them company, but nothing like that happened.

When I poured the rest of the champagne into the glass and put the empty bottle on the table, he hurriedly said goodbye to his interlocutors and came up to me:

- I'm sorry, could you and I talk face to face?

- Why not?

- Maybe inside, and he pointed to the entrance to the hotel. I got up and went in the direction he indicated. I have been to the hotel many times, so I walked with absolute confidence. In the hallway, I stopped and looked back at him. He pointed to the stairs with his eyes and without hesitation I went upstairs, trying to move as sexually as possible. I felt with my skin how he was looking at me from behind and it was extremely exciting. My body ached, my lower abdomen tensed, and between my legs it became absolutely wet, I wanted him to touch me, the fantasy played out in earnest. When I got to the doorway, I turned around again.

He caught up with me, opened the door and invited me to go further ... Now I followed him, in front of the entrance to the suite, he took out the key, opened the door and let me go ahead. Without hesitation, I entered the room and walked a couple more meters towards the sofa and stopped without looking back. I heard him close the door with a key, but I was not even scared ...

My excitement was so strong that the fear was gone, only desire remained. He came close to me, inhaled the scent of my hair, grabbed me with both arms and squeezed my nipples on my breasts, putting his hands in my cleavage. I almost choked with excitement, my chest rose, it ached between my legs. He pressed even harder and squeezed my breasts in his palms until it hurt. I moaned in pleasure, arched my back and threw my head back.

This was a command for him to continue and he did not wait. He gently pushed me in the back and I leaned over the back of the sofa, the skirt pulled up on its own, revealing to him the elastic buttocks, covered with a thin strip of lace. He froze for a moment, looking at me, then with a sharp movement took off my panties and spread my legs. I lay on my stomach on the back of the couch with my head down and waited to see what would happen next.

He apparently savored what he saw, then he put his hand between my legs and inserted his thumb into me, making sure that I was ready, he unzipped his fly, threw off his trousers and jacket. I heard him rip open a condom pack with his teeth and put it on his dick. My biggest fear was that I would now be disappointed by its size. I hadn't fucked for a couple of months and I wanted to be really impaled, but when he brought his head to my vagina, I realized that I should be afraid of something completely different. I did not see his penis, but when he began to drive his head along my labia, I realized that his size exceeded everything I had seen before. He slid over the clitoris and brought it to the entrance to the vagina.

A push, another, the head entered, he paused for a second, and then with one sharp movement drove him to the end. I cried out in pain, I had the feeling that I was deprived of my virginity again. Tears rolled down from my eyes. He leaned in to my ear and whispered: "Shhh, be patient my dear, relax, everything will be fine, you will scream when I fuck you in your undeveloped ass, but it will not be today."

His whisper, his words, aroused even more, I relaxed, weakened the muscles of the vagina, squeezing his penis, and he moaned in my ear: "What a tight you are, my girl, I knew that I would be fine with you, now I will fight you so you can't walk." And he kept his promise. He drove his cock into me hard, sharply, to its full length. Tears streamed down my cheeks, but I enjoyed the pain. He fucked me for a very long time, then abruptly pulled out his penis, I turned around, he extended his hand to me and pulled me towards the bedroom. He lay on his back and beckoned me to him, I stood with my mouth slightly open in surprise and examining his penis. I didn't even know these sizes existed.

It was huge and absolutely solid. I shook my head, realizing that he wanted me to sit on him. He said, "Don't force me to do this, it will hurt you even more." I got up on the bed, put my legs along his body, without looking away from his penis, began to slowly squat. He stretched out his hands to me, parted her labia and with a sharp jerk planted me on his penis, I screamed again and saw how it excites him. He liked to hurt and he took my buttocks and began to plant sharply and deeply. At first the pain was so strong that tears began to flow from her eyes again, but little by little she began to recede.

He touched my uterus with every jerk, clitoris, I rubbed against his body, the excitement grew every minute and I exploded ... My whole body was almost cramped, stars were falling from my eyes, for a second I even thought that I was losing consciousness, I have never experienced such an orgasm in my life. He impaled me a couple more times and I felt that his cock was pulsing in me, I squeezed it with all my muscles and looked at his face. He even finished like a man, clenching his jaw, closing his eyes and moaning briefly... I fell on his chest... He wrapped his arms around me and pressed me to him. I still could not catch my breath, and he began to kiss my neck and stroke my back. I calmed down a little, my breathing was restored. I got up and gently pulled his cock out of me.

