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I 18 let my guy friend jerk off onto my asshole



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So I know this sounds crazy but me and this guy have been friends for the longest time and I was having a quiet birthday party at mine. Well, I say party but it only ended up being him I invited because every time he comes over we have such great laughs. It's worth mentioning that i've never felt turned on by him or anything like that we have always been strictly friends.

Anyways he came over and we put on our TV show, but we usually just sit on our phones anyways and scroll social media, I was showing him funny videos on my phone and he was laughing along with me, he got quiet after a while and was intently staring at his phone but sort of turning it away from me so I could not see. I called him out on it and went to grab his phone out his hands but he was too quick. I demanded to see what he was watching in a joking way. He promised to show me as long as i didn't judge him. I told him to shut up and show me.

He turned his phone and showed me what he was watching, it was a reddit video of a girl spreading her ass cheeks and a guy jerking off and cumming onto her asshole. Not going to lie it kind of turned me on. I didn't tell him that though. i could see his semi hard cock through his sweats aswell. He asked me what I thought and i told him it was silly and asked why hes watching that stuff around me. He answered very bluntly and said he wanted to do it to me. I tried laughing it off but could see that he was being serious about it. He placed his hand on my thigh and I fucking caved in. Its not usually like me to do this but we were home alone and admittedly i was very horny.

He asked me if we could recreate that video and what underwear i had on. I didnt see any harm in showing him so i took of my shorts and showed him, he told me he want to see me bend over the kitchen counter with them on, so I obeyed and walked over to the kitchen and leaned over the counter, he got behind me and smacked my ass and I nervously laughed. He pulled my panties to the side and I could see him start to jerk off in the corner of my eye. I knew what was about to happen and it was turning me on so much.

He started stroking faster and faster before i heard him let out and audible grunt and I felt him shoot possibly the biggest load i've ever felt all over my ass hole, I could feel it hit me with each shot and I could feel it running down my pussy and dripping down onto my legs. I cleaned up and we never spoke of it again, we continued watching out show after and later that night I fucked myself to the thought of it...

He's coming over again tomorrow I will keep you all updated.

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