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Family Friends Camping Trip (Part 4)



As we start to dig deeper into the story… I figured should provide some character descriptions.

My mom (Trish): 5’6” tall, she had an ex-athlete body but she worked hard to stay in good shape but not as toned as she used to be before she had two kids. She has a pretty auburn colored hair (matching auburn colored landing strip as well), nice tan skin, blue eyes, big 32C titties with dark nipples and delicious thick thighs with a big phat mom ass that nearly swallowed her bikini bottoms to cap it off.

My dad (James): 6’2” tall, toned athletic build… played college football (and works out daily with Mr. Wells). Quite handsome for an older man, with brown hair that’s starting to fade into a peppered grey, and blue eyes. Has a cock apparently nearly identical to mine… right at 7.5” long and as thick as a pop can.

My sister (Chelsi): 5’ tall, super petite body with no boobs at all yet basically and a decent shaped ass for a girl her size/stature.

Myself (Roman): Light brown hair, blue eyes, 5’11” tall, slightly skinny but athletic build with great muscle definition (just not a ton of meat on my bones yet). Most girls find me attractive as I have a great smile and I’m quite handsome. I think I have a nice sized cock as well between 7-7.5” long and quite thick.

Claire (Kaitlyn’s Mom): blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’3” tall, extremely tight and petite body, 26DDD (big fake) titties, nice little toned bubble butt… not too big… not to small. She also takes care of her body… she has what I would call a “does Yoga every day” type of body, and she is completely hairless (betting she had laser hair removal surgery).

Bryan (Kaitlyn’s Dad): brown hair, brown eyes, 6’1”, athletic/muscular build… still works out and runs daily (with my dad) great physical shape and quite ripped with great six pack and muscle definition for a 20yr old let alone 45yr old, lightly scruffy brown facial hair, and he has a nice 8” cock with average thickness.

Rachel (Kaitlyn’s Sister): 4’5”, platinum blonde hair, starting to bud some with an A cup and a nice plump ass from doing volleyball!

Kaitlyn: short brown hair, breathtaking green eyes that are simply intoxicating to look at. 5’4” tall, overall petite build just like her mom, but has a juicy plump ass to die for and nice size titties at 26Ds that look just as big as her mom’s fake titties because of her smaller body/frame. Perfectly smooth pussy as well… (think she also got laser hair removal with her mom).

Part - 4

We all collectively responded back… “Got it…”. “All right… everyone back to the campsite and get your clothes off and we’ll head back down to the lake!” my dad says with almost a chipper anticipated fun tone and we all walked back to the campsite. My mom was the first to undress… she nearly ripped her bikini top off, throwing it towards her tent and quickly slipped her panties down. I couldn’t resist just standing there watching everyone follow her lead and start taking their clothes off as well. Claire took her bikini bottoms off and I could see Chelsi and Rachel helping each other untie their bikini tops. I was in nearly a state of shock as I’m looking and seeing people I never expected to see like this… fully exposing their bodies to me.

“C’mon Roman… its not a big deal bud if you get hard… seriously… don’t be embarrassed… see…” Mr. Wells’ says as he tugs his swim shorts down and his cock springs up a bit… “its just natural dude… we got beautiful women in our family… if I sure as hell can’t help it… you can’t either.” He says with a playful chuckle.

“Yeah… ok, thanks Mr. Wells!” I say as what felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders as my dick had fully hardened up about 5 minutes ago now. I don’t know why, but I was most nervous about what he’d think as I clearly was only thinking about his daughter sexually at this point. So I look over at Kaitlyn who is slowly sliding her bikini bottoms down and notice she is dead eye starring at her and now my dad’s cock’s that aren’t fully hard… but most of the way there. Feeling the pressure somewhat relieved… I finally got up the courage to slide my shorts off and reveal my throbbing hard cock to everyone and I walk across the campsite to throw my shorts into my tent. Although I can feel eyes staring at me… it was Mrs. Wells eyes I caught as she was fully staring at my cock as I walked by and a little smirk appeared on her face.

I just smirk loving this new confidence I have found in the moment until my mom makes things instantly different when she blurts out “Jesus, I didn’t know your cock got passed down to your son there James! It looks identical!” and everyone starts laughing. Feeling embarrassed… again, I decide to just take a walk and head to the hot springs by myself. Thankfully… no one was there, so I hopped right in and layed my head back and closed my eyes. I relaxed and nearly drifted off to sleep for what seemed like 30min but was more than likely 5 min and a shadow covered up the warm sunlight hitting my face. I opened my eyes and see my mom standing overtop me… giving me a flawless view of her quite well-maintained pussy. However, I was still annoyed with her, “Whaaaat now mom….” I blurt out.

“Honey…. I’m sorry…” she says calmly as she steps to the side of me down into the hot spring and sits right next to me, with her skin pressed right up against mine. “I didn’t mean that in a mean way at all… I honestly…” she paused, “I can’t believe how much it looks like your dads!” she chuckled. “In all honesty… I’m quite conflicted… because I love your father’s penis… A LOT and…” she said nearly gulping, “it made me feel like I wanted yours in that instance.”

“REALLY?!?!” I said totally taken a back, and flabbergasted, unsure what to say.

“Just… c’mon… I don’t know why I’m telling you that… I’m sorry… I just wanted to get you to come to the lake with us please….” She said nearly begging as her hand went to my thigh in what seemed like a non-sexual way, but her finger tips pressed against my balls.

“I will mom… just… I’ll be there in a little bit…” I said… trying to ignore the fact my mom’s fingertips are on my balls… then I felt her fingertips begin to slide up my balls and onto my shaft… ever so slowly… “do you need any help relieving this… so you feel more comfortable baby?” she asked in a soft unsteady voice.

To be continued…

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