Without looking at him, I took off the condom and went to the bathroom. He followed me in. I wrapped the condom in toilet paper and threw it in the trash, went to the trouble and turned on the water. She sat on it to wash herself. He knelt down in front of me and ordered me to lift my skirt. I obeyed. He first freed my breasts from the bra, ran his index fingers over them, reached the nipples and squeezed them to the point of pain, I again arched towards him and saw how his cock rose. He parted my bud and began to stroke and examine it. The water was cooling and exciting at the same time. I ran again and he smiled:

- And you are insatiable, we will be very good together, turn around!

I stood up and turned around to face him. He bent me down, I put my hands on the wall. He squeezed the soap into his hand and ran it between my legs, stroked the anus and sharply inserted his finger into it. I tensed, he pulled it out, laughed and said:

- Yes, it's going to take some work, but I'll still fuck you in the ass, no matter how long it takes me.

He slapped my palm between my legs, I arched my ass and groaned. He repeated it harder, over and over again. I was arching all over and begging him to come in again. He did not make me wait long, took a condom from the sink, put it on and pushed it all the way at once. I cried out again in pain, which aroused him even more. He fucked me even harder, deep and hard, but this time, not forgetting to squeeze my breasts and squeeze my nipples, the pain was no longer so strong, I began to get used to him and the excitement grew every minute. For the first time I finished in this position, goosebumps ran through my body, I moaned and squeezed his cock, he thrust it a couple more times and finished with me.

My body became heavy and I began to slide down the wall. He pulled out his penis, picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. He put it very carefully, lay down next to me, began to gently kiss my breasts, pressing his lips on my nipples. I gradually calmed down, looked at him, kissed his nose, got up, removed his hands and said that I had to go. Getting out of bed, she began to put herself in order, he also got up and went into the living room. When I went out there, I saw that he took out a bundle of banknotes from the safe and put it in my bag. I picked up my underpants, put them on and asked:

- Do you always pay for sex?

He came up to me, hugged me, pulled my hair back from my face, kissed me, and only then answered:

- I never pay for sex, I just want the woman who gave me so much pleasure to know no problems and always look beautiful to me. After tomorrow I'm leaving, will you come to me tomorrow evening? I want you again

- I can not promise, it does not depend on me, I have a family and a small one, but I will try.

- I'll be waiting for you in the restaurant all evening.

I took my bag and left without looking back, walked through the restaurant, got on my bike and went home.

The next day it turned out that my husband would be working late, which meant that I would not have the opportunity to go to the hotel. I sat in the garden with the little one and scolded myself for my foolish pride and for not knowing anything about him. I didn’t even know his name, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him for a second, remembering every detail of last night ... I had the feeling that I had lost something very important.

Then I remembered that he put the money in my bag, left my offspring with a neighbor and ran upstairs in the hope that there was some kind of note. I opened the bag and couldn't believe my eyes. It contained a bundle of five-hundred-dollar bills, but there was no note. There was a lot of money, I counted it: twenty-two and a half thousand. This, of course, pleased, but I understood that I had lost much more. For a couple of days I yearned, forcing myself not to think about the bad and remembering how good it was with him. The pain of loss was simply unbearable and I decided to go there again to dream alone.

As soon as I sat down at the same table, the waitress came up to me and said that she had a letter for me. I was all lit up with joy, she returned with the boss, put a thick envelope on the table and asked me to leave my data and sign for its receipt. When she walked away, I tore open the paper and again saw a stack of five hundred bills, but this time there was a note attached to them. I opened it and read: “I’m sorry you couldn’t come, I really want you again. In two weeks I will be in Paris and I will have a couple of days off.

I hope that you will fly to me, on August 2 at 12 o'clock I will be waiting for you at the Charles de Gaulle airport, try to get a return ticket for 3 o'clock at 6 pm so that we can fly away together, when you buy tickets, write me an email What flight are you on, I'll be looking forward to it, Ralph."

