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Surprise threesome with my girlfriend’s bratty roommate



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My girlfriend and her roommate couldn’t be more different. Paige, my girlfriend is so sweet, caring and polite. Hailey, the roommate is loud, selfish and rude. Paige is a submissive slut for me but nobody would ever be able to tell. Meanwhile Hailey has no filter, she’ll tell anyone who will listen about her most recent one night stand or best past hookups.

Looks wise they’re also completely different, but both incredibly hot. Paige is tall and blonde with wide hips and a fat ass, toned from years of track and field. Hailey is tiny with long ginger hair, at 5 foot nothing she was a former cheereader perfect for throwing around.

As Paige’s boyfriend, I’m round their apartment most weekends and have really gotten sick of Hailey. Paige is too nice to say anything but Hailey is a bad flatmate, she never does her share of the chores, leaves the place a mess and is generally rude to my girlfriend. She’s gets away with being rude and selfish through the most extroverted and loud personality I’ve ever encountered. Somehow she has this ability to get away with nearly anything, not just at home but at work and with her revolving door of boyfriends. Something about being a sociable and outgoing cute redhead just lets her get away without any consequences.

This past weekend we all went out drinking and actually had a great time. Hailey is a brat and a bad housemate, but I can’t deny she is great fun to hang out with. It sucks to admit but her charm does work on me too, I forget all about her rudeness when we hang out. Of course it definitely helps when I’m a few drinks in and Hailey is showing off her tight figure in skinny jeans and a low cut top.

The night came to an end and both me and Paige were drunk and horny. The three of us made our way up to the apartment and Hailey quickly went off to bed. Paige and I decided to stay in the living room and play our favourite drunk game - strip poker. After a couple rounds and more glasses of wine, we were down to our underwear rubbing each other’s thighs under the table. At this point we began to hear faint moans coming through the walls, accompanied by the distinct buzzing of a vibrator. Paige had told me about this before, like everything else she does, Hailey was not quiet or discrete when she masturbated.

Paige was used to hearing this, but I wasn’t. I can’t lie, girls masturbating is my biggest turn on, solo videos of girls and cam sites are my go to porn. Her moans got louder and my cock was throbbing with pre cum. Paige gave me a look that let me know she was enjoying it too, before shifting over towards me and dropping to her keens between my legs. She wasted no time and pulled my ck briefs down to my ankles, licking my shaft and balls to coat my entire cock with a wet mix of precum and saliva.

Paige’s blonde hair bounced up and down as she sucked me in rhythm with Hailey’s moans. Looking down, Paige had one hand wrapped round the base of my cock and her other in her pink thong, massaging her clit while she pleasured me. Just as I was reaching my climax, the moaning stopped. Paige and I paused, disappointed that the mutual fun had came to an end.

There was no stopping now though, I grabbed Paige’s hand and took her to the couch, spreading her legs wide and sliding deep into her. We began to fuck loudly, it was unspoken but we both were fucking in reply to Hailey. We didn’t care if she heard us, we wanted her too. Paige was basically screaming, rubbing her nipples as we went. Despite how good the sex was, part of me was distracted, trying to listen out for the buzzing to start again.

Then, we both froze up. Instead of moans through the wall, we heard Hailey’s door open. I was hit my immediate fear, had we taken things too far?

Paige and I turned our heads towards her room. With my cock still deep inside Paige, I saw Hailey in just a baggy white t shirt with a purple rabbit vibrator in her left hand.

“Hey guys, do you mind…” She started, outspoken as usual.

Paige and I jumped to cover up, completely embarrassed and overcome with regret. We began to apologise.

“… if I watch?”.

Still frozen, we all locked eyes. It was Paige, the reserved one, who made the first move. She didn’t say anything, but just reached down to stroke my dick, still rock hard and glistening from her juices. Hailey took a seat opposite, opening her legs to make room for the vibrator, which looked comically large in her small hands.

I flipped Paige over, taking her from behind. The familiar vibrator buzzing started over once again. However, being next to Hailey it now resembled a deep rumble, I could hear how strong the pulse was on her clit and g spot.

Hailey broke the silence first. “Wow Paige your ass looks so good”, you could hear lust in her voice. “Spank it” she told me. I didn’t hesitate. Paige answered with a moan as I moved my thumb to her asshole and began to rub.

“Fuck that’s good!!” Paige moaned and looked back at me. Then she turned her head to Hailey and made the move to invite her over. I stopped fucking out of shock. Paige adjusted as she walked over and two of them began to passionately make out in front of me.

“Don’t stop fucking me” was all Paige could make out, in between deep kisses with Hailey. I rentered Paige from behind, whilst Hailey spread her legs in front of Paige’s face. Paige showed the same enthusiasm eating out Hailey as she did for blowjobs, clearly she was a natural.

There was no way any of us could last long like this. Paige’s pussy was wetter than ever and I could hear how sloppy Hailey’s was. At this point I had my whole thumb in Paige’s ass as I continued to pound her. The two girls were getting louder which pushed me over the edge. I grunted as I pumped ropes and ropes of cum into Paige. I nearly passed out from the intensity.

The two girls were both yet to cum. They finished by sharing the rabbit vibrator whilst I recovered and encouraged them. Cheering on my loving girlfriend and bitchy, but unbelievably hot roommate.

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