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Beach MILF had the greatest ass I've ever seen



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There are certain phrases that, if you’ve known someone for a long time, can come from so far out of left field that you aren’t sure if it was real or your imagination playing tricks on you.

I’m sitting slung down low in a beach chair, legs contentedly stretched out, feet buried in the sand, reading on my kindle. I’m 5th wheeling it with two married couples, one of whom is my best friend from high school (Ryan) and his wife (Jen), both of which I’ve known for 10+ years. She looks over at Ryan, and says the following:

“Holy shit, look at her ass.”

These words rattle around in my brain and while I know them all individually I didn’t expect them in that order. I look over, and I can see my buddy just looking at her with equal bemusement.

“What? This is a trap. Why are you trying to trap me?”

“No I’m for real serious, look.”

He looks incredulous, and then the other wife (Katie) pipes in. “Holy shit, what do you think she does to look like that?” she says, ignoring Ryan. “I hate her, I bet she hasn’t eaten a piece of pizza in 5 years. Surely those aren’t her kids. Are those her kids? If she looks like that with kids I’m going to die. Do you think she’ll be my new best friend?”

The women go back and forth, discussing this woman. I look around to determine what is the cause of this commotion, and after being able to fairly easily eliminate several candidates who are in the line of sight from our tent I spot who they’re referring to.

This woman is standing with her back to us watching two kids play in the surf. She’s wearing a bright pink one piece bathing suit that just has one strap that goes over her shoulder. Her blonde hair is up in a ponytail coming out of a white visor, and her ass. Is. Just. Unbelievable.

It looks molded out of granite. The pink of her suit is actually fairly modest. It’s just that her ass popped out with such superb form that there was nothing she could do to actually BE modest. It stood out beautifully from a well sculpted back and then tapered into powerful, deeply tanned legs.

“Jesus Christ” I half whisper. Then louder “No way those are her kids, the younger one is what, like 18 months?”

Katie and Jen were split, Jen thought they were hers and Katie didn’t. Then the bigger kid one caught a wave to the face, and went running up to the woman crying. Mom confirmed.

“That is patently unfair. Like is she famous? Has someone seen her from the front? I’m going to go and talk to her and find out what she does.”

Before any of the men could say anything, sure enough the two women watched as they walked up the beach and struck up a conversation. We watched in silence for a minute, then the other two turned to me.

“Dude, you need to go talk to her. If I wasn’t married I’d totally go shoot my shot.”

“Oh bullSHIT,” I replied. “First, she’s clearly married, she’s with her freaking kids, and two don’t act like we didn’t go out together all the time back in the day, I know you wouldn’t have done a damn thing. I’m going to enjoy the view while it’s here and then go back to reading. I’d recommend yall not be looking when your wives get back.”

The women returned after a few minutes and confirmed that the mystery woman was indeed the mother of the two kids. She was a former college cheerleader, and apparently had decided to get back in shape during the winter and was very thankful for the compliments. They quickly got bored with the topic and moved on, and nothing else is said about her, although I’d be lying if I didn’t think about the way her butt looked multiple times the rest of the day.


The next morning we were back out on the beach, having a great time doing an exact repeat of the day before. Just hanging out, reading, putting drinks in Yeti cups, typical stuff. I enjoy sitting and relaxing, but I’ve got mix in some active time as well. I’d decided the night before that I was going to build a sandcastle, so I’d brought out a shovel and some buckets to assist with my creation.

I’m doing my thing, got a good foundation going, and a boy comes up and wants to help. Sure, everyone loves playing in the sand, so I let him mess with the buckets and show him how to make them create towers. Good stuff.

We build for probably a good 30 minutes, and once the castle is complete I give him a high five and he runs off. I walk down to the water and rinse the sand off, and as I’m walking back to our tent I see him running back toward our castle, his mom in tow.

In what can only be described as the most fortunate coincidence of my life, it was the MILF. God she looked hot. Now that I knew she was a former college cheerleader you could see the athleticism in the way that she walked. She was in a navy blue two piece that showed off her board flat stomach, and as she approached she greeted me with a radiant, wide smile.

