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His friend drunkenly referred to me as the Throat GOAT. When I found out why, I gave him a demonstration



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I have a long, sad history, of dating the wrong men, and I have a bad habit of overlooking a lot of red flags for these men so long as they can make me laugh, are attractive, and the sex is good. This particular story involves one of these wrong men that I used to date several years ago.

He was immature, and selfish, and often times acted as if my boundaries were more suggestions than hard limits. And I was guilty of letting that slide for the aforementioned reasons. I liked having sex with him.

One such example of his complete disregard for me is that he took a video of me giving him a blowjob. I don't like having my picture taken, and i especially don't like being recorded, but he ignored that because he is an asshole. I gave him a hard time, but ultimately I knew it would lead to sex and I was horny so I stupidly let it slide.

Cut to a few weeks later and I went with him to a social event at someone's house. I barely knew anyone there except for the few of his friends I had met once or twice. I can be social though and committed myself to enjoying the night despite him often leaving me to talk with other people.

At one point in the night one of his friends drunkenly referred to me as the Throat GOAT. It took me a moment to even register what he said, but once it did, it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was the possibility that my boyfriend had simply bragged about my oral skills, but I feared the worst.

I cornered that same friend alone, and asked him why he had called me that. He seemed nervous at first, but I approached him nonchalantly, as if nothing was wrong. Eventually he admitted that my bf had shown him the video.

I was simultaneously, hurt, embarrassed, enraged, but mostly what I felt was vindictive. I was mad, of course, but I made sure to control myself. I gave no indication as to what I was thinking, and continued the conversation as normal. Or as normal as I could.

I asked him what he thought about the video, and of course he said it was really hot. As he talked, an idea was brewing. When he was finished describing how sexy I looked in the video I leaned in real close, so that our bodies were almost touching and asked "Do you know why he showed you that?"

He didn't answer right away, and thought about it before saying "To brag?"

That was probably true, he just wanted to brag. But I didn't care, it wasn't flattering. It was humiliating. So I went ahead with my plan.

"No, it's because he's a cuck, and he gets off on his friends wanting me, and he wants me to fuck other men." I lied.

"Really?" I could tell that his opinion of my boyfriend dropped, and he barely contained a laugh.

"Really." I answered. "Would you like to see just what a Throat GOAT can do?" And I grabbed his belt. I hated calling myself that, but I had to sell the lie.

He stupidly nodded, and I pushed him towards one of the bedrooms. He tried to kiss me after I closed the door, but I dropped to my knees instead. I didn't have any interest in this man, and I wasn't wasting time. I gently pushed him back until he sat on the bed and then I undid his pants.

I was disappointed when I pulled out his dick. I was hoping it would be huge to really upset my boyfriend, but it also meant I wouldn't have to struggle at all to suck the soul out of him.

As I was about to get started, I handed him my phone with the camera on and told him to take as many pictures as he wanted. Then I went to work on him.

I wanted to give him the most amazing blowjob he's ever gotten, and I believe I succeeded. I alternated between deepthroating him, sucking his balls, jerking him off, and sucking the head while stroking him with my hands. I got sloppy with it, let myself drool all over him, and licked it all back up. I looked up at him periodically as well and locked eyes with him as I swallowed his entire cock.

He was barely able to focus on taking pictures, but he did manage to get several good shots and even a short video before emptying his load down my throat. He was fighting back loud moans and squirming as I drained him, and in any other circumstances I would have been incredibly horny.

When I was finished, I sat up, wiped my face and asked what he thought. He went on and on singing my praises about how amazing I was. It felt good, I was satisfied.

I cleaned up, went back to the party, kissed my boyfriend, and then showed him all the pictures. I thought about sending them to him, but decided that would be unwise given his history. He was dumbfounded as I kept swiping. He had no idea what to say, but I wasn't quiet.

I talked loudly, as I showed off my cock sucking prowess to him. I mentioned how he seemed angry, but that I was only embracing his cuck kink like he wanted. Loud enough for everyone to hear. He kept trying to deny it of course and trying to hush me, but I wasn't going to be silent.

I was even louder when I explained that it must have been what he wanted when he shared that intimate video without my permission, and again restated that I was just embracing his cuck fetish. He was furious by now and close to losing it, I almost hoped he would hit me. Having him arrested would have made my night.

Instead he walked away, and I called after him that it was just a blowjob, that he wanted me to do it, and questioned why he was mad. We had quite the audience by then, so I shrugged to everyone and laughed it off.

I didn't care that they all thought I was a slut, I didn't know them, and I'd never see then again. I just wanted to make sure that he was as humiliated as I was.

I had myself one more drink before getting an uber and leaving. We never spoke again after that night, not that I really cared though. I had my closure.

Edit: I would like to say that I personally have nothing against cucks. I don't kink shame. What I failed to explain here is that he and his friends were very 'Dude Bro' kind of boys who would be very judgemental. Which is why I opted to go that route. I was simply playing to my audience for maximum results.

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