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(19f) woke up with a tongue in my asshole, felt like an easy slut



Admittedly, I'm pretty easy to pick up at a club. You can always find me dancing, and if you're suddenly behind me, you'll find my ass all over you in no time. So you can imagine what that says about my standards in a guy who can take me home.

A guy asked me if I would dance with him last night if he bought me a drink, so I grabbed him by his shirt and said he'd get me for the night if he bought me two. A done deal. While we were dancing, he just couldn't stay away from my ass. Constantly grabbing it, slipping a hand under my dress, the works. This didn't stop when we got back to his place.

We had some alright sex, but when he was pounding me doggystyle he was obsessed with playing with my ass. This time it was smacking it in the same place over and over until it ran red, then trying to stick fingers in my asshole. I let him get a couple fingers in there, but it was relentless. I was sure he was waiting for me to tell him to fuck my ass, but I was pretty drunk and wasn't turned on enough to distract from that pain.

I almost never spend the night. It just so happened to work out like that last night because I didn't take my car, I need to charge my phone, and I didn't really feel like this guy could be bad news. So I asked him if I could crash on his couch, and like a proper gentleman he asked me to take his bed and he would sleep on the couch.

A couple of hours ago, I woke up to a hand on my ass again. I felt him gently part my cheeks, and start rubbing the outside of my asshole. I let it continue because it felt pretty good, but he still thought I was passed out. Pretty soon, I felt a second hand on my other cheek, then he used both to pry me open and fully expose my hole. Without warning, I felt his wet tongue trace my ass, settling itself on the opening. He spent a moment just playing with it for a moment, lubing it up for himself probably. Then, he pushed his tongue inside me.

And guys...it felt SO GOOD. If he had started with that last night, heaven knows what I would have let him do. He continued to push it in and out, still thinking I was sleeping sound. I felt it pull deeper and deeper each time, and he eventually was able to fully tonguefuck my asshole. This was when I decided to show my hand and ruin the illusion that I was sleeping. I brought my arm back, and just as he was about to pull out in surprise, I grabbed his head full force and pushed it into my asshole. His tongue reached even deeper than before, and he moaned in pleasure so loud I could feel my insides vibrate.

"It's rude to keep a girl waiting. Are you gonna fuck my ass?"

These words activated some kind of sleeper agent in him, and he jumped up as soon as he processed them. He whipped out a cock that seemed twice as big as last night, and brought it up to my pillow. I covered it in spit as best I could, using both hands and my mouth to cover the entire length, then he threw my body down so my ass was in front of him. He rubbed his cock at the entrance of my asshole for just a moment, then slid it into me. I couldn't believe I was able to fit the whole thing. The largest thing I've fit in my asshole prior was my little bullet vibrator.

He picked up speed with no hesitation, and was eventually slamming my ass full force. I was screaming in pleasure at this point, telling him I wanted him to hurt me even more. He smacked my ass so many times that I'm still not sitting comfortably, and then pumped my ass full of cum. I'm still dripping it out right now on my way to work.

I never spend the night after I get picked up at the club, much less go back a second night. Tonight I think I'll break that rule.

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