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On stepfather's cock



Hello everyone, my name is Dina, I am 19 years old, an ordinary average student, a brunette with green eyes, I dance, I have an athletic figure, I have breasts of the first size, I live with my mother and stepfather, we live well and happily ...

One fine day, my mother went on a business trip, my stepfather was at work and said that he would come late, so I invited my friend Svetka to spend the night, Svetka was a year older than me, she met a guy older than herself by three years, Svetka was a thin blonde with brown eyes and small breasts.

The stepfather came, as he said, late, and was even very drunk, which is very rare, the stepfather is 38 years old, a tall, bearded uncle, plays sports, he has his own gym in the area. We said hello, he asked:

— How are we doing?

I replied that everything is fine...

“Well, then I’ll go to bed,” my stepfather said and went to his room.

Svetka and I went to watch videos on the Internet, stumbled upon a porn site and away we go, video after video, for about an hour we watched a bunch of different videos, decided to lie down on the sofa and watch from the phone, laid out the sofa, for a blanket and a pillow for Svetka we had to go to parents room.

We quietly crept into the room, the TV was on and illuminated the room for us a little, my stepfather’s things were lying on the floor, I took out a blanket and a pillow and was about to go out, when I noticed that my stepfather was sleeping completely naked, Svetka stood, not taking her eyes off this, I also froze in confusion, Svetka came closer ...

- What are you doing? Wake me up now, I whispered.

- Hush, - Sveta answered and continued to move to the bed where her stepfather was sleeping.

She came and sat on the edge of the bed, pushed him on the shoulder, then put her hand on his chest, he did not react.

“He is fast asleep, come closer,” Sveta told me.

I walked over and sat on the opposite side of the bed.

- Do you want to touch his cock? - Sveta asked in a whisper.

— No, let's go to bed... I answered.

- You yourself said that you missed the male member (my boyfriend was in the army).

- Yes, but not on the member of the stepfather ...

- And what's the difference, said Svetka.

I was already so excited from watching porn videos, and then there was this, there was an ambivalent feeling, and I wanted to and it was scary, I closed my eyes, Svetka took my hand and put it on my stepfather's cock, I froze in my hand, there was something warm , I began to squeeze my hand, Sveta was already stroking her stepfather's belly. My hand was still on the penis, from touching it began to increase in size.

“Suck his cock,” Svetka said.

“I won't,” I replied.

“And I will,” Svetka whispered.

She deftly climbed onto the bed, removed my hand from her stepfather's cock, took it in her hand herself and began to slowly stroke, then gently and carefully touched the cock with her lips, the head of the cock disappeared in Sveta's mouth, she began to suck it, the cock began to grow in size and already did not fit in Svetka's mouth at all, but she continued to suck.

“Now you, just a kiss,” said Svetka.

I took the penis with my hand, lowered my head and touched the head with my lips, first kissed, then opened my mouth, wanted to inhale, and Sveta pressed on the back of my head, it turned out that she took the head of my stepfather's penis into her mouth, started sucking it first, Sveta gave comments, but her hand from the back of the head I didn’t clean it, I played with my head with my tongue, my stepfather was breathing heavily and tossing and turning in his sleep, but he was sleeping, I continued to suck, trying to get the penis deeper into my mouth.

My panties were completely wet, I was very excited, I released the dick from my mouth and jumped on top of my stepfather, his dick was between my legs, and rested through my panties into my vagina, I started fidgeting on his dick, I wanted him to enter me , and Svetka pushed my panties to the side, and sent her stepfather's cock into my wet vagina, he quickly entered me, I started moaning, I got the maximum pleasure fucking my stepfather, I fidgeted on my stepfather's penis until I started to finish squeezing the vagina.

I fell on my side, on the bed next to my stepfather, Sveta took my place, while I was fidgeting on my stepfather’s penis, she managed to undress to the goal, saddling her stepfather, she confidently took her stepfather’s penis with her hand and began to slowly insert it into her vagina, when the penis went halfway she she began to move the top down, her hands rested on her stepfather's chest, the member kept popping out of Svetka, she inserted it again and continued to move.

Through a dream, his stepfather was already pushing his penis to meet Svetka’s movements, Svetka was already moaning and somewhere she didn’t even hold back her moan, when suddenly her stepfather’s hand lay on Svetka’s buttocks, and with his other hand he pressed her to his chest, her naked small breasts pressed into hairy chest of my stepfather, he began to peck her from below with such force that she flew up, and his penis went in full length, while his eyes were closed, Svetka all tensed up and began to breathe heavily, she finished on my stepfather's penis, he for another two minutes he pounded Sveta from below, and began to cum in her, Sveta tried to jump off, but she did not succeed, since he pressed her tightly to himself.

Having cum in Svetka, he let her go, she got down, he turned to and continued to sleep, we went to sleep at our place, in the morning everyone woke up, as if nothing had happened, my stepfather did not say a word, he did not remember anything or pretended not to remember ...

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