I almost jumped for joy, I will see him again, I will be with him!!!

Immediately, a plan arose of itself, what to say to her husband.

Our financial situation left much to be desired, he had to borrow money from a friend to pay taxes and checking accounts. I had seventy-two thousand euros at my disposal, this solved all our problems and relieved us of worries, and also gave me the opportunity to freely go to Paris, saying that I was flying to help old business partners make a good deal for which I had already received good money. Considering my past life, it was not difficult for me to convince him that without me they would not be able to drop the price, since only I have compromising evidence on a companion and having put 10 thousand on the table, I easily achieved my goal. Then I booked tickets to Paris and sent an email.

I spent the next two weeks not just waiting, I seriously took care of my appearance. I spent half a day in training, in the sauna, from the solarium, at cosmetologists and hairdressers, bringing myself into perfect shape. With that kind of money, it wasn't difficult at all. I bought the best creams, whitened my teeth, got eyelash extensions, ordered my favorite lenses, got a pedicure, dyed my hair... just blossomed. I exhausted myself with a diet, did not drink anything and the result was not long in coming.

By the time I flew to Paris, I weighed 50 again, looked like a girl, my skin smoothed out, I seemed to have thrown off the last 10 years, I just glowed with happiness. In a light dress, very short, with high heels, I looked simply chic and this was confirmed by men's looks at the airport. I felt confident again, giving men a look from above.

I got off the plane, with hand luggage and without waiting for my luggage, I was the first to go to the exit.

I saw him right away. He stood with a huge bouquet of roses and looked at the passing ladies. "What cable" - I thought, but he is supposed to. It was impossible to take your eyes off him. He, like other men, paid attention to me, but did not recognize until I stopped two steps away from him and said: Hello!

He looked up at me in amazement, came close and whispered in my ear, touching it with his lips:

- You're more beautiful than I remember you, let's hurry to the hotel before I put you on right here around the corner.

I didn’t need to be persuaded at all, I was already excited to the chapel dreaming about him. He ran his hand over my bottom and immediately realized that I had nothing under the dress.

- How slutty you are, I will punish you for this as soon as we are alone, you will howl in pain today.

- I only dream about it.

He laughed, grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the exit. Everyone turned to look at us and it was extremely amusing.

We boarded in Karera, he asked the address of the hotel in the navi and pressed on the gas. He drove like crazy and after some 20 minutes we had already rolled up to the entrance.

The porter undertook to park the car, and the second one loaded our luggage onto the cart. We entered the hall and in front of the reception desk I suddenly saw Sergey. He stood next to Sveta, who was filling out hotel forms and impatiently shaking her head. He saw me almost immediately. We got closer.

- Hi, how are you? Is this your husband?

- No, lover, I answered, the husband is at home with his daughter.

At that moment, the second administrator flew up to us and spoke to Ralph in French, my knowledge of French was not very deep, but even I understood that Ralph said that we were in a hurry to go to bed. The receptionist flew ahead of us, reassuring him that the suite had been prepared to his exact specifications. We entered the elevator and I felt the air around us heating up.

- "Who was that?" Ralph asked.

- An old acquaintance, are you really jealous of me for him.

- Now you will not just whine, you will regret that you were born into the world.

Despite the fact that he said very seriously, it turned me on even more, I felt how moisture began to flow out of me and squeezed my legs. Ralph noticed this gesture and his trousers bulged out in earnest. I shifted from foot to foot, trying to relieve the itch that was nagging me. We went out into the corridor, approached the room, the administrator opened the door, Ralph let the porter through with suitcases, assured the administrator that we would figure it out ourselves, put a hundred euro bill in his hand and pushed me into the room. As soon as the porter put down the suitcases and left, Ralph immediately locked the door and turned to me. I didn’t even have time to take a couple of steps, he immediately bent me, pulled up my dress and slapped me with a swing on my bare pope ... once, twice, a third ... the fourth fell right between my legs on the already inflamed flesh to the limit.

