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Sucked our guy friends dick for picking us up from the club



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I was out clubbing with my friend at the weekend.

It was around 1am, we needed a ride home so we called our friend asking if he could give us one (he loves us so he said yes). The two of us were flirting down the phone to him saying “pleeeeaseee” and when he said he’d be there soon we were like “luv u bby”.

We flirted with him the whole way back too. He pulled up outside my place, we were gonna give him money but he refused so I did the whole “what if we paid you in another way” with a dirty smirk and got my boobs out in front of him in the car.

I took his hand and let him feel them. He said jokingly that I knew how to tempt a man and so we got out and pulled him inside with us. When we got inside we set up a little show for him. He was sitting on the couch while my friend and I started to dance for him. We were touching each other and teasing him big time until the tension between the three of us was through the roof.

I got down on my knees in front of him and asked “are you ready baby”. We got his dick out and started taking turns giving him super drunk head. My friend took her top off and I pulled my dress down so my boobs were out (again), then we finished him on our chests. I thought it would be dirty to lick his cum off one another. We had a lot of fun doing that and we swallowed, then I gave his dick a kiss and he went home afterwards.


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