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I had a small fragment in my life. I met the Mistress on the Internet and went to meet her. Yes, she didn’t ask for money for the meeting. I took with me some champagne, a bottle of vodka and a couple of canned beers. I came to her and after a short conversation it turned out that in fact she had two profiles, one as a mistress, and the other as a slave. Moreover, she liked the role of a slave, and she wanted to try to be a Mistress. One way or another, I am a slave and feel like one, so I didn’t change anything and gave myself into her hands.

I went to the bathroom to rinse my rectum, I usually do this with a shower hose, by the way, this hose goes into my hole 20 centimeters, maybe more. First, I washed myself on the toilet (combined) so as not to clog the grate in the bathtub with pieces of shit and then push it all through with my fingers. Afterwards, when all the large pieces fell out of me, they fell out, because at that moment I was actively stretching my hole, I moved into th... continue reading

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- I've got a surprise for you! - Effectively after a pause, mysteriously said Vadka.

- Well! Well! I wonder what surprise you have prepared for us? Roman asked with interest.

- Shot for all of you girls!

He glanced at his wrist watch.

- They'll be here any minute.

Just at this time, the doorbell rang.

- And here are the girls!

Andrei was frankly bored. Sitting in an armchair, he lazily sipped cognac from a glass and yawned. He didn’t want to spoil Vadka’s mood, no matter how, it’s his birthday, but he was terribly tired of the drunken chatter of his friends “for life”, so keeping silent, secluded in a corner, he silently sat, sipping cognac.

He was not even pleased with the forthcoming communication with night butterflies. Frankly, he was afraid to get involved with them, so as not to pick up syphilis, or an even worse infection, for example, AIDS.

Hearing the sonorous voices and cheerful laughter of the girls, he did not even look in their direction.

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