I screamed. He unzipped his fly, parted my legs and pushed me to the most do not indulge. I moaned in pain and pleasure, he put his hand in my hair, pulling his head up and began to fight, thrusting his penis deeper and stronger. This seemed to him not enough. Then he released his hair, took me by the hips with both hands and drove it to the last millimeter several times, after which I finally stopped being aware of anything, I wriggled and moaned, and he continued to drive him rhythmically to the full length .. .

I finished several times in a row, I simply didn’t have the strength, my knees were bent, I was out of breath, and everything was not enough for him. Then I squeezed his cock with the muscles of the vagina, his movements slowed down, he stuck a couple more times and finished right in me, a hot jet hit the uterus, he growled something incomprehensible and let go of my hips. That was enough for me to glass on the floor. He leaned his hand against the wall trying to regain his breath, looked at me lying exhausted on the floor, smiled and asked:

- Well, are you going to provoke me again?

- Of course, I'll just take a breather.

He sat down next to me on the floor, pulled me to him, looked into my eyes and kissed me gently on the lips, then picked me up and carried me to the bed. It was all strewn with rose petals, and a bottle of champagne was waiting for us in an ice bucket. He poured it into glasses and handed it to me. I was terribly thirsty and I drank the contents of the glass in one gulp.

- The right decision, drink more, then it will not hurt so much when I finally take care of your sweet booty.

The timbre of his voice gave me goosebumps, I couldn't believe that after what had just happened between us, I wanted him again. A pleasant warmth spread in the lower abdomen. He sat down next to him, ran his index finger from the collarbone to the nipple, released his chest and touched the nipple with his lips, he immediately got up, I sniffed the air, lowered my eyes and saw that not only my nipple stood up ...

At that moment, the phone in my bag rang, I went into the living room to answer. It was my friend. She congratulated me on my birthday and wanted to stop by, I said that I was not at home and promised to celebrate with her somewhere as soon as I returned.

- And what are you going to celebrate? He stood at the door naked and with a glass of champagne in his hand. He had such a beautiful body that I just couldn't take my eyes off him. At that moment, my legs started to flow and I remembered that he fucked me without a condom, and even finished in me. He followed with his eyes what caught my attention. I looked up at him and asked: "You fuck everyone without protection, I hope at least you don't have AIDS?"

- Of course, you won’t believe me, but for the first time in my life I lost control of myself so much that I didn’t think about anything, even in my youth I never had sex without a condom.

- Thank God, at least I thought of inserting a spiral before meeting you.

Don't be angry with me, please...

He came closer to me, kissed the tip of my nose and stroked the nipple sticking out from under the dress. I immediately forgot that I was angry, and how could I be angry with him if I was melting at the mere sight of him.

- And what are you going to celebrate?

- I didn’t know that you understand Russian too ... My birthday.

- Is it your birthday today? Why didn't you tell me anything?

He picked me up in his arms and circled the room, then stopped, kissed me gently, looking into my eyes and asked:

- You know that when you get excited, your pupils dilate and your eyes become very dark, cloudy, I noticed this even at the airport.

He carried me to the bathroom, undressed and submerged me, turned on the Jacuzzi and joined me. Rose petals were also floating in the water, it was already a little cool, but it did not cool down the desire, but, on the contrary, aroused even more. He took the shower gel and began to lather my body, especially my breasts, nipples, inner thighs, then asked me to turn my back. I turned around and bent down, resting my hands on the edge of the tub, exposing my ass to him. He began to lather her, circling and squeezing her buttocks. I spread my legs wider and arched my back.

He ran his other hand across my crotch, tickled my clitoris with his forefinger, pushed his thumb into me, and moved it inside me. I bent my knees and moved my booty, trying to put myself on his finger even deeper, but he took it out of me and slapped his hand on the excited crotch, then he took the cream and smeared my anus with it, began to massage it slowly inserting one finger into it first, then two, when it came to three, I tensed up. He leaned into my ear and whispered:

- Relax, breathe deeply, fully and move your butt to the beat of your breath. Then it won't hurt.

