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I worked at an exclusive swinger resort on Ibiza



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This happened some years ago but I found my diary that I kept again, so I hope you like me sharing my encounters because I have some amazing memories from that time and I also met my current wife working there. I haved changed all the names through out the story for the sake of privacy.

I was a student in Belgium at the time, I was in my first year of university, and summer seemed near. I didn't have a lot of friends at uni as I decided not to join any of the student clubs, I was a bit of an introvert. My life consisted of school, study, sleeping, and hanging out at my room. I didn't have a lot of sexual expierence non at all. I dated some girls but it never led to something. The semester ended and I was looking for a job to kill some time in the summer. I heard of some people that did a summer job abroad like working on a camping or a hotel or something. That sounded really interesting so I went online and started searching.

I found some local campings but something warm and sunny was my prefered choice, and then I came across a really interesting application, it was resort on Ibiza and it looked amazing, it had a picture of the beach, a nice restaurant, and lots of beautiful people. I saw that they were looking for people to work the whole summer, from Jule to August. The payment was great, the hours weren't long, it seemed like too good to be true. It said it: We are looking for an enthousiast, energetic young people, with an open mind, ready to spend the whole summer here. You will meet and greet, serve meals, serve drinks, and have a great time! You have to be atleast 18, speak at least English and it's nice if you also speak Spanish. You can stay at the resort for free during your summer. We love to have you work at our exclusive lifestyle resort. It sounded very fancy and at the time I didn't know what I was up to.

I just decided to send in an aplication. Theres was a sign up form on the website so I filled it out and sent it in, and a week later I got an email that my application looked good and that they wanted to skype with me, which I accepted.The next week I met with them via skype, a beautiful woman named Isabela with a Spanish accent greeted me and asked me to introduce myself. I told her that I was a student and that I liked to travel and that I spoke a little Spanish. She seemed very friendly and charming. She asked me how old I was and what kind of work I was looking for. She explained to me that it was a pretty private resort and asked me if I knew what I was getting into.She said that it was a really private resort where rich and successful people came to have fun. They were mostly from all over the world so English was a requirement, she said that I didn't have to worry about speaking Spanish or anything as most people spoke English. We talked for a bit and she told me that she would let me know if I was hired or not.


A couple of days later she emailed me and told me that I was hired, and that if I wanted to go through she would book a plane ticket. The time came for me to leave, I packed my bags and went to Brussel Airport to meet my new employers. The flight had a bit of a delay but eventually I landed on Eivissa, the flight was pretty short and I was pretty tired. A taxi was waiting for me at the airport.The car drove me to the resort, we drove through a gate were the security guard checked my passport, they seemed really professional. We arrived at the resort and it looked amazing. There was a long road with tall palm trees on each side and beautiful villas on both sides. We passed the villas and arrived at the main building. The resort was not too large and it seemed empty. We parked in the lot and went into the building and walked to the receptionist. Behind the desk sat a very cute girl, she introduced herself as Julia and she was from mainland Spain, she had brown eyes and nice tan skin and she wore her blonde hair up in a ponytail. She greeted me and I told her that I was a student and that I was here on a job, she smiled and told me the manager told her that there was a new guy coming. She told me to wait a minute and that she would call her.

Minutes later the woman who I spoke to on Skype arrived, Isabela. She was a really pretty, tall woman, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, she wore a beautiful white summer dress. She was absoluty gorgeous. She greeted me and introduced herself and asked me to follow her to the office. I entered and sat down, she sat next to me behind the desk and asked me how the flight was, she said to me that I probably noticed that the resort was empty, and she explained that they were still in preparations to open for the summer holidays. The resort would open in 2 days, and everyone on the team was getting ready for the opening. She told me that I was joining a very close and exciting team, some of the staff members were locals and some from mainland Spain but most of them were just like me people from around mostly europe working a summerjob. She told me that she had seen my application and that I sounded really nice and she really wanted me to join the team.

Than she said to me: ''So as you know this is a swinger resort so that means that we have to keep the environment relaxed and the guests satisfied, there will be a lot of sex around you but you told me that you are open minded so that will be no problem.'' I honestly was a bit shocked and I know I sound stupid, but until this point I didn't really now this was a swinger resort, the site refered to the resort as an exclusive 'Lifestyle' resort but at the time I didn't know that that means swinging. I had heard of swingers before but never actually seen it in real life.''Oh, you didn't know? She asked me ''Didn't you read the site description? You should read it before applying. She seemed a bit annoyed, ''Okay if you are not ready you can still change your mind and go home, nobody will be offended.'' But I didn't really care I was on a beautiful resort so I just wanted to take the job so I replied: ''No it's fine, I would love to join the team.'' She said than that she was glad I was ready to go.

