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Seducing our neighbor's young daughter. Pt4



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We got everything ready for Hannah to come over for dinner. We cooked her favorite meal that my wife had found out earlier. We were hoping to make her feel comfortable.

When Hannah showed up, she looked beautiful. Her long, red hair was straight and fell over her shoulders. She had tight jeans on and a blouse that showed off her full breasts. You could tell she was proud of her weight loss.

We sat and had a wonderful meal. We asked Hannah questions about her future and what she wanted to do I'm life. We could tell she was very smart and could accomplish anything she wanted.

After dinner, I had a phone call and had to step away. The call took longer than I thought and I was away for 30 minutes. That left Hannah and my wife to chat. I knew it wouldn't take my wife long to ask personal questions and try to seduce her into our bed. I was having a hard time keeping up with my conversation because of thinking of what my wife was probably doing.

When I came back into the living room, I saw Hannah giving my wife a hug. I wasn't sure if my wife and made any progress with Hannah. Hannah then came over to me and hugged me.

"Thank you for the wonderful meal Mr. K, it was delicious. I wish you could have chatted with Mrs. K and I, we had a wonderful talk. I'll see you again tomorrow evening."

She then got on her toes and kissed my cheek. I knew then my wife had got to her. When Hannah left, my wife finished up cleaning from supper, ignoring me. I was curious on what they talked about but she wasn't saying anything but I could tell by her attitude, it was good news.

I went up behind her and gave her tight ass a smack, causing her to yelp then giggle. I hugged her from behind, cupped her breasts and began to kiss her neck. She pushed me away, knowing I was wanting some information.

"Go get ready for bed, I'll tell you everything there."

I waited for her for a few minutes. She came in, stripped naked and put on one of my t-shirts and came to bed. I could see she was excited by the smile on her face.

"OK, Listen to me and don't be an asshole and interrupt me. I talked to Hannah and found out a bunch of things. First, she's not a virgin and has very little experience with men. A couple of blowjobs, receiving oral sex and only one time having sex. She wants to learn and is curious. I told her that we could teach her. She could watch us together and ask questions as we go. I told that either me or you can give and receive to her. She thought about it for a minute and said she'd love to under certain rules. She dictates the touching on her and who she wants to touch. Anytime she's uncomfortable and wants to stop, we stop. That's about it. She'll be over around 6 tomorrow evening."

My wife looks at me and the tent my cock is pitching. She laughs and says, "I guess you're in."

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