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Doctor Prescribed a Blowjob



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I have been going to the same primary care physician for the last few years. She is around the same age as me. We are both mid-30s.

She’s beautiful. Average build with large breasts. She rarely wore the white coat but almost always wore these short, floral sundresses.

We spend the majority of my check ups not discussing anything medical. We talk about life or family or her practice. She recently had a baby so I got to see pictures. I also got to enjoy her postpartum body. She was a little thicker this past visit and her boobs were huge.

The last year I started having what I now know are panic attacks. I thought I was having heart issues. I ended up seeing my doctor a bunch of times.

She ordered a thorough panel of blood work and I was in for results. She came in and we chatted for a bit as we usually do. We talked about stress and anxiety for a bit. Her diagnosis was right on.

I was sitting on the table and she was on her rolly chair. She slid over to the counter and studied my chart some more.

“Your blood work is perfectly clean,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said. Stupid dad joke.

“Do you masturbate,” she asked.

I was completely taken back by the question. Not what I was expecting. “Sometimes,” I answered, “not often.”

She asked about my sex life. I told her it wasn’t dead, but my wife and I weren’t breaking any records.

She rolled back over to me and pulled a little stool from under the table. “Stand up on this and drop your shorts.”

She has checked me thoroughly multiple times before. She was not surprised then when my shorts hit the floor and I stood there in a satin Bodyaware thong.

“Cute panties,” she said. “May I?”

I said yes assuming some sort of examination was coming, but instead she cupped the bottom of my package with one hand, gently massaging my balls, and with her other hand she ran her fingers up and down my shaft.

I immediately started filling and overflowing the pouch, so she pulled my cock out the top.

“You need to start finding time each day to relax,” she said as she stroked my cock. “It has to be intentional. Whether you masturbate or meditate or whatever, you need to start building in a few minutes a couple times a day to block out the world and completely decompress. This counts as one of your times today.”

With that she broke her eye contact, rolled close and stuck my cock in her mouth.

It was so good. I jokingly asked if she did this with all her patients and she answered with a quick, sharp squeeze of my nuts.

She looked up with a mouthful and told me to close my eyes and relax. As much as I wanted to grab her pigtails and fuck her face, or slide her dress off her shoulders and pull out those big tits, I did what the doctor ordered.

She was amazing. She did things with her tongue I had never felt before. She had more than one technique and would switch between them.

It didn’t take long for me to tap her shoulder. She sucked hard and took every drop of my load. She pulled off and swallowed.

“Get dressed,” she said as she rolled back to the counter. She took a drink from her water bottle and turned back to me. “Are you relaxed,” she asked with a smile.

“Very,” I said as I got myself together. “Would love to return the favor.”

“That would be amazing,” she said, “but I have my whole shift ahead and can’t walk around a mess for the rest of the day.”

“Seriously, though,” she continued, “take time a fews times a day to close your eyes and relax. Stress kills. And don’t tell anyone what I did, or I’ll kill ya.” We both got a chuckle out of that.

She told me when she wanted to see me again and we said our goodbyes.

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