She told me that because this is a exclusive resort there are a lot of ground rules I should follow. She said that she would teach me how to act and how to treat the guests.She said that I would have to greet all the guests at the entrance and I had to remember to smile a lot, she told me that the guests are very important and that they can be pretty generous with their tip. She told me that I should always refer to them as sir or madam. Also the guest privacy was really important, she told me that a lot of succesful people visit the resort so no pictures or videos were alloud, she also told me that it is common for some celebrities to visit the resort so it is best not to mention any names. She told me about the exclusivity and that all the visitors go throught a screening process. She explained that they were really picky about who they allowed in the resort and that it was mostly wealthy and famous people from all over the world.

I'm going to be honest I don't really like hanging around these types of people but I didn't really care at the time.After signing the papers she told me that one of the staff members will show me around and show me my room that I would me staying in, we walked out and there stood a blonde girl she was super pretty, she looked to be 20 or so, she introduced herself as Nina. She looked really fit, her body was really toned and she had big perky boobs, she also had long legs and a really nice ass. A typical Dutch girl with blue eyes and blonde hair When she intoduced herself I could hear that she had a Dutch accent.That was nice as I also spoke Dutch, Flemish Dutch but we could still understand eachother. Isabela told her to show me around and to my room as she was really busy today.Nina showed me around the resort, she told me that this was her second year working here and that she really loved it. She told me that they had a lot of fun with the guests, and that most people were really cool. She told me that the guests usually arrived early in the day as there was a lot to do. She told me about Isabela that she was a former Spanish model who is married to a wealthy buisness man, she owns the resort, but that she runs the place. He visits every now and then but usually stays at home with his family. Nina told me that the guests were always super generous and that it was always fun, the most important rule was to smile and greet everyone with a warm smile and to make them feel welcome.

She showed me around the lobby and then the pool, there was a nice pool with a outside bar, there were hottubs and a sauna. She told me that around 120 guest stay at the resort. There were rooms in the mainbuilding and there were some private villas in the grounds. All the staff members who didn't live on the Island itself stayed on the second floor of the main building except for Isabela who stayed at one of the houses on the grounds. She told me that the rooms were great, they were all really big with a balcony, a double bed and an en-suite bathroom with a nice shower. We visited the outside bar, there were two people working there, a guy and woman, the woman had light brown skin and Nina told me that she was Spanish from african decent, she reminded me of Nathalie Emmanuel. She was 27 years old and lived on the Island, Nina introduced me to her and she was named, you know what let's call her Nathalie for the sake of the story, and than to the guy, he told me his name was Christos but everyone just called him Chris, he was from Greece and around 24 years old, he seemed like a really nice guy.

Nina told me that they both worked on the bar outside and that the've been working here for quite some time. Nina also told me that some of the staff still have to arrive. We ran into a boy around my age and he told me that he arrived a few days earlier his name was Luca and he was also 19 years old. He looked really fit and he had light skin and dark hair, he told me he was from Italy and that he studied abroad in Barcelona. This was also his first summer working here so he was pretty excited. I noticed that everyone was really attractive and seemed to be in a really good mood. They also seemed very welcoming. I my own opinion I think I'm not ugly but also not like a model, I am pretty tall at around 1,88 (six, two) and I am a bit skinny and I have brown hair that I usually keep short, I have brown eyes.

We than went to the lobby again and Nina asked me if I met Julia, I told her that I did when I came in, she told me that she is 22 years old and that this was also her 3 year working her and she and Nina have become really good friends. We walked throught the restaurant and she introduced me to some more people, the manager of the staff of the restaurant was a 35 year old woman called Saga. She was Swedish and a very beautiful blonde with blue eyes. She was very polite and welcoming. Nina then showed me to my room she told me that she lives at the end and that next to me lives another friend of hers named Olivia but she wouldn't arrive until some time. She showed me the room and I could see that there was a bed and a tv and a little desk and a shower. And a nice view on the pool, I saw the beach in the background and Nina told me that was a private beach for guests from the resort. Someone dropped of all my luggage at my room and Nina left me so I could settle in. I was really happy that I took the job it seemed like a real dream job, spending your summer at a beautiful resort with beautiful people, I unpacked my clothes and looked around the room. I opened some cabinets and there was a pack of condoms, I guess every room has them as Isabela told me that safety is very important on the resort and everyone is tested.

