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The wife was supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I had to spend another evening alone.

I went to the store and bought a bottle of beer. Taking advantage of the fact that it got warmer outside, he began to drink beer right on the street, slowly puffing on a cigarette. Since I had not yet had dinner, I quickly felt that my head was spinning pleasantly, and I thought about what to prepare for the arrival of my wife.

I decided that I would buy a bottle of champagne, give her an essential oil bath, and give her a massage after the bath. I immediately remembered how I saw an erotic massage on TV, and there they used a cream so that the hands would slide more easily.

I went to the pharmacy and bought an oil with the intriguing name EROS and the promise that after this oil the erogenous zones would be more sensitive.

I was in some kind of excited anticipation. Never have I been so long without a wife since I began to live a regular life with her.

For 4 years, I got use... continue reading

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The spotlights were blinding, the music was deafening, everyone was in a dance nirvana. What else do young people in the south need? Good booze, good music and of course good sex. You can not think about anything, forget about everything and indulge in debauchery. A sort of small Sodom - a city of debauchery. After a double shot of tequila, I felt completely good, and the intoxicating smell of freedom acted on me instantly. Suddenly, I felt hot breath in the back of my head and other people's hands at my waist, which descended lower and lower. I slowly turned around and saw a handsome young man who smiled at me with his white-toothed smile. As it turned out later, he was an Austrian.

Hello, my name is George, what's yours?

- I am Irina. How do you rest?

- Yes, everything is super, only tomorrow I'm leaving. Today is the last night. You will find my offer strange, but I heard that Asian girls are good at massages.

- It's a hint?

Well, if you don't want to, I won't be offended.... continue reading

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This story took place in the summer on a nudist beach in Moscow in Serebryany Bor...

I wandered naked among many naked and semi-naked women and men and looked for a pretty girl, not far from whom I could sit and admire her ...

And on the sand between low trees I saw a slender young girl. She was lying on her blanket on her stomach completely naked. Oh, how I liked her back, her girlish ass! Rarely, when a girl comes alone to a nudist beach. And this one came, sweet, wonderful ... And around, of course, the men settled down, and it’s not easy for me to sit next to me. Left, wandered in other places of the beach in search of romantic erotic encounters. There was no other success this time. Many women were with their men, and I don’t fit into such. And I returned to the cute nudist. She rolled over and was now on her back. I did not want to leave her, I settled down nearby. Oh, what a sweet, modest face she has! Ah, what a slim body! What miniature girlish boobs with pink nipples! And... continue reading

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