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My Married Coworker, the Nympho Paramedic



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This story took place a couple of years before I got with Allie. It will be relevant later. Plus, it was just plain fun.

Samantha was a coworker at the rescue squad. Often times we both picked up shifts that no one wanted and worked overtime as a team on the ambulance. It was a small county and most nights there was little to do except for a few sporadic calls over a 12 or even 24 hour shift.

Samantha was a tall brunette in her mid thirties. Her tac pants hugged her rather large ass, and she had a bit of trouble keeping her polos tucked in thanks to her bust that pulled her shirt up. She dealt with quite a few guys on the squad and random people on calls and at the hospital making passes at her. She took it in with a knowing smirk before telling them she was married, but anyone that got too pushy found themselves dealing with a pissed off firecrackers. One of the new EMTs had quit outright after he had pinched her ass one day as they were going up the stairs. She mule kicked him down the stairs. We had all laughed at the red faced guy as he walked out in a huff to leave.

I loved working with Samantha. She had energy for days, a good sense of humor, anything from corny jokes to dark and dirty, knew her shit, liked rock and metal, enjoyed sci-fi and fantasy books, and was immensely fun to fuck with when the station tones dropped and she came up groggy and pissed off while slamming coffee down.

It had been a long, slow day. Nothing but one long rough call to break the day up of station chores and passing time. Once everyone else had left, leaving us the only crew on shift, we broke out Munchkin to play while we chatted.

Her normally chipper mood was a bit soured. She was frustrated to say the least. Samantha had a high libido. We had talked about it before. Her schedule made it challenging to deal with and her husband struggled to keep up with her. They were perfect together in nearly every other way. We were talking about her struggles seducing her husband whenever she wanted.

She lost the round, throwing her cards down in a growl of frustration.

“God fucking damnit. Fuck you and fuck this stacked deck.” She said. “Are you fucking cheating tonight?”

“Hey,” I said in a sharp tone. “calm your ass down. There’s no reason to insult these poor cards just because you need a mind-blowing orgasm and some alone time with a vibrator.” I was smirking, letting her know I was just fucking with her.

She scowled at me.

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“You didn’t deny it. And if you keep throwing a tantrum I’m going to spank you and lock you in the back of the truck with your vibrator until you work some shit out.”

“Psh. Too much of a pussy to give me a proper fucking yourself?” It was the normal shit talking we did to each other. And more than once we had broken it off while she went to the station bedroom with her bag to do exactly what I had said while I read in the living room. But, I decided to take a new approach.

“Come bend over my knee and find out, nympho.”

She did a double take at the challenge in my eyes and face. I slid my chair out and smirked, patting my lap. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m waiting. Or are you scared of what that foul mouth will get you?”

A wicked grin spread in her lips. She stood up and walked around the table, turning in front of me and bending over the table to wiggle her ass in my face.

“Think you can handle it, big boy?”

I stood and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and side ways as I smacked her ass hard enough the table slid. Her breath caught. I smacked it again.

“Oh, fuck. You don’t hold back.” I knew from our talks it was something that drove her crazy. Her husband being too gentle. Too caring.

“And you don’t listen.” I reached around and one hand unclipped the seatbelt style bucked of her belt, undid her pants, and pulled her pants down with a hard tug, forcing them off her ass.

“Fuck me. You have to jump to get in these, don’t you?”

I spanked her again.

“You like my big ass baby?” She purred while knowing full I did.

I pulled her polo up and unsnapped her bra, grabbing her tits roughly with one hand and spanking her.

“Your big fucking tits too. You are sexy as hell.”. The rougher I squeezed her tits, tugged her nipples, and spanked her the louder she moaned. She was soaked.

I bent and buried my face, devouring her from behind.

“Holy…fucking..” She moaned. I licked and ate, spanked her ass , and finger fucked her aggressively. I stopped when she was about to cum. She started cursing and looking back, but I grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her on the table. She cursed.

I lined up, and drove my cock in her. She was…too tight for that. I did it anyway and the long, guttural moan as I slammed all the way in told me she wasn’t lying about her pain fetish.

I played with that more. Seeing just how hard I could pinch and tug her nipples. How hard I could spank her. When I roughly grabbed her hair to jerk her head back as I pounded into her she came.

I bent down as I pulled her up and bit her shoulder. A long mewling moan showed her enjoyment. And the way she clawed the table. I grabbed one tit, savagely tugging it as my other hand gripped her hip and slammed her ass back against me. She was going to cum again.

I was right there. So close. We were going to cum together. Tones dropped. We both shouted curses as I jerked my cock out of her and we hastily got dressed.

The ride to the call was full of ridiculous flirting. We handled the call professionally. But some of the shit talking she had done on the ride I cashed in after.

It was a fifteen minute ride back to the station. I pulled the ambulance onto a side dirt road, killed the lights, locked the doors, and got her into the back of the truck laid on the bench seat prone. It was slightly awkward. But I figured out the position and quickly had her wrists behind her in one hand, her big, firm ass cheek squeezed and spread roughly with the other as I slammed into her hard and fast. Her curses and screams echoed in the ambulance. She soaked the bench seat and my pants. And to finished, I had her crushed under my body, one hand gripping her throat, the other rubbing her clit as hard and fast as I could while I bit her shoulder hard. It was going to and did leave a bruise for a week. But her polo would cover it. She came again and her clenching core drove me over, pumping every drop inside her.

We made it back to the station and cleaned back of the truck out. But we both wanted more. From sucking my cock while I spanked and fingered her on the couch, to being upstairs with her riding me as I had my belt around her throat tugging backwards while I slapped and squeezed her tits and rubbed her clit until she was choking and bucking. We didn’t sleep all night. Or have any more calls.

We were cleaned up, showered, and had cleaned up the station once the next shift got in. No one noticed the bruises on her neck or how exhausted we looked.

Or that instead of driving my usual way for the hour drive to my house, I followed her the ten minutes to hers. And while her husband was at work I fucked and slept with her until he called on the way home and I left her with a hungry kiss and a reminder we were on schedule to work a 12 that Friday together. And I had some requests for our game if it was a slow night.

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