After sometime Nina knocked on my door and told me Isabel wanted me to be down in my work clothes in 30 minutes, which meant that I had 20 minutes so I had to get ready. I went to the bathroom and changed into my work clothes which consisted of white shorts and a white polo-shirt with the name of the resort on it. I was also given a nameplate to wear around my chest so people would know my name, it was white with blue writing and my name. I grabbed a small bottle of water and went to the lobby. Isabel was wating for me when I got there. She gave me a big smile and told asked me if I enjoyed the tour, she looked really amazing I could tell that she was a former model as she had a really nice figure. She had long dark hair, with light brown eyes. She was very beautiful and tall and had a amazing body in her dress, I was really intimidated by her.

She told me and Nina could help with cleaning up the stools around the pool.I went to the bar and Nina was waiting for me. She also was really beautiful, Luca was there too and I said hi to him and then we started to clean the stools up. I was really curious and I asked Nina what it's like when the guests arrive and she told me that usually they are really cool people and that it's always very fun. She also told me that sometimes they do some drinking and dancing and that the parties can get pretty wild. ''Get ready for a lot of nakedness and sex'' She said. I was a bit shocked by this and she noticed. ''Don't worry you will get used to it. We all do. The more you are with the guests the more used to it you get.'' She said. I was wondering if any of the staff ever got involved and decided to ask, ''Sometimes some of the staff decide to get involved but it doesn't happen that much, I was invited a couple of times by a hot couple and had some fun but not that much'' I was surprised how open she was, ''But must of the staff are in relations and not into swinging.'' She continued. ''But you get hit up a lot by the guests.

We worked for about 3 hours and a got to know Nina and Luca better, they were really nice and friendly. We finished cleaning and than we went to the restaurant to get some food. Isabela was there and she was really nice, she sat us at a table with two other staff members, their names were Ava and Martin and they were from Norway they were really fit and they both had insane bodies, Nina told me that they were a couple and that they were the inhouse masseurs and that they both give couple massages to the guests, we sat down with them and ate a big meal. We talked about how the season was going to start. After dinner we did some more work around the resort as Isabel walk to me and told me that I was almost done for the day and could enjoy some free time, which I was happy about because I was really tired. She told us to join her at the pool to relax a bit. So we went back to our rooms and changed into some swimsuits.

When I walked out I waited a bit for Nina and when she walked out of the door I couldn't believe it, she was wearing a blue bikini and her body was amazing, she had nice boobs and a very nice butt. Her legs were also really toned and long. She was really fit and had a nice toned tummy and a beautiful figure.I was doing my best not to stare at her so she didn't think I was weird but man she was so sexy, when we walked out Luca was already waiting he was wearing red swimmingshorts, he was a very fit guy, with light skin and dark hair, he was also wearing a nice looking pair of shades, we walked towards the pool were Isabela was already waiting. She was wearing a white bikini and I never saw such a beautiful woman. Her body was amazing. Her tits big and her legs were amazingly long. You could tell that she was a model as she looked straight out of a magazine.

She greeted us all and told us to relax as this would be a busy week. I took my seat on the edge of the pool and felt my heart pounding in my chest. I'm here in a beautiful place with all these beautiful people and they are all so friendly and I'm here to have a good time. We lay down and Chris from the bar brought us some drinks. We talked a bit about work and then we started to chat about movies, music, etc. Nina and Luca were really funny and I felt myself slowly getting used to this place. Isabela got some sunscreen and asked Luca to help her, as he was next to her, Fuck I thought lucky dude. I could see that Luca was having the time of his life. He applied sunscreen to himself as he was probably afraid to ask Isabela to help him.

Luca handed over the sunscreen to me and I also applied it to myself but Nina volunteered to apply some on me as she could see that I was struggling a bit. It felt really good having her rub it into my body. After I was done Nina lay down on her stummach and asked me to put some sunscreen on her back, her body felt amazing and I felt really turned on. I tried to hide my excitement as I didn't want to offend her or anything, I did my best not to be a perv and enjoy this. I finished rubbing she thanked me and turned over, to my and Luca's surprise she took of her bikini top and rubbed sunscreen on her chest, man this was getting better and better. In a lot of countries in Europe it's pretty normal to sun topless so this wasn't that weird. But seeing her tits out in the open made me really happy, they were not huge but perfect size, they looked very firm. She noticed me and Luca staring and laughed a bit, ''Get used to it, you'll be seeing a lot more, this is a swinger resort'' Isabela also told us not to try to stare at the guests when they arrive as it might offend them. I was a bit embarresed that she saw that I was looking at her boobs but she was nice about it. We lay there for a while until the sun went under and as I was pretty tired I went to my room.When I went back to my room I was very horny, I tried to calm down a bit but I couldn't stop thinking about Nina. I had the feeling that she was interested in me, I rubbed one out and went to sleep.

Sorry for the readers who were expecting some action, I worked there for 3 months so I got a lot of material to go throught this was just the introduction. But the fun will start soon, me and my wife had a lot of fun going through this diary again and I hope you have too.

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