“Hi, I’m Lucas’s mom, I’m Heather.” Then she addressed her son. “Oh wow, what a cool sand castle! I watched you guys working, yall did such a great job! Did you say thank you for letting you help?”

I confirmed that he did, and Lucas launched into a rapid fire showcasing of the towers that he’d built, all of the cool ramps, the moat, and of course the sticks that protruded from the sides that were our towers defenses, because obviously they were guns.

She did a great job of showing interest in our creation, and as she did so I glanced down at her hand out of instinct (as anyone who’s been single past 24 can tell you, gotta check for a ring) and there wasn’t one. But I shoved that thought aside, after all we were at the beach and there were plenty of reasons to not wear one.

“Well this is so cool. I’m glad that the beach is protected now.” She turned her attention to me. “Thank you for letting him play, it’s not easy being on a trip with just mom and grandma and your little sister.”

“No problem, it was fun having someone to help me out, and plus I severely underestimated the amount of guns that my castle would need, so I’m glad he was here to help me out.”

This got a laugh from her. “Well thank you again, this was very sweet. We’ve got some White Claws in the cooler, could I offer you one as payment?”

“Well, I don’t require payment, I had a great time playing. But I’ll take you up on the offer anyway.”

I told myself not to get excited, she’s just being friendly. But at the same time, as she led the way back to their umbrella and I get to fully look at her backside again…I think Rob Burgandy said it best: she had an absolutely breathtaking hiney. I mean that thing is good, and I wanted to be friends with it.

I accepted the White Claw, and then she carried on the conversation and offered me one of their chairs. She was on a family trip with her mom and her two kids. Lucas, who I’d met, was five and her daughter had just turned two, and she said she’d convinced her mom they could all use a trip so they were just down for a long weekend. They were from Georgia, and she’d been a cheerleader at MTSU. Then she casually dropped this:

“Yeah, I used to live in Charlotte, then my husband cheated on me last year on a work trip so now I’m back with mom in Atlanta.”

“Good lord, what a moron.” I blurted before I could even think about if that was an appropriate response. I checked and both kids were playing down by the water.

“Sorry, not trying to be trite about your divorce. But I’ve already decided I’m Team Heather. I mean…”I stopped myself short, I didn’t want to come across as creepy and comment on how hot she was. “Nevermind, I’ll shut up now.”

“Ha, he is a moron, and no need to hold back, I did bring it up.”

“No no no, I know that divorce sucks and I don’t want to make light of has to still be a tough situation.”

She leaned in slightly, quickly glanced back out to the water, and said in a low voice “well it’s easier to hear opinions from a guy when he’s cute and shirtless” then she leaned back into her chair and flashed a devious grin.

Oh my god, she’s flirting with me. Fuck it.

“Well besides that fact that you’re the mother to his kids, which by itself makes him a moron, you are one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that you know that, and so it’s more of a statement of fact than a compliment. But damn, I could pay you a lot of compliments.”

I tried my best to deliver the line with confidence, and she looked at me over her sunglasses and started to respond, but then she saw her mother approaching with the little one. “Hold that thought” she quickly said, and then got up and greeted her daughter.

She introduced me to her mom and daughter, and as quickly as she’d been in flirtation mode, she was back in mom mode. She invited me to hang out with them, so I stayed around for a while making small talk with her and her mom and watching her daughter play in the sand. After hanging around for probably 45 minutes, her son came back and said he was hungry, so their crew decided to head back to their AirBNB for lunch.

Once they’d gathered their stuff up, she asked her mom to walk the kids back and that she’d be there in a minute. Once they were out of earshot, she turned back to me.

“So, I’m going to be pretty straightforward with you, because I don’t really have too much energy to play games. I mean, you just witnessed a portion of my day, and it’s obviously pretty hectic even with my mom’s help. But if you’d like to get together later and, um, ’see where the evening takes us’, I’d like do that. I’m sorry if that’s weird to be straight forward and just say it, I just haven’t done this sort of thing in a hot minute, so I may be rusty.”

I flashed her my best smile. “Heather, I would love to.”

She smiled back and we quickly exchanged numbers. She got on her toes pulled my head down to give me a quick kiss on my cheek. “Great, looking forward to it.”


