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How my uncle creampied me after i turned 18



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My uncle always used to look at me different and he's very touchy and huggy, i didn't think much of it until after my 18th birthday by a week or so.

​ We had another family gathering and when he arrived i opened the door for him, he hugged me and his hands were really low ..... just over my ass but again i didn't think much of it, he's my uncle after all :) . He kept complementing me throughout the night and some compliments were straightforward such as *''you really blossomed Daisy'*' as he was obviously looking at my tits and not even trying to hide it.

​ I enjoyed the attention, admittedly, so ever since that day I would always tease him. I would sometimes bend over in front of him, also one time i 'accidentally' called him *''Daddy'*' and then played it off as if i mistook him for my dad but i know damn well it turned him on, He excused himself to the bathroom and I hope he did what i thought he'd do <3

​ Anyways, after months of teasing and playing around it, one day he was staying with us and it was late at night. I was going to the kitchen and i was sleeping in a tee with a thong underneath, i didn't change because i thought everyone would be asleep. But when i got to the kitchen, my uncle was there having some water, I thought this is another chance for me to tease him <3 - We were talking and then i opened the fridge and bent over, showing him my thong that barely covers my pussy lips.

​ I think he got enough of the teasing and just spanked my ass, i was immediately turned on but i didn't show it, I asked him why and he said *''don't pretend like you don't like it sweetheart'*' and i really did haha. This was the first time of him putting me in my place and i only wanted more .......

​ So after he spanked me and told me to not pretend like i don't like it, i went upstairs and was SO turned on ...... I know i shouldn't have but i touched myself to sleep and had to change the bed sheets before actually sleeping 😅.

​ The next morning we were all having breakfast and yet all i could think about is to tease him more, I had a risky idea since only me and my uncle have Iphones, so i airdroped a nude selfie of me and in the selfie i was wearing a collar that says *''Daddy's toy'*' and i think he opened it while sitting next to my dad 😅, because he hid it so quickly, i know i should've been more afraid but for some reason, it only keeps turning me on. He immediately excused himself to the bathroom hehe

​ So throughout that day, he was busy so i didn't get the chance to do it more but when he came back home he greeted me with a hug and whispered in my ears *''tease me again and see what happens slut''* . I was so turned on, i went to bed but didn't really sleep and then we met again late at night while my parents were asleep. This time i risked it and went downstairs wearing an oversized tee with nothing underneath. I, again, did the same thing and as we were talking i bent over very close to him, and this time he actually saw my pussy for the first time ...... he instantly spanked me and then started playing with my pussy lips. At this point my mind shifted from '*'i want to tease him*'' to *''i want to be his fuckdoll''*

​ I even felt his cock teasing me and i was SO excited and already wet but silent and didn't say anything but just seconds after, he stopped and when I looked back, he was just sitting having a glass of water while smiling at me. I think he thought i would break down and beg for him but i didn't!! My thought process at the time was something like this, on one hand i was thinking ... *''Daisy don't break down! you can keep teasing him until he begs for you''* but also something else was taking over my mind saying *''Get on your knees and beg for his cock like the whore you are''* , especially after i felt his cock teasing me and it just made me want to get railed by him so badly. Eventually I broke and got on my knees begging for him to take me and make me his fuckdoll

​ So for a while, it was me teasing him and having fun with it but i underestimated how much of a slut i am for cock 😅, because as soon as he started teasing me, I went completely dumb and just wanted to be railed by him.

​ I got on my knees and asked for it, he ran his hands through my hair and said *''Say i want your cock Daddy ...... fucking say it''* I got even more desperate and turned on .... *''I want your cock Daddy please''* , and then he slid two fingers in my mouth to warm it up before using my throat like a fleshlight. At first the pace was slow and I got to show off my BJ skills and he loved it, but then he took control and facefucked me ...... I didn't care that someone can walk in on us, and that made it even hotter

​ After he was done, my face was a mess and he slapped me saying *''Fucking dumb whore''* ..... I replied back ''*I'm a dumb whore for your cock'*' and i begged for him to rail me. I got up and he bent me over the kitchen counter, my pussy was already so wet and full of juices - he fingered me so good that he had to use one hand to cover my mouth because i couldn't stop moaning like a slut. Eventually i came so hard, squirting and quivering ...... and right after, he teased his cock around my pussy lips before railing me so hard and so good. He was so rough with the hair pulling, spanking and also dirty talking that i had no choice but to cum again all over his cock. He kept fucking me until he said he was close, I moved his hand because he was covering my mouth and told him to cum deep in me ........ safe to say that's what happened and it felt SO FUCKING GOOD.

​ His cum just kept overflowing and i didn't have any panties on so it was just dripping on the floor, I looked like a broken, well-used toy after he was done with me. He also whispered to my ears *''you know you're my favourite niece right sweetheart?''* and I loved hearing that after i was filled with him. We cleaned up quickly and then each of us sneaked back to our rooms, even then his cum was still overflowing and dripping from my pussy. This was how it all started with me and my uncle and this was our first time doing something like this, ever since, we've done it many times and we even filmed our last *''encounter''* lol

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