He smacked my crotch again with his palm. I took a deep breath, stuck out my ass and began to do as he told me. He brought his head to the anus and began to slowly press on it. I tried not to think what would happen if he decided to tear me with one jerk, inhaled deeply and moved my booty in time with him. His head almost entered me and he began to press harder, I again tensed and pushed him out. I was excited to the limit, the walls of the vagina throbbed, I bent and he took pity on me. He inserted it into my vagina, pulled it ten times and pulled it out again ... I turned to him, he grabbed me under my feet, leaning my back against the wall and planted me on top with one powerful jerk, I finished right away. He, too, did not keep himself waiting long, threw me five more times. Pushing deeper and spilled into me. Without removing me from his penis, he carried me to the bed and began to kiss and stroke soothingly.

Then he quickly got up and asked:

- So what does my princess want to do on her birthday? Shall we go shopping?

- Do you seriously think that there are people who are ready to spend their birthday hanging out in stuffy shops in search of clothes?

- Well, I'm sorry, I somehow did not think, order and I will fulfill any of your desires !!!

- I would like to ride on the Seine, on a boat with a good restaurant.

- This is my favorite thing to do in Paris and there is a marina nearby from which they leave, by the way, he looked at his watch, the evening tour starts in half an hour, if we want to get on it, we need to hurry ...

We quickly got dressed and went to the boat, the restaurant on it turned out to be quite good, a great choice of dishes, a huge wine list. I was looking at the menu and thinking about what I would like to eat so special, I felt Ralph's eyes on me and looked up:

- Can I ask you for a map in German or Russian? - he asked.

- Thank you for your concern, my knowledge of French, of course, cannot be compared with yours, but it is quite enough to make an order in a restaurant.

He smiled and stroked my cheek with his hand, the garcon came up and asked what we wanted to drink. We ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon to start. Ralph asked me if I would like to join him in eating sea creatures, I replied that I could do this during my regular diet, but on my birthday I prefer a piece of good meat. He was very happy about this news and admitted that he is also a meat eater and, like me, prefers a good steak.

- It turns out that we are not only suitable for sex, he laughed ... you know, I really, for the first time in my life, had sex without an elastic band today, these are completely different sensations, it would be better if I didn’t know them at all, I I'll think about how I can enter you again as my head slides along the walls of your vagina ... I crossed my legs and breathed in, imagining this picture too vividly.

- I should probably go out and cool down a bit, I said and went to the toilet. He followed me, put me on the washbasin, pulled up my dress and gasped:

- Are you without panties again?

- Well, what's wrong, because you like it.

- Very much, but I hope that you will now do this only with me. I did not object only because he was already unzipping his fly and taking out my favorite toy, impaled me without any preparation, and it was not particularly required. Driving his cock into me, he kneaded my breasts with both hands, squeezed my nipples and kissed me on the lips. I finished very quickly, squeezed him inside me and he finished with me, I liked to feel how the hot jet of his sperm fills my vagina and it pulsates inside me.

- Yes, you're right, you don't experience this with a rubber band. He pulled out his cock, wiped me and himself with a napkin, straightened my dress and we went back to the table.

I ordered cold veal with sauce as an appetizer, and for the second fillet steak in Burgundy sauce with asparagus and green salad, Ralph decided to take the same as me, to which I protested violently, explaining that if he ordered something another, we will have four different dishes and we will be able to taste each other.

“Honestly,” said Ralph, “it never occurred to me to eat with someone from the same plate or fork!”

- Well, from one glass, we already drank, you kiss me and not only on the lips, I suck your penis, and with pleasure, why don't we feed each other from one plate and one fork.

- When you talk about it, it sounds very sexy, I even imagined it in pictures, how I put a fork in your mouth and you lick your lips with your tongue. I filled my mouth with champagne, walked around the table, sat on his lap and let him take a sip from my mouth. His cock stood up again, I felt how he rests on my ass.

- I want you so much that I get the feeling that something is wrong with me, and you know what amazes me the most, I have never met a woman in my life who, after two, maximum three times, has not tried to stop this, and a couple of my words are enough for you to light up again.

“I guess I just waited too long for you,” I said, taking a piece of duck breast from his fork into my mouth, I licked my lips, he looked at me as if spellbound.

- I'm standing again, you do it so sexy that I really want to put it in your mouth and cum there. I didn’t even think that such simple things as food can also turn you on.

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