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The day my girlfriend and I got caught by her best friend



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Well after the first story I told you about the first time my girlfriend and I had fun, I decided to tell you about this adventure we had.

It happened at my girlfriend's birthday party. We celebrated her birthday at her parents' house and there were many guests. Her friends, family from abroad, etc.

It was a very lively party and with a lot of alcohol too.

It was already 4am when the party ended and some people stayed asleep at the house, including her best friend.

My girlfriend (let's call her Ana) and I went to sleep in her room and her best friend (Maria) stayed in the guest room.

As we had been waiting all night to be alone, as soon as we closed the bedroom door, Ana and I immediately started kissing each other and taking off our clothes, until she was completely naked and laid down on the bed with her legs open asking me to lick her pussy and I did so.

As the house was full of people we didn't want to make too much noise but I think that night everyone heard us having sex. We were having one of the craziest nights of sex we had ever had... Changing positions all the time until we were doing the famous 69 on the floor of her room.

We thought we had locked the bedroom door, but suddenly the door opened…. And it was Maria! She had a headache and came to ask Ana for a pill.

When she saw us on the floor having sex, she blushed and immediately apologized and said she would leave us alone... but at that moment I don't know what happened to my girlfriend as she told Maria to stay... She hesitated but ended up for entering and sat on the bed while my girlfriend continued to suck my dick….

I didn't even know what to do but I ended up letting go until she got up and said she wanted my dick. I grabbed Ana and started fucking her against the wall…. Meanwhile, Maria already had her hand on her pussy while she watched us having sex!

It was such an exciting moment for me that I came right away and filled Ana with my cum!

After we finished, we watched Maria masturbate all naked on our bed until she came..

After that night we never talked about it again but sometimes I still masturbate thinking about Maria!

I hope you liked it ☺️

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