I knocked on the door of a house a few blocks off the beach right at 8:30. I had awkwardly waved to Heather’s mom, who was pulling out of the driveway to go watch a movie. As I had quickly learned via text over the course of the afternoon, as well as a short conversation on the beach that afternoon done in code around her kids, booty calls have to be way more planned out when neither of you has real privacy and bedtimes are involved.

She opened the door and welcomed me in, and I soaked in the sight of her. Her hair was still a little damp from where she had showered, and her skin radiated a warm glow from the day in the sun. She was wearing a college hoodie over a pair of yoga shorts, which of course looked fantastic.

Since she had been direct with me, I figured my best course of action was to be direct with her, so as she offered me a drink I closed the gap between us and bent down to firmly kiss her.

She smiled into the kiss, but after a second broke it off.

“Not out here.” She whispered. “The kids room is right off the kitchen, and mine is at the end of the hall. Let’s go.”

She grabbed my hand and let me down the hall.

“I feel like I’m back in college, bringing a boy home and sneaking past my roomates” she giggled.

I went into her room and she gently shut the door. As she turned around I bent down and gave her a long, slow kiss. Then I took advantage of our size difference and lifted her up under by her waist and pushed her back into the wall. I stepped in and pinned her there, pushing my hips into hers as I slid my hands down her body and grabbed a hold of each ass cheek, which in every way felt as good as it looked. They were firm and round and I loved sinking my fingers into it.

I teased out the moment, my growing erection pushing against her she wrapped her legs around me. She was breathing quickly, and I watched her eyes darken as I slowly ground myself into her. I leaned in, and as she tilted her head up to kiss me I skipped past her waiting mouth and began sucking on her neck.

“God yes” she let out, her legs flexing against me, pulling me tighter into her as my mouth made its way up her neck and I flicked my tongue over her earlobe.

Her ass, as previously described, was a true marvel to hold. My large hands kneaded into her supple flesh, and I felt my pulse quickening as my anticipation built.

She was running her hands through my hair, and when I tried to make my way back down her neck and circle around to the other side she pulled my head away and then kissed my fiercely on the mouth. I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth, and I let out a low moan of my own as we made out.

After a minute of exploratory frenching, I felt her hump me a few times, then her feet uncrossed from behind my back and she broke her mouth away from mine.

“This is amazing. But, I don’t want to wait any longer, so let’s go get on the bed.”

I set her down, and she whipped her sweatshirt off and then peeled off her shorts. To my delight she wasn’t wearing a bra at all, so she stood before me in only a pair of cute stripped panties.

Her breasts were probably a B cup, and were capped with a gorgeous pair nubs that were fully hardened in anticipation. I went ahead and got fully naked, and I laid down on top of her and then quickly pulled her over so she was on top.

We started to make out again, and I groaned as she returned the favor of kissing my neck and ears, which are especially sensitive on me. I palmed a tit with one hand and slid my other hand down the back of her underwear, groping her over and over as I felt her hot breath on my skin.

She could tell from my squirming that I was loving the teasing along my neck, and after a particularly sharp nip I grabbed her and flipped back on top of her, easily overwhelming her small frame. We kissed passionately and then slid to the side so I could pull her panties down. She lifted her hips and helped out, and as soon as she’d kicked them off the bed I dove down and put my head between her legs.

I didn’t waste any time teasing her, her motor was already running and I could see the glint of her wetness as I lowered my face down. I widened my tongue and ran deep, bold licks straight up from the bottom of her opening to her clit.

Heather tensed for the briefest moment, and then let out a gentle sigh that slowly morphed into a low, continuous moan of encouragement.

I gave her a series of long licks and then latched down on her clit, going back and forth from sucking on it to flicking it with the tip of my tongue. One finger entered her, and was quickly followed by a second as I began to work her insides as well.

Fortunately for me, Heather was not the kind to lay there quietly, and in between moans she guided me toward how to best bring her pleasure. She had me slow down slightly but go harder with my fingers, and within a few minutes her breathing got choppy told me to suck her clit continuously while I rubbed her g-spot over and over.

