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The babysitter's secret



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This is a continuation of this series

and this series,

The week before Tara came home from spring break, my wife and I were excited. She was super great to play with and we're also excited about the surprise she had for us.

It was a Sunday afternoon and there was a knock on the door and my wife quickly jumped up to answer. I heard Tara's voice and started to get excited. I then heard my wife say, "and who is this handsome young man?" I then heard Tara introduce her boyfriend, Dan, to my wife. She invited them in and I stood to great them.

Tara gave me a hug and introduce me to Dan. He was a good looking guy. Full set of hair, a little on the shorter side and could tell worked out. He looked perfect for Tara.

After some time talking to Tara and Dan, my wife went to get everyone a drink and Tara joined her. Later on, I found out that Dan didn't know about the three of us being together and she was very happy with him and was sorry that the three of us couldn't play anymore. My wife was happy for them and understood Tara not wanting to play.

After returning, I asked Tara how her mom and dad were doing. We knew her parents, John and Linda but were weren't friends with them. Her head went down and she said they divorced not long after she went back to school. We didn't say anything more about it.

The next evening, Tara came alone to visit us. She wanted to tell us more about her mom and dad but not in front of Dan. She said that her mom and dad hadn't had sex in years and he was cheating on her. He left and let her have everything. Tara was the youngest of three kids and the house was paid for so there wasn't any conflict with the divorce.

She then told us how much her mom said she missed being with a man and just wanted to have a "wild fling" as she called it but was too frightened to look around. That's when she looked at us seriously.

"Kat, I know you normally don't let Nic play without you, with the exception of me a few times but my mom is so lonely. Do you think he could help my mom out? I know she doesn't want to be with a woman and I know Nic would be really good to her. What do you think?"

I could see my wife thinking. She has let me play without her a few times during and after a pregnancy and with Tara but this was totally different. She finally told Tara she'd think about it. Tara was happy with her response and left shortly after.

That evening, we discussed the situation. Whatever happened, it would be my wife's decision and I would be ok with a yes or no with her decision.

Linda was in her early 50s. A little taller than Tara, her hair was turning gray and it looked good on her. She had a little weight on her but not fat and had larger breasts. My wife decided she wanted to sleep on the decision and would decide in the morning.

I woke up to my shorts being pulled off and my wife climbing on top of me and guiding my morning wood inside her. She put her C/D size boobs in my face and started to fuck me. This wasn't out of the ordinary but something was a little different. She started talking about Linda.

"I had a dream you were fucking Linda. You were spanking her thick ass and her big boobs were swaying as you fucked her from behind. You were about to cum and you pulled out and she swallowed your cock and you came in her mouth. I woke up so horny, I needed you inside me."

She picked up her pace and came hard. She climbed off then got on her hands and knees and told me to fill her pussy with my cum. I try not to disappoint my wife so I fucked her to another orgasm before filling her up.

Afterwards, I asked her if she was sure about me fucking Linda without her and she said yes. She then texted Tara to set it up with her mom. By that afternoon, Tara responded for me to come over around 6 on Thursday. I had fucked the babysitter and now I'm going to fuck her mom.

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