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I got creampied in front of 300+ people in a club in Berlin



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So this all happened last year in November when me and my friend [both F19] went to visit Berlin. I consider myself an enjoyer of exhibitionism and voyeurism but have not experienced it outside of fantasies before. On the night in question, me and my friend queued for an hour before receiving the nod of approval from the bouncer to be let into one of the most notorious sex clubs in the city. I had bought a fishnet bodysuit specifically for the occasion and only had black panties underneath.

When we entered the club the first thing that we had to do was take off our layers of clothing and leave our phone in the cloakroom with them as there is a zero phones policy in the club.

We spent the first few hours of the night exploring the dancefloors and all the adjacent playrooms. There were a lot of alcoves nearby the dancefloors but also stairs leading to balconies around the walls of the room overlooking the crowd. At first I felt quite shy seeing some of the activities that were going on but I realise that the start of the night was tame and it took a few hours for things to get ramped up. I quickly noticed that where there was a couple engaging in activities together, there were often men standing or sitting very nearby, playing with themselves and watching intently. I became more confident in watching as well. I remember at one time, I was extremely turned on seeing a man eat out his partner on a couch and I imagine that it was me. How exciting it must be to have so many lustful eyes entranced with watching your sexual pleasure...

At about 4am (not sure as no phones for the time), me and my friend returned to the main dancefloor to enjoy the hard techno playing. I made eye contact with a man who looked about 35 to 40 nearby and gradually we began dancing together. At one point I experienced a wave of excitement tear up my pussy lips when I felt his hard cock press up against the small of my back. I nervously grinded against him a few times before we got very comfortable dancing against each other.

Before I could realise what was happening, the man who I was dancing with took my hand and began to lead me through the side of the crowd towards one of the stairs up to a balcony! I wanted more than anything in that moment to play with him, and could feel that my pussy was getting very wet. The balcony area didn't have a lot of people on it at the time, so there was space for a couple to go up and chill out or have a moment of intimacy. Long thick bars surrounded the balcony that looked like prison bars protecting people from the drop below but also giving people something to hold on to while they uhh danced.

Immediately when we reach the top, the man held my body against the bars and pressed himself against me. I felt his throbbing cock through his leather pants once again and began to breathe very heavily. Even typing this out right now has my pussy gushing, I get so excited reliving this story in detail haha. The balcony area wasn't very dark with the stage lights nearby, so if anyone looked up they could see us fully. We weren't behind the crowd but more to the left of the stage so quite in view and the room was packed full.

The man suddenly pulled my fishnet bodysuit down exposing my tits to everyone. My eyes scan the crowd and I realised that I wanted everyone there to see me like this. Even my friend, I wanted her to see exactly what I was capable of. I made eye contact with a group of guys who looked like tourists in their early 20s as they took notice of me and anticipated what was to come, sharing grins between themselves.

My partner let out a grunt and crouch to the ground, swiftly pulling my panties down my thighs and exposing me. I could imagine that this left a trail of my pussy juices sticking to the panties as I sensed how wet I was right then. Before I could react, I felt his tongue run up the length of my pussy from behind and I couldn't hide the pleasure on my face to my audience. I let out a gasp and he sensed my pleasure, sticking his tongue deep inside of me a few times before he stood up and got himself ready by undoing the lace on his leather pants.

He quickly lined up his cock and separated my pussy lips with the head of it before shoving it deep inside. I could instantly feel that he was a lot thicker than anyone I'd been with before, although I hadn't been with many people at the time as I have only really been in one long term relationship before this winter. All I knew in that moment was that I wanted him to fuck me senseless in front of everyone watching... I could tell that a few people had come up close to us to get a closer view of what was going on. When I took a quick glance towards the stairs, I saw two men within 3m distance of us with their fully hard cocks in their hands, jerking off to me getting impaled on this stranger's cock. As far as I could tell at that point, I was probably the youngest person having open public sex in the club on the night in question.

The man held my shoulder with one hand and held my waist with the other. He bent me slightly forward to allow himself to comfortably fuck me in and out. I knew that he hadn't put a condom on and frankly I didn't want him to. I wanted him to fill my pussy up in front of everyone watching! And I knew he would as he kept telling me in his thick German accent how he couldn't handle how tight I was, and how he was going to breed me.

I want to remember forever the moment that he filled me up, as I moaned so loudly that I think you probably could have heard it over the music on the floor below. He pushed his dick deep into me one more time before swiftly pulling it out and letting his cum drip fast out of my body down my legs and onto the floor. I stayed there in that position for a moment, knowing that everyone who had come up on to the balcony could see all of his cum exiting me. I know that he wasn't the only person to cum in that moment as I heard one of the other men quickly zip their pants back up hehe.

I could barely think when I felt him grab me by the shoulders once again and turn me around. He whispered in my ear to let everybody see what he did to me... I realised in that moment that everyone on the dancefloor who chose to raise their eye slightly would see my raw pussy covered in a glaze of cum, and my asshole open to them. Reliving that exact moment in my head since then has been the single thing making me orgasm the most while I'm alone at night in bed...

I vaguely remember being led back down to the main floor and after a few minutes going to get a drink of water out of the bathroom tap haha. When I came back I couldn't find the man for the rest of the night anywhere. 🤷 My friend found me eventually absentmindedly dancing in the crowd, in a cloud of bliss. We left the club at about 7am and spent the rest of our trip doing quite normal touristy things. No one else knows that I got fucked infront of a whole club of people, except you now if you got through this whole story, thanks for reading!

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