One, two, then three quick breaths, then a loud moan and her hips bucked into me and her legs clamped down on my head as she came. I kept pushing through her orgasm, then when she loosened her grip on me I pulled my fingers out from her.

I kissed my way back up her body, and gave her a kiss on the lips then pulled back. She looked radiant, still slightly panting with her eyes closed, her damp hair strewn about her.

“Would you mind waiting like two minutes before we have sex? I’m always super sensitive right after I cum.”

I was obviously ready to go, but stopped myself and laid down next to her. She closed her eyes again and began lazily stroking my cock, no real effort put in to get me anywhere. I decided just to close my eyes as well and was half spooned beside her, reaching over and scooping up a breast and gently kneading it.

My patience paid off, as sure enough after a few minutes I felt her grip tighten and she gave me a firm pump. She rolled over and kissed me, then got on top of me and my eyes rolled back when she coated the length of my cock with her soaked pussy, grinding back and forth on top of me.

“How do you want to do it?” She asked, and I didn’t have to think hard. Ever since seeing her on the beach I’d imagined her bent over in front of me.

“Doggy, 100%.”

“I knew you were an ass man” she laughed, getting off of me and shifting around.

I quickly found a condom, and as I rolled it on disagreed. “I’ve actually always been a boob guy. But, and I mean this is the most sincere way I know how, you have the greatest ass I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled, “what this old thing?” and gave me a little shake. As I positioned myself behind her, I wished I had a Go Pro or something to record my view. Her back muscles flexed as she put her ass up in the air, tapering down into a tiny waist and then blossoming into two full, round globes. She was comfortably face down on a pillow, that magnificent ass pointed up in the air, just waiting for me.

I palmed one cheek and then pushed into her slowly, making sure she was comfortable as I began. I gave her short, tiny strokes, working myself deeper until I was bottomed out, then I checked again to make sure she was feeling good. Then I began to work myself in and out of her with my full length, again going slowly to get a feel for her.

I was in an almost existential state watching her ass move. It was incredibly firm, but had just a hint of ripple each time my pelvis hit it. I was transfixed, trying to mentally record the moment as it was happening. She was mewling softly, and I could see her eyes were closed as she soaked in the sensation.

She eventually asked me to go harder, and I realized to my chagrin that I had kept my slow beginning pace for far too long. I picked up the pace and worked on going harder, since that’s what she had liked with my fingers.

This did the trick, and Heather was more vocal. Again she and I established good communication, and I switched up my rhythm ever few minutes, going from the deep, hard thrusts to using short fast strokes where I would bend over her and fondle her clit.

I started feeling the burn in my legs a bit, but due to the condom wasn’t particularly close when she asked if she could get out a vibrator. I told her I was happy for her to, and slid out from her as she grabbed a bullet from her bedside drawer.

“Thanks, some guys would be weird about this, but I’ve pretty much only been using a vibrator for the past year.”

She backed into me, grabbed my dick and re-impaled herself on me, then I heard the buzz of her vibrator and felt her walls spasm as she touched herself with it.

The her moans dropped an octave, now low and desperate. I found the visual of her ass and the sensual noises she made were pushing me closer to the edge.

“Can I spank you?”

“Oh fuck, yeah do it, but not too hard.”

I hadn’t planned on doing that anyway, but now that I had permission I let loose a few medium smacks. The pop of skin on skin triggered an animal reaction in me, and I grabbed both hips and drove myself into her with a fervor.

“I’m getting closer” I warned her.

“Oh fuck, ok, fuck, just keep going like that for just a…a…fuck a…bit more”

I redoubled me efforts and held myself back, and less than 30 seconds latter she bit down onto the pillow and her entire body stiffened. That was more than I could take, and I slammed into her and unloaded shot after massive shot.

We rode our way through our orgasms, and then collapsed in a pile of limbs and sweat. As we came down we kissed a few times and then laid in silence enjoying the afterglow.

Once we were both back to normal we chatted a few minutes about nothing, then went and showered off together, but nothing beyond some grab ass happened.

We hung out some on the beach the next day, but she was leaving the next day and wasn’t able to hang any more. She was pretty explicit that she’d had a great time but was just looking to blow off some steam and have some fun, which is all I wanted too so I think our story ends here.

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