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Is the babysitter using my wife's vibrator? Pt3



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Before we got home the next day, my mother called and said she was at our house and sent the babysitter home so we didn't get to see Tara. The first thing my wife did was find the vibrator. She told me Tara didn't clean it off and her dried up juices were covering it.

We didn't see Tara for a few days until after New Year's. My wife received a text from Tara, telling us she would be at her parents alone and wanted us to come over the next day. Both of us called out of work and after dropping the kids at school, we went to see Tara.

Tara greeted us at the door in a beautiful silk robe. She asked if we wanted anything to drink and both of us declined.

"Since you two don't want anything to drink, we might as well get started."

She turned and walked away from us. She dropped the robe and was completely naked. She bent over at the waist and we could see a pink jewel in her ass. She turned, looked at us, winked then walked off. My wife and I quickly followed her.

We followed Tara into her childhood room. It looked like a room for a 10yr old girl, very pink with dolls and doll houses everywhere. Thank goodness her bed was big.

She climbs onto her bed and is on her hands and knees with her ass towards us. My wife immediately strips naked and starts to lick Tara's pussy from underneath. After a minute, Tara wanted to 69 so they moved into that position.

I slowly undress while watching these beautiful women pleasure each other. I climbed onto the bed and Tara tells me to get the lube and the vibrator out of her nightstand. She had bought a vibrator just like my wife's and there was a bottle of lube so I grabbed both.

I handed Tara the vibrator and she turned it on and put it on my wife's pussy. She told me to lube my cock and take her ass but be gentle. I lubed myself, pulled out the buttplug and and pushed in. She moaned loud and held onto the sheets tight. It took a little bit but I finally pushed all in her ass.

I slowly moved back and forth and her grip on the sheets loosened and she started to moan her enjoyment. After only a minute or two, I came in her ass. I couldn't help it, she was so tight. I pulled out then found a bathroom and cleaned up.

When I returned, my wife had the vibrator on Tara. She was telling her to cum for her and to squirt. She was saying she was close and for me to grab the towel that was on a dresser. Tara was definitely prepared for this.

A moment later, my wife and I watched a steady stream of fluid come out of Tara. My wife took the vibrator off of her but Tara told her to put it back on her clit. It wasn't a couple of seconds after she put it back, she squirted again. This time, Tara pushed the vibrator away.

Everyone took a quick break and clean up before Tara put the vibrator on my wife, of course washing it first. I have seen my wife squirt only a handful of times and it looked like Tara was determined to make her squirt. On her second orgasm my wife slightly squirted and Tara was tickled to death to make it happen.

We ended up spending the next couple of hours getting sweaty in Tara's room. Several orgasms for the ladies, no more squirting, and two more for me, one in each pussy. We all were exhausted and we ended up going home.

We didn't see Tara anymore before she went back to school the next week. Of course, my wife kept in touch with her over the semester and told us that she was coming home during spring break and had something to tell us.

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